Hammers wait on OFFICIAL Rafa word

benitez1-399817West Ham have again made it clear that they have had no OFFICIAL word from Rafa Benitez that he is out of the running to become the club’s next manager.

Whilst various media outlets have been reporting an Italian journalist Gianluca Di Marzio’s  view that he has turned the club down, a top Irons insider said: “That’s all very premature and there seems to be a lot of weight being attached to it although it’s not clear why.

“We have heard nothing and we would perhaps expect to ahead of a reporter.!

“Yesterday Jurgen Klopp was taking over t Real but there’s been no official word on that or anything else. We won’t be doing anything at all until we hear officially.”



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

72 comments on “Hammers wait on OFFICIAL Rafa word

  1. Guys, WHTID (or Wet pants as you like to call it) seems to have gone down, there must be some security related issues there. I suppose none of you good people have anything to do with that, do you ? 🙂

  2. One of the Rabid Dogs must have chewed through a cable,lol 😀

  3. No Hamburg, I love wetpants… lol 🙂

  4. Err.. right – no news then!

  5. Monkey Bellend’s probably wet his pants again & flooded the room,probably tripped all the switches 😀

  6. Doesn’t look like a chewed cable, but my browser is giving a security warning for WHTID which never happened before. Cue all the jokes about the browser knowing its stuff and being spot on.

  7. I get that come up for this site as well most the time.I just ignore it.Never effected anything on my comp.I havnt been attacked by cyber hippos yet 😉

  8. Experiencing the same H…maybe another “Sam is a Big C***!” web page hack…

  9. No need for jokes about wetpants from us Hamburg,we are fully reformed trained dogs now.Just dont throw a monkey at us,it makes us rabid again 😉

  10. TysonM, I’ve never had that before though, so I reckon it must have something to do with their own site, not my computer…

  11. As tyson says,i get it on mine for here,i just turned off the site certification setting on my laptop,its fine,no aliens attack you 😀

  12. Yeah it is nothing to do with your computer H,it is the site certificate.Sometimes it runs out of validity,often it just appears for no logical reason then clears down once someone sorts it out.No cyber terrorists 😉

  13. Maybe with the impending doom the Spoonie Moonies have had a massive meltdown and won’t reopen until their hippo god relocates

  14. Strange also that neither Iain nor Sean Whetstone have mentioned anything on their Twitter accounts.

  15. Gianluca Di Marzio…. lol He’s a good journalist, expert in transfer market… I hope he’s wrong… Rafa, West Ham is the best solution, Davids will give you the company car and tickets-restaurant… Tickets were not included in Sam’s contract, he would have ruined the owners… lol

  16. Merry-go-round to start soon…Carlo to leave Real for City, Rafa to replace him, Klopp to go to Napoli…

  17. I get it as well on here sometimes & i did on there when i just had a quick look.It is usually something minor.Nothing of significance i should think 😉

  18. They’re back apparently…

    • Ok bye Hamburg,thanks for visiting.I hope they have a cup of tea ready for when you get back home,lol 😉

  19. De Boer for me,i have decieded he is my choice.Not so keen on old Rafa anymore.I want a younger manager.Some one who can hopefully not be set in his ways & willing to embrace things,not just be a Plan A Hippo.Ofc Klopp would have been the best but that was just a dream

    • That’s two of us then now all we need are the two Daves,Karren and Frank himself to agree and we’re flying

      • Yep,its that simple,lol,i wanted him from early doors but he kinda vanished off the radar for a while.But now if not Bilic then him.Tbh anyone like this will do me.Not a lot isnt an improvement on Hippo.But someone like him if given a few years to build his team could be just what we need i think.Younger,fresher ideas,knows about bring youth through being at Ajax,one of the most renowned clubs for bringing through players.There is much to like about the geezer 😉

        • My thoughts exactly a real chance to build a club from youth upwards as a long term plan. If it was sold right he might just be tempted. I’m glad to see Navajo sees it the same way too

        • Like Liverpool and Chelsea fans, I don’t want him either

    • Agreed, wanted Koeman last season and DeBoer was second. The Dutch know how to develop youth and who can go wrong with “total football”.

