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Hammers “trying hard” in Zaza talks


Simone-ZazaWest Ham are trying hard to bring Simone Zaza to the club.

Despite suggestions from the manager this morning that the Carlos Bacca deal may be resurrected that could be a smokescreen as we have learned that Zaza talks are back underway.

We have been told that they are continuing with the Italy international’s advisors but at this stage nobody will commit to a likely outcome.

We were simply told: “We are trying hard to bring the player in – we are working at it and you can advise fans we are doing all we can.”

The talks are still centering on whether this will be a loan or permanent deal with Juventus sticking to their permanent deal only position whilst the Hammers look for a season-long loan and option to buy.

Juve have put a £25 million price tag on the player’s head whilst he wants £100k a week in personal terms.

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  • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

    I read a report earlier and something similar was mentioned in the Standard that Bilic phoned Zaza personally and they spoke together and that the deal would be 60k a week which seems in line with what we would pay, from those reports the finances were agreed and accepted then it was just the terms of the loan or permanent deal that had to be finalised.

  • Fish N Chips says:

    Another day, another Zaza story….but how cute to tuck a little ‘retro’ Bacca special in there…I came over all nostalgic!
    Que sera sera…

  • kevin says:

    Well whatever the possible outcome , something needs sorting quickly . Still reckon we can use Sakho as we haven’t seen his best yet . Prefer Zaza to Bony , but that’s a personal opinion .
    That’s an interesting team selection for tonight, different and with the promise of being exciting given our injury problems . If tonight works out we could well see the same set up for the League Cup game in September .
    Just glad Bilic is manager right now . He doesn’t look like a man to roll over .

  • LJ says:

    off topic, surely we must be looking at hart? Loan deal would be an option from city. I love adrian and Randolph is a great back up, but surely Hart would take that position to the next level? Whats everyone elses thoughts on this?

    • eastendexile says:

      Why would we want Hart , did you not watch him ‘playing’ for England recently?

      There is nothing wrong with our keepers and it is at the other end we need to do something!

      • LJ says:

        Everyone can have a bad game(s), especially under such pressure. Not denying we need to do business upfront, just see a loan deal with an option to buy (which is what city suposidly will do terms on) would be a great deal for us surely?

  • nobesy says:

    The Toffee’s backed out of Hart because it was going to cost them £7m for a one year loan and I don’t see us paying the £20m+ to sign him permanently. He’ll most likely go overseas, massively overrated keeper as well IMO.

  • RickHammer says:

    I don’t mind Hart he is a good keeper.The trouble is everyone only remembers keepers on the mistakes they make.Both the keepers we have now have both cocked up themselves on occasion lol

  • Tone says:

    It will be good to get this one done with some time to go before the window shuts,it could give us time to unload Valencia.Zaza will not be everyone’s first choice pick but quite a few fans wanted the club to buy a quality forward so can’t then complain because he isn’t their choice.Anyway with the greatest respect to my fellow fans I trust Bilic & Henry on these matters a touch more than them lol

    • johnboy says:

      Jelovitch ????

      • johnboy says:

        Emmineke ?

        • johnboy says:

          Moses , ??
          You don’t know what you got till they come really ,
          Not knocking anyone’s choice , but the fruit salad is in the porridge ???

          • johnham1 says:

            And you can Nordsvelt to this growing list.

          • Radai Lama says:

            No way Nordveidt,he is going to be a decent signing.I watched him for moenchen,good tidy player.As for Emenike & Jelevic they were stop gap signings.Aint even worth tying to put them in a list.Anyway what is this a witch hunt ffs.F*ck it lets just say Slaven & Henry are sh*t & be done with it.I first Johnham to be new head of recruitment,who will second this motion???? Lol 🙂

          • RickHammer says:

            No way Rad,who would second that.The man thinks Valencia is a good player who should be in the team.That pretty much null & voids anything he thinks of players.

  • Jackie Boy says:

    Get in there.I hope we can pull this off.
    Tone we have weird fans amongst us.They complain we dont spend enough then when we do it is wasted money on the wrong player wahahahahaha.Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right.
    Oh & some think every signing we make is underwhelming.Cuckoo Cuckoo

  • Tone says:

    Tell me about it Jackie.We really do have some never able to please them supporters.Dont buy players its wrong,spend big bucks it’s wrong….And why in some cases..because the club didn’t buy that particular fans first choice signing so they clearly don’t know what they are doing.Too many fans who think they are chiefs when they are only indians.

  • Jackie Boy says:

    I have a tip for you Tone,but don’t let on to anyone else right.I heard a whisper that if you become a West Ham historian it also makes you an expert on every player on gods earth.Keep it to yourself though.

