Hammers trigger finger poised on Sam

sam-allardyceSam Allardyce’s West Ham future is coming to an end but reports that “crunch talks” between the manager and David Gold were held at the training ground yesterday are incorrect.

ClaretandHugh can confirm that there were indeed “talks” but Gold told ClaretandHugh it was a routine meeting about team affairs and that there will be no departure before the end of the season.

The co-chairman told us: “I had an hour with Sam and I am sure the team will come out firing on Sunday with everybody bar Andy Carroll fit.”

With David Sullivan at his 97 year old mother’s hospital bedside at a critical time, any thoughts the board would pull the trigger on their manager at this time are wrong although the finger is undoubtedly poised.

West Ham – as reported here yesterday – denied that the manager had been sacked after reports had emerged on websites.

But it is now widely accepted that with his hunt for a replacement underway across Europe, the Irons will be posting an “under new management ” sign at the Boleyn for the start of next season.

ClaretandHugh can also confirm stories that the manager is not entirely in agreement with the board over the signing of former Paris Saint Germain striker Nene, 33 – a free agent – who is close to agreeing terms.

However, this is small beer in the great scheme of things with recent league results, the brand of football  exit from the FA Cup and fan reaction creating the real tensions.

A parting of the ways seems inevitable with David Sullivan insisting again yesterday that no contract is on offer and nothing will be decided until the end of the season.



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10 comments on “Hammers trigger finger poised on Sam

  1. Sam himself has not looked content for a while, I still believe he is his own worse enemy, with plain stubbornness and arrogance, definitely time for us to move on in a natural way, and hope we can become UNITED once again.

  2. We are safe this year so now we have 3 months of to find the replacement, Nene will not be used unless the 2 Daves insist he is,which will be enough for BFS to walk and probably sue the club under constructive dismissal,
    I don’t quite understand Nene coming to the club unless he is going to sign for this and next year,
    It’s now weather the 2 Daves React first or SAM, I wish BFS no harm so I hope someone comes in for him first and he finds another club but please no new contract.

  3. If Sam goes in the summer you can forget all the foreign names. David Moyes will be the choice of the two Davids. He is the safest bet to get results.

  4. I am for Sam to go, however had he stuck to the winning team of earlier in the season and not brought back Nolan & Carroll , until they were really needed, then we would still be fighting for a top four place, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION.
    He changed a winning team to accomodate his mates, loyalty is all very well but when it impacts on the teams results , that is wrong on so many levels.
    We were fourth because fate decreed it , Carroll & Nolan injured so the team had to be as it was.This so called great Manager then changes a winning formula and we can all see the result of that.
    Disharmony, infighting and a downturn in our results, that is all down to Sam and his arrogance that he knows best, well he obviously doesn’t and that is why he must go.


  5. I totally agree with your humble opinion. He should not have been so loyal, even though he had to play Nolan and Carroll at first because of injuries.
    Someone on here said at Christmas that he should drop Carroll for the Chelsea game and play him for the Arsenal game. That would have rested him and the team would have been suited to both games. It was a good idea, but Sam insisted in sticking with Carroll and Nolan forever until Carroll was injured. That was just blind loyalty.

  6. I want SA to go at the end of the season because he has taken us as far as he can. But no-one should be surprised that he tried to get his two top signings into the team when they were back fit after a long injury lay off.

    Sakho and Valencia weren’t available when Nolan and Carroll returned and our game plan became hoofball again. Our performances deteriorated but any manager would have put his top signings back in. What is unforgivable is the blind loyalty to Nolan and his poor standards of play.

    Premier League football requires so much effort and to turn out with a regular midfield trio which includes Nolan is asking for trouble. I still think SA could recover his position if he got his mind right and went back to what won so many games before Christmas…

    • It’s obvious to me before Allardyce was employed for the current season he knew he had to lie to convince the owners & board that he had changed.Simply put Allardyce feigned his mantra to play attacking football and placate the fans.Once he was reinstated he simply reverted to type.He knows no other way.It’s the nature of the beast.Time to part company with the ego maniac called Sam.

  7. I will always be grateful for Nolans contribution, but yes he is past his sell-by date and not performing at a high enough level.
    I am looking forward to seeing us go back to the ealier form and results until the end of this season.

  8. It’s all right being loyal to Nolan and Carroll but what about being loyal to DG and DS ?
    and a lot of you out there who like his methods he promised you entertaining football ( not for a third of the season but the whole season ) is that arrogance or taking the **** ?
    I think for the club he needs to go now or we will loose Song and Jenkinson,
    Nolan could still be let out on loan to a championship side and we could move forward.

  9. We are safe now, depending on how the pay off works they should release Sam and give him time to get another job with teams struggling it would be easy for him to get re-employed, maybe they are hoping he jumps or asks for a move to sort out his next job which might be at QPR

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