      • Seems to be a De Boer frenzy going on tonight,lol,he is by far my first choice,has been since i saw newcastle were sounding him out a few months ago it appeared.He will come here wanting to prove he can do a Koeman as well.Him or Bilic for me all day long 😉

        • I agree Rads… As I Write some says ago De Boer or Klopp would bring us a Clear football philosophy… Sam has a Clear philosophy too, the rubbish philosophy… Lol

    • Why should Klopp be classed as just a dream? Don’t forget we are strongly linked with Benitez, a manager linked with Real Madrid who has won La Liga, UEFA Cup, FA Cup, Champions League, Super Cup, Supercoppa, Club World Cup, Europa League and Coppa Italia. Surely Benitez would be classed a dream? In my opinion, if a manager like Benitez considers us why shouldn’t Klopp?

  20. Hamburg, maybe it’s the cookie monster… lol 🙂

  21. Hamburg was panicking,he though one of his family had locked him out of the wetpants house 😉

  22. Dont worry Hamburg,if you cant get back in the wetpants house we can let you have a sleepover with us in our kennel 😀

  23. They probably are connected to the power supply at BFS,S flat and now the meters read the powers off,
    That’s a problem for Kevin and spoonie not electric blanket or night light,
    They can spend the night at Andy,s if he has not wrecked it,
    Don’t panic Hamburg cookies gone over his internet usage

  24. I can get back in at WHTID which doesn’t prevent me from coming here.
    Just relieved to read all those names of potential replacements for Allardyce.I know for some our chances of getting them is slim, for others the chances will be better, but each added name gives me more hope that Allardyce’s reign will be over very soon.

  25. We don’t mind sharing you Hamburg you are welcome,
    It’s a witch hunt at least at the moment they are all positive,
    We still have not found out from Hugh who the mystery one was from last week,

  26. Lol,we were just messing about Hamburg,you are liked on here.We might be rabid dogs but not miserable bellends 😉 Sam is history,has been for a fair while imo.We cant blame you for chatting with pretty blonde ladies instead of us ‘orrible lot,lol 😀

  27. Bellends not blonde Rads,the monkey could have been,
    Been round Tyson lawn this week ?

  28. Ahah… Hamburg you’re welcome here… Monkey’s Bellend a little less … Lol

  29. I have to admit I don’t see eye to eye with this Banjo chap, I just don’t seem to be on the same humour level with him. Usually I instantly like people if they are West Ham fans.
    Goes to show that this sometimes is not enough though.

  30. Haha,dont feel bad about it Hamburg,some people are just naturally antagonistic or go out of their way to be confrontational.Thats life 😉

  31. No what you mean Hamburg there’s a lot of chaps out there I don’t get on with but they are normally spud fans,
    BFS must have locked Little Kev in the flat when he left,

  32. Big Sams Claret & Blue Army!

  33. Keep taking the medicine Spoon!

  34. Spoonie
    A person living with chronic illness, that identifies with Christine Miserandino’s Spoon Theory.
    Spoonies are people that live with chronic illness; theoretically measuring personal daily abilities much as one would measure the proper amount of spoons needed for an event or occasion… sometimes having an abundance, other times coming up short.

  35. Sounds about right,he is a wetpants interloper,come to poke a stick in the bees nest.Harmless enough though,he cant help having Samasitus.Maybe it will clear up when the hippo naffs off 😉

  36. Only two options

    – We’re getting bulls*it from Spoonie
    – He escaped from an asylum along with kevin

  37. If it doesn’t clear up we can always give him a hand showing him where Sunderland or whatever poor bunch end up with his hero is on a map,money won’t be an object I’m pretty sure he travels for free

  38. Maybe we can catch him,stick him in a cage & send him back to his wetpants home,lol,he can post there all he likes & be ignored,unless he is one of the Chosen Few of course then his posts will be loved 🙂

  39. Lol,you aint wrong Chicken.I see guys post good threads,good points made on wetpants,totally ignored,i mean not one comment.But…One of the ‘Love-in’ post something far inferior to a strangers post & it is met with adulation & butt kissing,lmao.I know there is a truce,lol,but they seriously blank people big time.

