Hammers talk on investment speculation


money_in_footballWest Ham insiders have categorically denied that there is a wave of investment coming into the club this winter or next summer.

Rumours have been sweeping a particular Irons on line forum for a couple of months that big time investors have been kept under wraps by the club and that our imminent arrival at the Olympic Stadium will see them emerge from the shadows.

However, ClaretandHugh again put the speculation on top club sources today and can confirm that no such situation exists inside the club – much as some may be wishing it.

The co chairmen, David Gold and David Sullivan have been looking for investment partners since their arrival at the club but nobody has come forward to share the financial burden.

And the chief shareholder has made it clear that the club has already overspent and will lose money this year.

Today, we were told when putting the investment story to our top sources: “The club is always open to conversations with realistic investors but sadly no one has come forward and the two Davids remain alone in their running of the club’s finances.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Boleynboy says:

    With the infrastructure in place, we’re in an amazing situation to attract investment. We need to keep the club in the hands of the current owners though. The club is not a commodity, it’s part of the community and should remain in the hands of gold and Sullivan. They have brought stability to the club and real direction. With could certainly do with some investment, though no more than that.

  • HamburgHammer says:

    Maybe the problem is that the only serious investors would want at least a majority share, if not outright ownership with Sullivan unwilling to sell that many shares initially.
    I’m sure we are now a pretty decent investment opportunity. It’s also clear that Gold&Sullivan on their own don’t appear to have sufficient financial means available to take us to the proverbial next level.

    • oldgit says:

      I use to think that but Chinese investors have only bought 13% of Man City shares so perhaps its possible. I think that 20% of our shares are available made up from the Icelandic’s remaining shares and some from the Dave’s without losing the majority vote.

  • spyinthesky says:

    Disapointed that Crystal Palace seem to be a better investment than West Ham if that is the case. People should be queuing up to have a peice of us, it will only get more expensive as time passes and if football is no longer the great pull then how comes Palace and reportedly others yet to be revealed are such a pull.

  • johnboy says:

    The 2 guys investing in palace , if you do you’re homework on them and who have and are involved in such banking and investment monopoly in the USA are crooks who are looking to another venture with the incoming financial crash ! Football is one of the safest projects to invest in along with art!
    One of the banking cartels they are and were involved in are a German cartel koun loan who were involved in the rise of Hitler and his financing and also played a huge role in the bolshevick revolution !!!
    And you thought abramovitch was a crook ? These guys and their associates are behind all evils in the world today !!
    Read ANTONY C SUTTON wall street and the rise of Hitler , wall street and FDR , and wall street and the bolshevick revolution !!
    Free PDF downloads or Sutton’s Wikipedia !!
    Check it out !! History you have been deprived of !!

    With the TV money and the Dave’s fortunes we should be fine , what other club do you know fills the stadium even when losing ? That’s a plus ,
    But you never know , do you !

  • johnboy says:

    Not koun loan !!!
    Hugh why does the words get altered when typing !

    • Dainon says:

      They don’t get changed here, it’ll be the auto correct on your personal device kicking in 🙂

  • Michael Miller says:

    What do they say about ‘no smoke without fire?’

    It’s why the badge has been changed to include the word ‘London’ and why we’re moving to the Olympic Stadium – it’s not Rocket Science, in fact it’s fairly obvious – the Dave’s and Karen are moving the Club forward and making it attractive to potential investors – hopefully it’s for the good of the Club.

    The Dave’s have demonstrated their feeling for the Club but they’ve also said that they’re not in the Abramovich league when it comes to deep pockets, they’ve got to attract partners for their ambition to come about. The Dave’s have earned the respect of us punters and they should be applauded for their ambition – by buying our Season Tickets for next year we’re demonstrating our support for that ambition.

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