Hammers set for big bid on main target


Jack Sullivan sent Batshuayi hopes soaring in the summer

Jack Sullivan sent Batshuayi hopes soaring last summer

Michy Batshuayi remains top of the Hammers wanted list this summer.

Slaven Bilic confirmed at the weekend that the  targets on the Hammers wish list are the same as several other clubs and the Belgian striker is certainly among them.

He enhanced his transfer value with a couple of goals towards the end of the season but the Irons have been tracking him throughout the season.

Much has been made of Jermain Defoe’s talks with Bournemouth  scuppering the Hammers hopes of signing the 35 year old.

But the club cooled on their former player some time ago and ‘Bats’ has been a top target since the club saw a near £40 million bid for him fail towards the end of last season’s transfer window when owner’s son Jack Sullivan was seen wearing  a replica top ( see right).

Chelsea hijacked the deal and since then the Irons have been ready to pluck him away at the first opportunity. However should the champions decide to do a deal they are reported as ony interested in it being a permanent arrangement rather than loan.


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15 comments on “Hammers set for big bid on main target

  1. I’ve got a horrible feeling that we might lose Lanzini in some sort of swap deal for Batshuayi. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Well i just had a good giggle over my bacon sarnie reading the first line of an article on whtid

    “There are enough of us on this site with football administration experience and player coaching/ management to truly recognise there really are major problems at the club”

    I knew some of them believed they were the all seeing all knowing fans of the club but i didnt know they were so well qualified lol

    • Ha Ha Ha legends in their own lunchtime some of that lot stan the man..
      Football is a poorer place without them being involved in management or club ownership…

      • I shoudlnt have mentioned it Steve but it tickled me because i really believe a few of them think they could manage or own a premier club.I mean they really do believe they could lol

        • i used to run a 5 aside team in Newham 20 years ago,
          and we used to drink in the Black lion after every game,
          Cant get more premier league experienced than that surely

          • Gets my vote Nigel. There is nothing that can’t be solved during 4 hours in the pub. World leaders take note.

          • I have won football manager and my skills don’t stop there I also won a game called football director on the commodore 64, I think I am ready also 😛

          • I used to work behind the bar at one of my local clubs i am definately in the frame as well.
            Nige can be owner,that goes without saying & you are of course manager 32.Anyone whk can win on Commodore 64 puts themselves well in front of other applicants 😂😂😂

  3. Isn’t that a horrible article Stan. Rugby Irons has a transparent agenda of hatred against the owners and Brady in particular. Iain Dale talks of free speech but there are people that will make a case for ISIS but he doesn’t allow them to post on his political blog. Why allow Rugby Irons to end the season on that note?

    Where to start?

    He likens his football management and admin skills in respect of a part time kids league to managing and running a premiership side? Ye Gods!

    He likens West Ham United, a club that has grown from a turnover of £47M 5 years ago to a projected turnover of £260M next year, to Coventry and Leyton Orient. Words fail me.

    He talks about Slavens staff as if he is an employee. He’s not, he doesn’t have a scooby what goes on behind the scenes. Injuries happen. Sacko and Carroll have shocking records but that is down to them and their bodies not the West Ham physio staff. Our injury record is no worse or no better than the other premiership clubs. Same goes for fitness, these guys are fit alright, see the match against the Spuds, it’s about lack of disapline and that is something Slaven needs to sort out. Rugby Irons talks about the lack of a psychologist, like he bloody knows, and the recruitment team not doing their job. Of course West Ham have a psychologist and as to Tony Henry and his team? Fernandez? Lanzini? Payet? Cresswell? Bryam? Antonio? There are others. There will be others.

    Our new training ground needs to be sold and we need to move to another one accordingly to him. We have been there less than 12 months. Is this guy for real?

    The 3 day team bonding to Dubai in the winter for warm weather training was a “waste of money jolly” the preseason tour is a “holiday” and according to Pep Jose Rugby the players do not now deserve a break with their family after a 45 week season, which will start all over again in 6 weeks time. Seriously is there a village in the midlands missing an idiot?

    “No point in having good players if they aren’t kept fit or motivated mentally and physically. When all said and done its just simple working practises. Keep your production up to date and working efficiently. The end product will produce the goods” lmao look and learn all premiership clubs Rugby Irons has solved the problem for you. I expect a 20 club tie for the premiership next season. It’s as easy as running a factory.

    I really do despair at times that people like this are allowed access to the internet. They shouldn’t even be given a pen and paper or allowed out unsupervised.

    Look, of course I’m not saying the club or the owners or the stadium is perfect, there is plenty to do, but that article is just ridiculous and Iain Dale really shouldn’t publish it as an article imo. As a view then fine, as a lead article on a respected West Ham blog, no sorry.

    Hopefully what issues there are, were addressed yesterday by the board and Slaven. I’m surprised they never invited Pep Jose Rugby, his input would’ve been invaluable.

    • Lol has Rugby packed in his full-time job as Kevin Nolans stalker.He is giving all his attention to Brady these days is he 😂😂
      Aint read it but i bet it mentions Bradys wages,i would be well shocked if it didnt 😁

      • Rads it’s actually worth a read as it’s a biblical rant all the more concerning because while I expected most would disagree with him, over there the opposite is true. I stand by what I say above, he knows Jack about what goes on at the club, as do we, but his post is just so unhinged lmao. Take a peep, it will give you a laugh lol.

        • To be fair there are some sensible posters over there who challenge it. Oh well opinions eh? I’m off to Stratford now for a meeting. Think I might print out 100 copies of Rugbys post and stick it around the LS 😂😂😂

        • Lol John i cant mate,i just cant.Im in a good mood & the manic depressives aint going to ruin it 😂😂

  4. Does anyone read that site anymore? I gave up more than 2 years ago because they spouted such drivel – recommend everyone else does the same

    • Ffs dont say that Mike we will never hear the end of it.You are a marked man now 😂

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