  • Bob says:

    Well I saw that The Saints are in for a 22 year old kid from Lille who only scored 11 in the French league last season for £21 million.Sofiane Boufal,somehing like that.I can’t say I have ever heard of him personally.I better their fans are not as bloody ungrateful as some of ours though.

  • johnham1 says:

    Tone/Jackie, not sure if you are talking about two sets of fans, the ones who give their honest opinion on transfers and the ones who just want to spend money for the sake of spending money but they are not the same fans. Firstly I am in the group where I like to give my honest opinion on transfers, all the key indicators suggest Zaza is not a good business deal. He is 4th choice in his current club, he did not start in the euros, a player from Sunderland who was sold for 2m started ahead of him. He had a poor euros when he did actually play so on so on. It is a ridiculous deal but Bilic is the manager and he will sign who he wants. I can see the following happening, we get this guy for 25m (remember Ayew cost 20m – btw we could have got some player for their total fee of 45m !!). because he was Bilic’s choice, he has to play even if he is not scoring goals. What happens the manager will be too stubborn to drop him, the rest of the players will lose interest and we will be facing a battle for a top 10 finish. And then fans will have a pop at everyone from the chairmen to the manager etc. There’s my prediction of how this is going to pan out if we sign this guy for this money on a permanent deal. I don’t even fancy him on a loan deal. Now there’s my honest opinion, not good enough and if we had put the 45m into a top class striker we would have been better off.

    • aykay says:

      So basically if we sign zaza the end is nigh! The end is nigh! Lol ……and how i loved our great club ……

  • Jackie Boy says:

    Well let me trust Bilics opinion on this one,oh & Tony Henry.Opinions are like assholes we all have one but I’m sure that they have done a thorough evaluation of the player over a longer period of time than the euros & some youtube scouting missions like our fan talent scouts.James Rodriguez is fourth choice at Madrid,Zaza has been 4th choice behind some top forwards at a large European club,it aint like he is fourth choice at Grimsby.

    • johnboy says:

      8 goals in 24 games i think last year surrounded by the best in Europe supplying him ??
      Its like saying anyone with a name like Hitler can’t be all that bad ? Lol.

      • West Ham Fan No 32 says:

        He was mostly a sub last season Johnboy rarely started anyway is probably on a flight back home after tonights performance 😉

        • johnboy says:

          By all accounts 32 he’s a done deal ? Got to be better than biggins though lol.
          Needs service though , something were lacking at present , I think calleri is a good signing
          He needs a better service and a bit of luck to get off the mark , it’ll come ,
          We still got sakho to use when fit as well , he won’t go this window will he !

  • Eddie says:

    It’s incredible really how we manage to bring in players like Payet & Lansing when our manager & head of recruitment are clearly so blind to key indicators in players
    Sorry Johnham but wow,just wow.

  • johnboy says:

    Fair point Johnham?
    Let’s wait and see if it even happens , people talking as if the deals done ??
    I don’t fancy the bloke neither !
    We should know after tonight ? Lol.
    You would have thought he would have jumped at the chance to play first team football making fans more receptive of him , and put himself in the window , it makes you wonder why he doesn’t want to come on loan ? Last year and this ??
    Don’t fancy this bloke at all ? There’s something callamari about it ? Money maybe !!

  • Radai Lama says:

    F*ck it can’t we just sign Pádraig Almond from Hartlepool.It might make you lot stop arguing over someone you know f*ck all about lol.Bubs I need to borrow Jenks the donkey to ride to the match.Send him round my gaff will you.I want the claret & blue sombrero on him as well 🙂

    • johnboy says:

      Bubs gave him to Bilic with a few of his cousins , and Bilic played em after consulting henry and sully Ffs ?
      Jump on Valencia for you’re journey home ? Via villa ??

    • johnboy says:

      What about postman pat , we know loads about him and he can certainly deliver the goods ?lol. Smiley !

  • Michael Miller says:


    Why does it have to drag on and on?

    It’s more than boring it’s embarassing, as though there’s something about the Club that means we can’t attract the quality players we so badly need – very worrying!

  • johnboy says:

    I think we need YODA Michael ?
    Let alone bacca ??
    The injury are the problem mate , along with other factors ? Everyone, s peed off at the moment , seems strange we can’t get the players we keep going for though , its so long winded it seems , never heard of this new kid they unveiled tonight ? Another young one ?
    He’s said to be a squad player ? Let’s hope he can inject some creativity that the side is lacking at the moment ? Bad night last night , it will get better, let’s hope its sooner than later!

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