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Hammers U-turn as Moyes protests rage?

koemanWest Ham remains in turmoil this afternoon (Sun) amid reports that the club is ready to approach both Ronald Koeman and Guus Hiddink as fans protests overflow about the possibility of David Moyes taking over

These are very unofficial reports with the only certainty being that the club want a replacement for Bilic in by the end of the week if they can sort it.

Meanwhile we have been told that Slaven Bilic gave a very brief farewell speech to the players and resigned after the Liverpool defeat but has been asked to mind the shop until the club find their new man.

Chelsea-Chelsea-News-Chelsea-Team-News-Jose-Mourinho-Jose-Mourinho-Sacked-Mourinho-Sacked-Guus-Hiddink-Guus-Hiddink-627609One source also told us the manager said goodbye to the players  after the final whistle telling them that whilst he loved West Ham with a passion, it was finally all over because the squad simply weren’t playing for him and that enough was enough.

The board members, meanwhile, have been worried by the massive negative fan reaction throughout the day to the possibility of Moyes taking over on a six month deal and are again considering  the Koeman and Hiddink options again.

Moyes is not completely out of the picture but claimed on BeiN TV there had been no talks between him and West Ham ensuring the situation became more confused than ever.

Bilic is allegedly keen to end his stint at the club after becoming aware of approaches to managers over the last two or three weeks but may be ready to stay on until the managerial dilemma has been sorted.


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21 comments on “Hammers U-turn as Moyes protests rage?

  1. Good we should be looking elsewhere. Hiddink for me…

  2. That’s what really need a bit of double-dutch!

    Who’s in charge – the Dildo Brothers or a load of fickle punters who can’t agree on anything?

    Time for Sullivan and Gold to stand up and assert themselves, they’ve got more at stake than deciding if to go for a Season Ticket next year or not!

  3. If Bilic has said goodbye then let him go with thanks and dignity
    Surely Westley is ok to take training for a week or two with so many internationals away.
    Moyes is not a good 6 month fix – I hope the board realise this – and by all accounts Neville wants to stay in Spain

  4. It’s the stadium. The team play like England do at Wembley (afraid to lose). Bad luck for Bilic that his season of grace was followed by the move.

  5. And your pole shows the majority would prefer Bilic to Moyes – which says something!!!

  6. Moyes is another cheaper solution. Bussinesman will do that, not trophy hunter. We can’t compete with top 6 if this keep going. We need top manager or every season we just fight to avoid relegation

  7. Totally agree Michael. I think we’re all agreed that if Bilic stays we’ll be in the championship next season, and the season ticket waiting list will disappear faster than a mist on a summers morning. We need someone who will keep us in the premiership, and whilst not overly enthusiastic with the prospect of Moyes, I do believe he would keep us up, and that’s all we can hope for at this moment in time. I’ll reserve judgement on what I think should happen at the end of the season.

  8. There will be lots of speculation about this manager or that manager until an appointment is made, there is no suggestion the reports in this article (based on the Sun journo’s) has any truth in it, just as Moyes appearing to shake the hand of Sully at the game yesterday if that picture was legit means that Moyes will be installed as our new manager, it’s all pie in the sky. If they are talking to a few candidates all well and good, the likes of Rafa, Moyes, Allardyce, Bruce etc the usual DS style appointments are ancient history now, the game has changed and they have been left behind Rafa is the only one of them with any record of success and that was with a massive budget. In the long term we need a manager that will install a structure throughout the club as Pocchetino has at Spurs and Guardiola is putting in at Man City, as Ferguson did at Man Utd and Wenger at Arsenal, appreciate those managers are few in number but the resources we have we should be able to find a list of candidates that can do that and back them with the necessary resources to make it a success.

  9. Hiddink turned Chelsea around done the caretaker role managed them in 08.09 the players and club wanted him to stay. Hr won titles PSV Valencia Netherlands S Korea Real Madrid Febernqce and so on.
    He can do a short term job & long term and clubs he has left welcome him back players love him Koeman fansicies himself a top class mgr but Hiddink has done more then Moyes and Koeman since 1987 when took over PSV worked for them twice.
    Koeman can rub players wrong way Hiddink could help Us short term and could stick around be very good for us

    • I totally concur. On top of that he doesn’t come with bad reputation and has enough experience to manage people. On a short term basis, he is in my opinion the SAFEST bet. Next year get a young energetic manager a la Silva or Wagner.

