Hammers set to go again in Arnautovic chase


MarkoArnautovic_3542583k-large_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqqVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8The Mirror’s Darren Lewis is tonight reporting the Hammers second bid for Stoke City’s Marko Arnautovic  was pitched at £17 million – not the £20 million reported elsewhere.

The Potters bought the Austrian international for £2 million and have let it leak that they want in the region of £25 million but will presumably settle at around £20 million.

Lewis – who has good contacts with the Hammers – can be trusted when negotiations reach this intensity and confirms the first offer was indeed £15 million.

Arnautovic has already handed in an official transfer request and is desperately keen to move to the London Stadium.

The Mirror report says Slaven Bilic wants to stick with the 3-4-3 formation and sees the Austrian  as being perfect for his system.

The formation saw West Ham finish last season strongly with just one defeat in seven.

And such is Bilic’s enthusiasm to land the player that the Hammers can now be expected to return with an offer of around the £20 million which would probably land him

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  • JRS says:

    Think Arnie would be a good add but at £20 or more might have a go at Tadic who is feel.out under Peul and was more streakt but great on LW and creative. Would probably be around £13m.
    But I still think Chicharito bus priority and Arnie will want £100k most likely makes £80k now.
    But 39 goals in 76 games that’s the kind of goals we need and was great fit in premier so get him in at £125k if that’s the lowest he will take. Better then buying Gray and another that will ads up to same wages and twice the fee.
    Fonte has interest now and he has agreed to move supposedly so Sully gold make it happen so we can finally have a striker that scores more than 5 or 6 goals. And that makes such a difference if Bournemouth can spend £130k on defoe for 4 year younger striker £125k is worth it unless we want to battle relegation. Arnie is not a.CF and Bilic will rey and iae him as one

  • Hammerkip says:

    If we had him and some club offered us 17mil after rejected 15 mil I think we all know what we would say the 20 mi! Ffs he is worth it ..we should of learned by now trying to penny pinch will end up in another club paying the fee and we will loose another target ..

  • jonnyem1 says:

    Champagne talk lemonade pockets our lot…….

    Pay the price and stop hanging around on deals like a pair of old misers…’s embarrassing…..

  • Radai Lama says:

    Well so far today i have read some fans say pay the money he is worth it & some say 15 million is way too much for him he is shyte 😁
    So if we pay 20 mill some will be happy & some will be p*ssed off.Happy days 😂

  • jonnyem1 says:

    Thing is we pulled out of Iheanacho deal after spending lots of time making it happen and there ain’t many strikers falling over themselves to join us and we need firepower up front.

    I haven’t seen enough of him to have a solid opinion but if we are bidding for him it’s because Billic wants him so then he must be worth what it’ costs….or are we just bidding for crap players despite our big talk thus time last year and despite making a decent profit. More interested in building another few thousand seats than building a team imo….

  • WHU Fan says:

    Could be decent, if we eventually get Chicha.
    Think about it: Arnautovic, Chicha and Antonio up front. Lanzini just behind.
    That would be class, however, we need to get some DONE first.

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