  40. Dunno Bubs…I let you boys care for the forum -LOL

  41. We do our best Hugh but must agree it’ brings some humour to what could be a boring time under BFS,
    Don’t mention cages chicken it effects the monkey on wetpants.com
    Kevin seems to be missing

  42. Ahah… On our brother site the current fashion is the podium of your three favourite managers… Nice game…

    1) B
    2) F
    3) S

  43. Some still banging on about relegation if Hippo goes.Holy **** there are some sad *******s on there.No other manager can keep us up,only Sam.What is wrong with them.BFS has just as good a chance of taking us down the way things are going if he did stay than anyone else.All this crap about him never being relegated,everyones luck runs out eventualy.

  44. It amuses me,Sean posts pics of hippos,none of them slags it.We talk about hippo & some of them get all high & mighty about abusing Sam & he doesnt deserve it.Hippocrits 😀

  45. I wrote last night that we had lost our sense of humour in these awful times. You lot show we haven’t . Well done

  46. … If Sam goes eternal damnation for us… famine, pestilence, drought, no women, poverty, nightmares, earthquakes… be careful what you wish for.. never underestimate the power of the Mighty Sam… lol


  47. Haha,i think maybe there will be a statue made of him & people in future will go to this statue to witness the tear that runs from its eye & be cured of all illness & disease:D

  48. Ahahah… maybe a Giant Gold Hippo outside the OS… Lool

  49. roll on Monday & hippo be history although not in the history of West Ham & plz let us have a manager who knows how to play football amen & if there is a God up there I hope hes a Hammer & could give us a clue to who its gonna be or white smoke for electing a new manager & not Mclown

  50. Ahah… I like it Bangkok…But you did not persuade me… I still prefer Nolaninho…lol 🙂

  51. Big Sam is our only true chance ,, the sooner you all wake up to the fact , the better .
    It seems that nobody realises that a top manager like Big Sam ( top manager no doubts)
    Is a treasure not to be thrown away . Once discovered everyone wants it .
    I would rather stick with Big Sam than take a risky chance with an unknown .
    Look what happened with Zola for example …. Catastrophe ..
    Pardew was our best and by far our better future , but he was **** on . Big Sam is the Now and needs backing .
    There are a lot of clubs which want to be in the Prem and would love to sign BSA .
    West Ham only scraped survival on the last day against Man Utd thanks to a Tevez goal .
    Tevez for me , along with Macherino were the reason we were almost relegated in the first place . They caused so much dressing room disturbance it made us into a relegation team …. That goal saved us , yes ,,, but it should never have came to that final win .
    Pardew was made scapegoat , undeservedly . ( the rest of his history is known )
    Now we have SAM Allardyce , so let’s get on with it and support our Team .
    Wake up West Ham and realize a good thing while you have it , in the Premiership . And very probably in the Europa League ,, again . , with Bg SAM at the Helm , I hope .


  52. Ah Kevin I do like our little chats I feel like a proper psychiatrist trying to help a delusional patient.Yes I agree that Pardew was treated like crap but so was Zola but the thing they have in common was that they both entertained us at a fraction of the cost that ” Dung Beatle” has. I really admire your dedication to your ” Messiah” Kevin but I’m going to burst your bubble about him…he has won 2 things over his illustrious career as a manager ,he was overlooked for every major vacancy over the last 20 years and has not changed his philosophy about playing since managing Notts County. Now Kevin I know this is going to be hard to hear !!believe it or not there are other managers,successful ones that win things in the world, that have the ability of blaming themselves when things go wrong, that play players in the right position, that develop the youth team,that instill passion ..Now I know that’s not what you want Kevin so I guess wherever the ” Dung Beetle” goes you will follow you never know Spoonie might join you…..??

  53. Well done GW,you have far more patience than me replying to Lil Kev.I gave him up as a lost cause long ago 🙂

  54. Kevin,your hero is going,keep drinking the Special Brew & coming on when most are sleeping.You are a hit & run Sammerette,appearing in the wee small hours,too ashamed to post in daylight because of the embarressment you feel about your dads failings this season.Look forward to your latest ramblings later Lil Kev,you are always entertaining 😉

  55. Kevin and spoonie have brought us from the brink,we had all had enough we were getting more and more pisxed off with life,now we are united again just the few odd balls out there
    Banjo,Ro,ect who I think know they are wrong and actually don’t like BFS but do not want to admit they are wrong,
    2 more days and we have a few months to all talk about a bright future,Ian starting to think like a hammer again,
    It’s great to be a live and off I go again for some Spanish nectar,

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