Hammers will need to pay £12.5m for French right back

KevinWest Ham may have to stump up £12.5m if they want to land Saint-Etienne right back Kevin Malcuit in the summer say French media.

The Hammers have reportedly made two bids for the Frenchman £7m and £8.5m in the January transfer window but both offers were believed to have been rejected by the Ligue One side.

The 25 year old defender able to deploy in a number of positions including winger and striker but is mainly deployed as a right back. In 2015 it was claimed that West Ham opened talks to sign the French defender from Ligue 2 side Niort but he decided to join St Etienne.

The Frenchman has impressed for Les Verts this season, and with the Irons knowing the French transfer market well this one looks a possibility. Malcuit’s importance to the club is emphasised by the fact that Saint-Etienne has failed to win seven of the eight games he’s missed.


His contract with the French outfit expires in 2019. A Hammers source previously admitted to Claret and Hugh: “He is one of those that we have scouted,”

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36 comments on “Hammers will need to pay £12.5m for French right back

  1. cheap in todays market even for a defender, as long as he is as good as we want him.
    No 1. question is can he defend? or is he another Masuaku, who flatters to deceive by going forward very fastly and looking exciting.

  2. Can we please , and if we have to (and I think we should be giving Byram a decent crack at it before diving needlessly into the transfer market again), buy a player whose sole role is Right-back, instead of someone who can play ‘anywhere’, which in my mind is asking for trouble????

    • Are you for real? “Before diving needlessly into the transfer market”
      We have been screaming for a rb for the past 2 seasons, Byram has had his chance & even though he seems to have potential he isn’t good enough atm. If/when he gets injured or suspended we have no replacement.
      A rb & a top draw striker must be top of the the to do list

  3. Oh joy another potential moody Frenchman just what we need 😀😀

  4. Excuse me if I don’t take any transfer rumours seriously in April. Oh man, it’s 5 months before the window closes. It’s 3 months before it even opens. Pass the cynide 😩

    • John strong rumour is there going to transfer popcorn suppliers to butterkist as well 😀😀😀

      • No!!! If that happens I’ll return my season ticket. Flirting with relegation and dodgy performances I can accept but I have my limits.

  5. As I said ‘essex’ , if we have to buy a RB, let it be a RB , and not some multi-positional player (and that includes moody Frenchmen!)

    • Malcuit is a rb who can also play out of position ‘which Bilic often does’ not some one who can also fit in as a rb if needed. Imho this would be a good signing for us, £12.5m in todays over inflated transfer market is not that much.(thankfully not all french players are moody 🙂 )

  6. I haven’t seen him play other than the odd youtube clips and we don’t have much to offer him next season other than wages, if he is as good as they say other clubs with genuine European aspirations will be after him so if we have to pay over the odds to get him thats the way it is, we will also have to pay over the odds to attract other talent. The latest rumours are we have readied a 5 year deal for Pippo Inzaghi maybe he can be a player manager to solve the need for a striker hehehe

  7. Young John pass me the cyanide tabs when you have taken yours.Do it quickly mind lol
    Rumours,rumours,rumours.Why fans get so angry about rumours i have no idea.
    99% of them never even happen.
    Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies lol

  8. Like your style, Stan the Man!

  9. It was one for the more senior users amongst us Fugmaster lol
    I apologise to anyone who now ends up humming it all afternoon hehe

  10. A few months back I thought it was fairly clear what we needed in the summer (and I thought that was not a lot). But at the moment I don’t know where to start! Well,yes ok RB is a definite. But there seem to be a lot of gaps to fill. Maybe this year we can aim for a quality not quantity, but how do you get the quality players to come here? ‘Bargains’ is the short answer- like Arbeloa. Hmmmm…Looks like another frustrating window, so as somebody has already said why not wait until July.

