Hammers still talking on Hernandez

Javier-Hernandez-007West Ham are working on a compromise deal in the hope that Javier Hernandez will lower his £140k a week wage demands on personal terms.

According to most reports the former Manchester United striker – now with Bayer Leverkusen – is available at around the £13m release clause although that would rise should there be competition for him.

Spurs continue to hold an interest but their wage structure would rule out a figure of that nature and national reports also claim LA Galaxy have a lucrative deal on the table.

However, it would be a surprise if at the age of 29 Hernandez were ready to continue his career in the American league.

The Hammers problem with completing personal terms is £140k is exacerbated by the pay comparison clauses  understood to be in the contracts of some other players on the staff.

However, the club will continue negotiating as they attempt to nail down a deal.



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21 comments on “Hammers still talking on Hernandez

  1. If we get him for just £13 million then that’s an instant saving of at least £12 mill compared to what we may pay for someone else… pay him close to the 140k he wants and get it done

  2. I agree if we want to be top ten team pay the bloody money ☺

  3. It’s all very well to say pay it,maybe he’s worth it maybe he’s not.But he is taking advantage of West Ham’s desperation and it will set a precedent for other new signings (if there are any) and may cause problems with existing players.Imo Giroud at £130,000 and Hernandez at £140,000 is exhorbitant and not worth the money.Wonder how much Lukaku’s getting?

    • Your right they are supposedly willing to pay Giroud £130. What’s £10k more I’d we do have a player clause lie said that is bad business and Marquee strikers go for Marquee money. He made £100k at Man U and make the same or more now. Mendy is a Left Back and wants £200k. Lukaki was set to make £150k at Chelsea by at Man u he will make closer to £200k.
      Look I don’t think paying that is best route. But Bilic doesn’t seem to trust youth players and that is the cheaper route Kelechi £50k. And Bournemouth are paying Defoe on 3 year contract £130k with £6m sign on bonus. Chic is 29. And if we want I known striker that’s what we will pay.

  4. Dithering about . Having said that 140k / wk is rather a lot of money . Too much really . If it’s only the money that will seal the deal then is he what we want . ( he is definitely the kind of player we need but , not at any price ) The Nacho Vito is a mystery though . Makes me wonder if Bilic will even start the season because there is a lot of disjointed stuff going on at West Ham . It must be said we don’t seem like an attractive proposition at the moment for top players .

    • Agree Kevin. Have even seen romours of take overs I don’t know but just our business hasn’t made sense and the board and Bilic are butting heads

  5. Said the same the other day. We are a shambles we dont know if we want a crap or a haircut at the moment. Who in their right mind would want to play for a club that looks like its on self destruct.

    Unfortunately Noaksey our situation is called supply and demand

  6. You can’t just pay the guy 140k a week if other players have comparison causes in their contracts.

    Whether that’s the clubs fault or player power is another question. Maybe it’s a common theme with contracts these days. We on the outside have no idea how it works.

    Is he worth 140k a week? Who knows but I think it would be crazy to go down this route. We got in a mess with the Icelandic owners because they gave players what they wanted.

  7. We would be crazy to pay him 140k a week.I dont have an inside eye on whats going on deals wise so i wont make it up like some do!

  8. On £13m transfer fee £140k a week is easily affordable but if there is this comparison clause then the club has shown its naivety in the face of a supply and demand market where strikers are at the top of the pyramid, demand is high for good ones but supply not so high, hence they can inflate their wage demands. We have to get real to progress and sometimes you have to pay over the odds otherwise accept you will be left behind. On 52000 season ticket renewals with the promises still ringing loudly in all fans ears they haven’t half made a rod for their own backs. One thing is for sure if they do not find a way to get one of their main targets they leave themselves open for a season of discontent and I am not so sure we would survive this time.

  9. Move on, now worth those sort of wages – madness. I always thought he struggled physically to adapt to the PL during his time with United. I also believe on that sort of wage it will lead to bitterness within the squad and also I feel this guy does not have a lot to prove to everyone. At this stage I would nearly take a step back and start looking at strikers who are relatively young, who have shown they have class and who have pace and take a gamble with 1 of these strikers. I would then go for Sigurdson who wil score as many goals from 10.

    • That would have been needed to have been done months ago John, we know are stuck with having to pay over the odds, how much is up to the Board but it will need to be above value, or we will not get a tried and tested striker and we hardly have anything we can fall back on. Then what message will that send to the rest of the team?

  10. I would love to have Gylfi the Norse god but they aren’t going to pay £40m transfer fee to him and Swansea don’t have to sell him and they probably won’t. He is one of my favorite players can play false 9 both wings midfield. But he is loyal which is good but not for a move. And Everton would probably get him too I’d he leaves.
    He was the hardest working player last season covered more ground than any other player

    • We made a bad mistake last January when we considered Gylfi. Swansea were under relegation pressure so needed him to keep them up.
      We should have bought him and immediately loaned him back for the rest of the season.
      Ah, well.

  11. It’s a sellers’ market and the agents and players are out for as big a slice of the Prem tv pie as they can get.
    If the club are baulking at £140k a week (and so do I) because of the player wage structure and comparative wage clauses, do some basic maths.
    Because his release cause is such good value, offer him an up front signing on fee and negotiate a wage that suits the club.
    £13m release clause, £5m up front signing on fee and £90k a week. (Which as near as damn it balances his request for £140 over a two year period).
    Contract to be renogotiated after two years.

    • Yes its all so simple sat on here isnt it markro lol

    • Spot on Marko. They can also do it performance based bc they knew going in his Salary was going to be at least £100k he made that 5 years ago players don’t usually take wage cuts if they have to. Can give him sign on Bonus and souch for goals scores. As Lanzini contract is £70k if he accepts but if makes certain goals reaches £90k.
      And not that Chelsea missed out on Luaku for not sealing a deal they are keen on him. He wouldn’t be the only striker they get but can afford £140k. 5 years younger than Defoe and he got £ sign on and 3 year at £130k.
      To me it’s a no brianer and not to waste time an loose him not to mention he has a nick name Little pea. He would bring money to us in Mexican fans bc he is adored there and well known all over so Marketing would help pay his wages too

  12. You lot make me laugh, you moan on & on about missing targets because the club won’t pay the money needed for top players but when they do try, you still ***** on saying it’s too much to pay.
    Just who should the club buy & how much are they allowed to pay?

  13. This site used to be a good read until recently when all the sad ***** appeared on it.

  14. I like Hernandez & reckon he would be a top signing.His sell on clause make him cheap so the wages would be covered by that.Aint sure how the other players like Antonio,Obiang & Lanzini will feel though if he pitches up on double the wages they have recently agreed too.
    Nevermind who gives a shyt its saturday & the beers are cold 😀

  15. Maybe getting him is the reason the club is jettisoning players for less than their worth ? No idea of course but could be why they are doing it ?

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