Hammers Shocking London Stadium Truth

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Official Attendance? 195,000 missing fans 

A Claret and Hugh Freedom of information request to Newham Council’s London Stadium Safety Advisory Group (LS-SAG) has revealed the true attendances at the London Stadium for West Ham home games last season.

Official figures revealed on Friday show that 195,496 ticket holders did not attend West Ham games at the London Stadium last season with 21,570 season ticket holders missing the Premier League Monday night game against Brentford on 26 February this year.

Fixtures for the 9th and the 16th March (West Ham v Burnley and West Ham v Aston Villa) were not available for technical reasons and any West Ham home games after 2 April have yet to be reviewed by the LS-SAG in July so were also not yet available at the time of the Freedom of Information request.

When compared to the official London Stadium attendances which are in fact the record of tickets sold they make for grim reading.

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  • Steve says:

    Grim reading for whom? Why is anyone bothered what the actual attendance was for a specific game? The club certainly aren’t as the league matches are all financial sell outs.

    As a season ticket holder you have a ticket for every Premier League game and you either go or you can’t, or won’t. Wasting everyone’s time with freedom of information requests on the subject, just to make some perceived jibe at the club, seems to me quite ridiculous. I just don’t get the obsession.

  • Tim says:

    It seems to me that when the football quality dropped off so did the attendance. Can’t blame the fans for doing that. Are all the seats paid for before the season starts? If so at least the club has not lost much money, if any.

  • Dave says:

    Probably mostly due to the ridiculous kick off times, a lot of people can’t do Sunday lunch time football.
    Be interesting how much the club makes from resales, so effectively getting more than double on some seats.
    I also reckon there’s a high percentage of no shows being kids cheap tickets not being used…

  • John Harrison says:

    Given the dull tactics (4th from the bottom for possession) and poor form post-Christmas it’s a big tribute to the fanbase that an average of well over 50,000 attended these games. I had the misfortune to attend every one.

  • Chicken Run Matt 🛠️ says:

    Big reason people didn’t go last year was they fed up watching the turgid and boring style of play under Moyes. Let’s be honest there is no atmosphere and the stadium isn’t fit for purpose ⚽️

    • Steve says:

      You are erroneously making massive assumptions for an awful lot of people! I missed a few games last season but not one of them was due to the standard of football or the stadium.

  • Roger Coxhead says:

    Also remember rail strikes

  • Deathblow says:

    This sort of post is extremely interesting, and thank you for getting it through the Freedom of Information act.
    More stuff like this, please.

    For our Liverpool home game this season the guy who sits in front 4 season tickets but didn’t go and either didn’t want to sell them for club cash or nobody bought them. My row there was 3 empty seats.
    As you’ll know, this was a AAA match so charging top price for all seats. My friend was on holiday and got 65 club cash for her ST seat and the club sold it for 125.
    Can you imagine the club getting many supporters if we got relegated yet charged the silly money they do for our STs?

    Let’s face it, tourists only want to see the so-called top 6 teams and aren’t interested in playing a fortune for the rest, and it seems, even Liverpool.

    Fans not intending to renew their STs for this season obviously didn’t want to sell through West Ham as the club cash would ne no use to them.

    Football is a mess price-wise. We have to cough up more and the players get even sillier money. It’s been ruined.

  • Andy B says:

    Big factor is the continual changes in Kick Off times , we missed a few due to rail strikes too

  • trevor says:

    Grim reading? Thats hyperbole/BS. If we were still at the boleyn wed be averaging 22k in the champioship. Move on. Celebrate the fact that we’re averaging over 50k a week. Not many clubs can say that. Too many Eeyores here getting a buzz from revelling in self pity.

  • Paul says:

    Couldn’t make Man U at home last season so listed my seat to resell.
    According to the club no one bought my seat, according to a mate that sits 4 rows back someone certainly did so when ever I can’t make a game I leave it empty

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