Hammers wait on keeper bids

adrian-west-hamWest Ham are now very hopeful that they will sign Joe Hart over the next few days.

Despite reports that an announcement is expected within the next 24 hours, club insiders insist the deal is not quite over the line.

We were told: “We are getting closer but it still isn’t done at this stage.”

The 71 times capped Hart has been in negotiations during the course of the week and there were suggestions he would be announced as having signed by today.

That is unlikely but it now seems certain that he will become the Irons No 1 stopper once the season gets underway.

Despite reports,meanwhile, that Darren Randolph could be on his way to Newcastle there is still some question as to whether Adrian is the more likely departure.

The former Birmingham stopper was wanted by Middlesbrough and their interest was firmly  rebuffed by the Hammers suggesting that he may still be wanted at the London Stadium rather than Adrian.

There have been no approaches for Adrian but Toon boss Rafa Benitez is very much in the market for a keeper.



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16 comments on “Hammers wait on keeper bids

  1. We don’t need a ****ing goalkeeper. We need a ****ing striker FFS!

  2. Just hope it’s not a massive mistake .

    • I have concerns, while it is like Bargain Basement Sale with our two current goal keepers, don’t think either would wish to be on the bench for another season.

  3. I will be absolutely delighted to sign Hart.I think he will make a few fans choke on their words.I predict him to be in the top three for HOTY by the end of the season if he signs.
    We do need a keeper,the two we have were sub standard last season & guess what you can sign a keeper as well as a striker,you are allowed too.

    • He is better than either Adrian or Randolph. If the details of the loan deal are anything like they are reported to be, then it’s a great deal.

  4. Let’s hope you ain’t munching a prawn sarnie Phil ? As a 50 yard free kick flyes into the net
    As hart is distracted by his dandruff and dives ( flops ) to the floor 🙂 🙂
    Randolf must go if he does come , he was just another bad recruit by sully , we need to see a striker on board a.s.a.p or the beards will be out in force 🙂 rocks and all 🙂

  5. Hart is no risk at all, he is an excellent keeper who for me was treated most harshly by Guardiola, especially with the rubbish he replaced him with; sure that affected his confidence but I am sure he will show his class for us. Now just get those sodding strikers sorted, or it won’t be pleasant!!

  6. Hahaha no im certainly not a prawn sarnie type of fella lazarus.
    Look its simple for me,if you asked 99% of people in football who do you want as your no1 keeper,hart randolph or adrian i bet to a man they all say hart.

  7. Im sorry but has everyone forgotten how calamitous our goal keeping was last season? How anyone can say we dont need imrovement is completely bonkers.

    • ! It was the team around them that contributed to that , players out of position etc etc etc , the whole set up was a shambles ,
      The season before Adrian was top kiddy and before ! Lol . When Randolph was finally found out and was removed Adrian came back and did quite well , the. Whole team was calamitous not just the keepers , randolph is the one to move on and if hart comes in then Adrian will probably want out too, then its fingers crossed time 🙂 who would you prefer 79
      Adrian or Randolph ?as harts second ? Didn’t hart get bad press in Italy ? Plus they didn’t want him back ? Hence no offers from anyone which don’t. take a lot of working out really !
      Over rated and over paid IMO 🙂 but everyone has an opinion which is why we post ,

  8. Sorry phill but my circle of friends say the exact opposite of you,re claim of 99% ?
    Most think he is highly overrated , the best pick of a poor bunch , buttland going to be installed soon as no 1 , personally I think guardiola got it right by outing him he saw he was a risk but installed a keeper that plays the Barcelona way but forgot its the premiership , make no mistake he learnt his lesson and with hurt pride has put it right by buying a top keeper to replace his mistake , hart is average as is Adrian but Randolph is absolute pants, if he comes on board the truth is there to be witnessed , until then I stand by my assessment , let’s wait and see 🙂

    • I think Phil ment people inside football Laz,not your bloody friends or fans 😂
      I make him right as well.If you asked most managers which one of the three they want as their regular keeper they would go for Hart everytime.

  9. Let’s do that Lazarus but believe you are wrong and let’s hope so too.

  10. Both our GK were dropped last season after making mistake after mistake, signing Hart can only be an improvement on them, already the team will be stronger with both new signings (if Hart signs). Getting him on the deal that has been reported is a no brainer imho. We need more than strikers this summer, if we waited until we sign these before even looking at the rest of the squad we could miss out on any desent players & there would be wet nappies every where…. same old, didn’t learn from last year, tunnel vision blah blah blah

  11. Adrian already wants a move and this deal could still fall thru. Plus he should get about £7m while Boro offered £5m for Randolph isn’t bad but has also been reported he would be fine with staying as back up.
    Adrian would not be he wqa looking at leaving at end of season. And wants Palace move now.
    But can’t sell them both. And if the move falla thru which there is always a possibility someone comes in with Perm offer or Sully says no at last min. Until he wears the kit it’s not official.
    And if it were to fall their Adrian would still want to leave

  12. http://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/829099/Joe-Hart-West-Ham-transfer-loan-move-Manchester-City-football-gossip

    Hope this is wrong says will we pay 90% of £130k wages. I’ve seen he is on £100k and £120k thought £120k was correct.
    But City want a £5m fee to Loan and we want a £2m.
    If this is correct this IC Chicharito wages

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