Hammers start with Gooners and end at Stoke!


Premier-League-FixturesWest Ham open their 2015-16 season at the Emirates against Arsenal and follow up with games against Leicester City and Bournemouth at home followed by Liverpool away.

Slaven Bilic will be eyeing a minimum of six points from the first four games before facing Newcastle at home, Man City away and Norwich at home in September.

We finish off in April and May with games against Palace and the Gunners at home, Leicester away, Manchester United at home, and West Brom away before Swansea  become the final club to ever play against us at Upton Park.

We round off the season at Stoke City.

The full list of fixtures are at

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  • stuck on 99 forever says:

    *******s could have given us a home game last game of the season.Especially as we were away last season for the final game!

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    From a quick scan I’m not happy we’re away on the last day,Swansea being the last match should be a good game before the emotion kicks in and I don’t spot a really hard period of fixtures all together,admittedly the first three away look hard but could be a good time to get them with our early start.

  • essexclarets says:

    As long as we can be relaxed & enjoy the day that will be a good send off..
    I guess we will have a big name team come to us post season for a final knees up. No disrespect to Swansea but i’d wanted the premier champs (whoever that will be) down here. Never know though, might have a rearanged game to slot in..

  • hammersfan01 says:

    Now we’ve got Monday and the UEFA Cup draw to look forward to. Trip to Kazakhstan anyone?

  • stuck on 99 forever says:

    Going to be a stats feat on wet pants today.Im sure we will all know our results & scorelines for every match by the end of the day 😀

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      They’re on conspiracy theories about the last home game not being the last day. I’ve seen Brady blamed,wouldn’t happen to a big team and they want to know what people go near the computer FFS! Lol

  • TysonM says:

    Haha,they will be on a real mission today.Appraising the full fixture list,working out where we will be at the end of each month,lol,they are like pigs in sh*t today.For me i am gutted our last game isnt at home,but it will still be a massive day against Swansea,so bring it on.Quiet happy to get three tough away matches out of the way early doors.That is my view on the new fixtures.No need to spend all day evaluating them.I cant be ars*d,lol 😀

  • essexclarets says:

    We have to play every team home & away so doesn’t really matter which order we play them.

  • TysonM says:

    Would still rather play Arse,Citeh & the Mickey Mousers away early doors than have them as our last three away games if you look at a worse case scenario of a relegation battle.Not that that will happen ofc 😉

  • Rads says:

    Ok,fixtures.38 games,19 home19 away.We will win some,lose some,draw some.Here concludes my analysis of the coming season.No time to do a ‘wet pants’ dissection of every month.My apoligises 😀

  • mattefumi13 says:

    ahah… yeah, our friends of the other site will have to do double duty today… I know they hired Stephen Hawking to help them with stats and a secret agent to find out the true, maybe there’s a cospiracy against West Ham… mmmh… The PL programme is quite suspicious… Anyway, just be careful: yesterday one of their ambassador came here because we called them Wetpants again. So I prefer call them Drypants… lol 😀

  • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

    Matte it’s too late a Wetpants black ops team is on it’s way to Italy for an extraordinary rendition,they’ve discovered you don’t take stats seriously and you have a sense of humour lol

  • mattefumi13 says:

    ahahah… thanks for letting me know Quick… I’ve alerted airport police and Alpha team.. lol

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      That’s stalled them they want stats on all Italian airports then they’ll compare them to other European ones lol

  • WestGoaHam says:

    They know the results. That’s why they win the pools every week. Yeah!?

  • bubs says:

    There be easy to find Matte they will be locked all the way there in the loos,
    That won’t fly as a group with the stats showing it would be better not to fly in one plane in case of a crash,
    Some may drive after they work out the cost against plane and car hire,
    Ro and banjo won’t get through customs as one looks like a monkey and the other has mental problems

    • mattefumi13 says:

      ahahahaah…. I’ve just fallen over laughing Bubs… 😀

    • Quickdraw Slaven a party says:

      Sounds like you and Matte are safe abroad but what about us poor sods over here? The stats men are coming to get us! Just as soon as they compile the relevant dossiers and possibilities lol

  • hammerputt says:

    Easy to fix the last game being at the Boleyn; have a good cup run and have a match postponed to be played after the last fixture!

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