  11. It is absolutely pointless taking rumours seriously,.Ok one or two maybe come to fruition but it is probably only one in every five hundred rumours.
    Leave it to Mr.Thick as poo and his cronies to give it the big one about everything lol

  12. Here we go again ; speculating on future signings . A whole three months before anyone can sign anybody and here we are letting every tom , dick & harry into our dressing room .
    Why the heck can’t things be kept quiet ?! . We all know the media are in love with themselves ( sky sports , primeraly) and keep falling over each other to invent a story but , isn’t it about time for West Ham to grow up and stifle these rumors before they begin . As for that Frenchman , I’ve never heard of him . As if we need another stroppy mercanery .
    As for the speculation on the Lazio manager ; well it wouldn’t bother me one little bit if it was true . We need a change .
    Hoddle talking about the LS and it’s failings is like Lemons talking about why they are not Oranges . Go away , Hoddle . We drew against a team last week that have problems scoring but , in typical West Ham style yet another team broke Thier duck against us .
    It surely can’t be allowed to continue if we are to make the LS our new home and something of a fortress . This coming Summer Window is megga for West Ham . Outgoing as well as incoming players ., and or , Managers .
    We have the basis of a decent squad and with the right RB and few tweaks in Midfield we can be a very good side but ,, we can’t do it cheaply . Cheap is not the answer and for crying out loud get some of those players back from Thier loan spells .
    As I said before , a new house needs new furniture .

    • Not if the house you buy is fully furnished it doesn’t Kevin. My brother-in-law bought a new house with the show furniture in it and that didn’t need any furniture.

  13. I’ve just You Tubed Tom, Dick and Harry and Tom’s legs have gone, Harry passes sideways all the time and Dick is 36 years old. It’s disgusting that we are being linked with these players. I blame the owners and Slaven needs to resign. The OS will be too wide for Dick and Tom is a left back and we have 2 left backs how many times must I repeat we need a right back. Harry is a useful centre forward but he plays for Tottenham and I will hand my season ticket in if he plays for us. It’s disgusting and so is the popcorn. I blame Brady for the popcorn. She is disgusting and so is Theresa May. I am as thick as poo and disgusting too. All Poo is distgusting.

  14. This site has had only had 3 articles today. I’m beginning to question whether the annual subscibtion is worth it? I wish HH would post an article on here, I need cheering up 😂😂😂

  15. John, I suppose you haven’t read any of my other articles over the past 18 months?
    My articles can be quite chirpy, optimistic and glass half full like, when the situation and performances merited that in my view.
    If the circumstances are at the other end of the feelgood scale though why would I jump for joy ?

    • I did mate lol. I see Stanley filled you in. Rads reckons you had a job with Eastenders writing their scripts as they’ve got a little too cheerful lately 😂😂😂

      • What made me laugh was how you slagged off the club for 5 paragraphs and then came out with the immortal line “and if I now take off my claret and blue glasses!” WHAT!!!! What would you have come out with if you had been NOT been wearing them??
        And listen our club is and always has been great and always will be. You got that wrong. Don’t agree with much you say tbh but hope you find reason to complain less next season as you probably do too.

        Just passing by. Have a good day.

        • I misread what you said HH. I thought you asked if I read your reply on the previous article which Stanley responded to. I did and I’ve also seen some of your previous articles which are jolly witty. Sometimes. Seriously I do hope your love for West Ham returns.

          • Im trying to work out if HH and Nige us this site where does that leave them in the TeddyBard thick as pig poo scale lol
            Silly old barsteward.

          • imagine what type of poo it would be if we didn’t come on here, Stan.
            We prob raise it to just pig

          • I have been called all kinds of things online, also on WHTID, the secret is not to take things too personal. Sometimes it’s best to ignore certain people altogether.
            In general I enjoy debating West Ham with fellow fans, both on here and WHTID. But I also know not everyone will agree with or like my articles.
            That comes with the territory of having an opinion.
            I won’t throw a hissy fit if someone disagrees with me.

          • Yes thanks fellas for raising the IQ considerably when here.We do all appreciate it im sure lol

          • H it was all good natured & if you had read it you wouldn’t have been offended at all im positive of that.Well apart from the bit where someone compared you to Barbara Cartland & if you know who she is then that was just plain scary 😂😂

          • Barbara Cartland eh ?! I suppose the one making that comparison must have read a fair few of Barbara’s romantic masterpieces in order to make that statement…:-))
            Mind you, why would I be embarrassed? She had plenty of loyal readers and that’s my ultimate aim too…;-))
            I have also been compared to John Goodman and again, why not?
            Another one who has many admirers…

  16. It’s just beeñ annouced tha Bilic & Dicks have come out of retirement to help the injury hit squad. Both will play up front on saturday with AC at right back.. pundits are calling it a tactical masterstroke or were they calling him a tactical wayneker??
    oh yes… a election has been called by May for June

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