West Ham to Carpet London Stadium Claret


Claret1West Ham will be investing over £200,000 to replace the Green Astroturf which surrounds the London Stadium pitch this summer. In a continued effort of WestHamification of our new home, the club has decided that replacing the green Astroturf will have a massive visual impact for next season and the new pitch surround will be installed after the World Athletics Championships have completed in August.

Above is our artist’s impression created by Gonzo from Hammerschat of what the finished London Stadium might look like after the Claret coloured carpet has been laid.

London Stadium owners will soon be installing new LED advertising boards between the lower and upper tiers as well as the concrete spaces either side of the giant screens. Brackets can be seen in place this Sunday and work will soon start and will be in place before the Depeche Mode concert this summer. The club has assured supporters they will find a place for fans flags next season and are exploring a number of possibilities of where they can be relocated.

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  • master says:

    Looks like an athletics running track

  • cas_blue says:

    Exactly my thought. And the flag thing didn’t last did it?

  • Stan The Man says:

    It looks good to my old minces.What were you fellas after.A bit of paisley or tartan.Pinstripes or polka dot lol

  • essexirons says:

    Bring the digital advertising boards nearer the pitch, it will make the pitch & the space to the stands look & feel alot smaller.
    Instead of just claret can’t West Ham or The Hammers be shown running the whole length of the pitch in blue?? Or sell the space for more advertising.

  • Dicksyland says:

    Big mistake imo. Really highlights the distance from seating to the pitch. Major error.

  • stubbo says:

    Personally I think this will improve the look dramatically.
    The distance IS massive…no one is fooled by it and the current green that doesn’t match the turf colour does nothing to disguise it.
    The contrast surround will draw the eye to the pitch rather than making it look a small pitch out in the middle of a vast green area.
    Think this is a good move by the club.

    • It could also help the players to make the pitch appear smaller. The green surround could be fooling their spatial awareness during the game

  • The Demon says:

    Don’t forget that they’re also planning to replace some white seats with claret ones too. Bearing in mind we don’t own the place (yet), we’re getting there.

  • kevin says:

    Looks good . Not only does it make the pitch stand out , it also makes the white lines more distinctive . And as SW said it could also help the players to discern the size of the playing area . Mind you the pitch still needs sinking lower and seating bought forward but , untill we can it’ll do for now . Still don’t understand though , why the huge gaps Around the Stadium can’t be bridged by seating .

  • mooro66uk says:

    Not sure we can sink the pitch because of the water table.

  • Michael Miller says:

    They’ll have to be ready to pay the Carpet Fitter £200k in cash on the day of fitting – and he’ll probably phone up to say the carpets not on the van so it will be put back to the following week – it’s the estimators fault and he’s been given the bullet!

    That’s what normally happens with Carpet Installations from my expereience!

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