  10. Would love to see Hiddink arrive.Has done it at top level and it needs a strong,experienced personality with a proven track record to get this club back into some order and stability.Koeman was great at Southampton and brought on plenty of youth players but just because it did not work out at Everton does not make him a bad manager.(losing Lukaku was a huge setback for Everton).There is a good squad of players here that need sorting badly.But please not Moyes.

  11. IF these reports are true and your source is correct then it means the owners are taking note of the overwhelming anger pouring from the fans just from the mere mention that Moyes could be inserted as the next manager.
    On that same note maybe they’ll also listen to the point that Hiddink is the better option of all the managers currently avaialble. IF he’d take the job?
    Conduct a fairer poll on that.

  12. I have wanted Hiddink to replace Billic since the start of last season. He would be able to attract quality players and this is where progress starts. He would be the type of manager who could poach top players from top clubs and we would be taken seriously by people in football as long as our owners stump up the cash. It’s now time for the owners to act on the next level, not dream about it while going down the cheap route. The days of catalogue and market purchases should be over.

  13. Tony – Hiddink could tract top players if our owners stumped up the cash?

    Well that’s us royally screwed on 3 counts. Our owners won’t appoint a manager who isn’t a puppet. Two, our owners won’t stump up the cash, and three, what top player in their right mind is going to sign for a club who has no hope of winning anything or getting into Europe? Answer – One whose only incentive is cash. So we end up with more of the same.

  14. Hiddink would be a sensible, even progressive, choice. Koeman, Moyes, Pardew and Dyche wouldn’t be. Not one of these has been a consistent success across different clubs and contexts. A club without its own(-ed) ground – even on a mortgage with a .25% interest rate hike – and with an appalling strategy-less leadership could only hope to attract a bargain basement coach.That’s my longer term fear. That said, maybe any replacement coach might rejuvenate a pathetically disaffected bunch of expensive footballers.
    Remember, the devil is in the detail. Least kilometres run, no change of pace in the team, and the failure to recognise the urgency of a ‘sound’ central defensive partnership all point to really embarrassing ‘grass roots’ coaching failures.

  15. Not Moyes ….. pleeeeeeeeeease. Hiddink would be perfect but would he want to work for the scum bag owners . Dyche has earned a chance but why leave Burnley for Hammers and risk ruining his reputation . We know that dildo brothers will do it on the cheap so the Moyes story is very likely true . OMG we are doomed

  16. We don’t want Koeman, my mate is a Toffee, he reckons he’s only seen Everton play well once in the 18 months he was there. I can’t think of anyone decent we could attract. Dyche reminds me of Big Sam. I’ve seen Burnley a couple of times this season, they may have been getting good results, but they’ve been lucky in most match.

  17. Owners stump up the cash…??? It ain’t gonna happen. Instead they will: tweet embarrassing bulls£&t, hoodwink the fans into believing they’re going to invest heavily on players, make totally bogus attempts to buy players when they don’t really intend to do so in order to maintain season ticket sales, interfere with managerial decisions and basically do everything on the cheap. To think Gus Huddink woukd come and save the day snd work for this shower of sh@&e at our wonderful club which is currently in dire straights, whilst putting up with the antics of the Dildo Bros I just ain’t buying it. It’s like asking a Rolls Royce mechanic to take a job working at Halfords! In the cycle section…lol

    ‘snd like my dreams they fade and die……..!!!’

  18. Alan Pardews Claret and Blue army.

    It’s all that makes sense !!!!

  19. So we are all violently agreeing that a top class manager won’t be attracted to us due to our owners being tight-butts coupled with our unbalanced squad and league position? Sort of limits the field a little!

    Considering who we’ve played this season so far, and whose to come, I’m getting close to writing off our chances of staying up. And whilst Bilic is culpable, for me the blame sits equally with the Dildos who have somehow managed to take us backwards over the last two years. No easy feat this considering the potential and promises!

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