Hammers: “Zarate comments OTT”


Mauro+Zarate+Sydney+FC+v+West+Ham+United+Football+SwzG_p3t_ehlHarry Redknapp is hoping the planned deal for Mauro Zarate to join Queens Park Rangers goes through without any hitches.

The former Hammers boss is delighted to be getting an opportunity to take the Argentine to Loftus Road and believes he will prove a top goal-scoring addition.

He told ClaretandHugh: “We have been talking about this for a little while as we need goals and I believe Mauro will be a valuable player for us. I’m hoping everything goes through as planned. I like him.”

Meanwhile, a top Boleyn insider described Zarate’s outburst against Allardyce in today’s Daily Mirror as “over the top.”

Zarate had told the Mirror: “I now have the chance to play for a coach who has faith in me and will not allow his personal feelings to get in the way of what is good for the team.

“I respect the other strikers at the club who have done a good job. But I believe my record entitles me to respect and I have not had that from the manager.

“The chairman (David Sullivan) has confidence in me. I know this because he brought me to the club. But for this reason the manager has refused to play me. He did not want me.”

Our source said:” Mauro’s had a difficult time and is very frustrated at not playing but I think he has gone a bit over the top. “

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    Since when as honesty been OTT, who was the sorce Nolan? He never had a fair run as a forward you need time to play with the others,he could have played just like downing just behind the front 2 but that would have closed the door on our captain.lets hope we can bring someone in to replace him because the options if Sakho or Valencia get injured are not what the faithful want.

  • markro says:

    Agree with Bubs.
    Unless there was a problem behind the scenes with Zarate’s attitude in training etc, it is madness to remove him from our squad. He has the flair the fans crave, the ability to torment and ghost past defences, and an eye for goal. The Palace volley was quite brilliant.
    Furthermore, if Valencia gets injured during AFCON, the prospect of BFS starting with both Carroll and Cole is as unpalatable as it is unlikely. So that’s back to one up front hoofball is it?
    With Zarate no longer available, unless Cole moves on in Jan and is replaced by a quality striker, we have every chance of drifting down the table.
    I simply cannot understand this ridiculous loan move.

  • danielson79 says:

    I am absolutely gutted about this news. Once again big bully Sam has failed his team and his bosses in his job, by letting his personal feelings hold back an amazing player. Zarate was for me the most exciting of the signings in the summer, I think he has every right to be upset and has my backing 100%.

    Sam has also totally undermined the two Davids by saying, bring who you want to the team but I won’t play them. Spoilt little brat. We could have really used him during the afcon.

  • markro says:

    Ironically, and hugely sadly, the only two who will be happy with this arrangement are BFS and Zarate, himself.

  • philtheiron says:

    The only baffling thing about the whole zarate affair was why was/is allowed to leave during the acon?
    I believe the comments are ott in that the chairman have made other recommendations and signings during the summer and they have appeared to have done very well.
    Also, if BS is as some people make him out to be going to stand for anybody else picking his team for him?
    I like zarate but he isnot imo a BS player in that his work rate is nothigh enough. By that I mean he only played in little cameos and was to easily bullied out of the game. This oregano anything was why he hasn’t played more.

  • rads45 says:

    Really dont see the big deal.We got to fourth without him playing regularly & he has consistently not cut the mustard when at his parent club,it is why he is loaned out so often.The only time he has banged goals in was back in Argentina.He has regularly been a problem child at his clubs in the past.If this is an agenda by Sam to not play players who he didnt sign himself then surely Sakho will be sent out on loan soon as well.His signing by Sullivan has been documented all across the papers & media since he arrived,but BFS seems to have no problem playing him.We dont see the guys day in day out,maybe he doesnt put the effort in like others to force his way into the team.Its funny,when guys dont play regularly they become more popular & built up to be better than they are.Get them in the team & within weeks people would be saying he is lightweight,easily forced off the ball & goes missing from games.Something he did at Lazio & Inter regularly & why he ended up back in Argentinian football 😉

  • Michael Miller says:

    It does seem strange to let him go when Sakho is going to be away at the African Cup.

    When he first came and played he was obviously unfit and would run out of steam, but as he became fitter he got better and better. Why he was not in the Squad is a complete mystery and if this is down to BFS having something personal against him then that is just not on.

    BFS has a history of misusing players – either not playing them at all or playing them out of position – Sam Baldock, Nicky Maynard and Mohammed Diame spring to mind!

  • @Rads: Seems you are judging him entirely on his previous. You say maybe he DOESN’T do it in training. Equally, maybe he DOES. An extremely unbalanced comment. Sakho example is ludicrous as the bloke was scoring from Day One on a run hitherto never previously seen anywhere. Sam was the man who would have preferred “cant score Wickham” at £10m

  • rads45 says:

    Well if he has now been put out on loan by yet another club it doesnt seem like it is so much his ‘previous’,but also his present.Lets face it it isnt the first time he has had a good moan up or vanished off on holiday when he got the hump at his parent club.I also said i like him as a player,he is decent,but not the world beater he is being made out to be by some.Its about opinions isnt it,we all have different ones,doesnt make either right or wrong,unbalanced or otherwise.Im quite open to other peoples views,unless it is Rugbys ofc 😉

  • Truth is he came to the wrong club under the wrong manager. We had the skilful Valencia/Sakho scoring goals for fun and haven’t played together since Geordie boy returned. He typifies the trademark Allardyce players. Grafters. Obviously he won’t like Zarate because although he can open defences and score goals, he doesn’t run around chasing people down. Harry is the right manager for him. If he gets the hump over there I’ll agree with you but H prefers players who can play. Never mind we still have Nolan and Cole to enjoy 😉

  • rads45 says:

    I really dont see how saying ‘maybe’can be construed as an unbalanced comment,it makes it an open ended comment,perhaps a reason for him not getting in the team.I didnt say he doesnt cut it in training at any point,i like most on here dont have that close up evaluation of his performance in training.We make assumptions & write what we believe could be the reasoning behind things happening.All pure speculation at the end of the day,but what makes forums what they are,to have discussions,banter & to discuss our clubs situation,well ‘maybe’ 🙂

  • I was looking for perhaps one sentence discussing his positives. There wasn’t one thius i believe it to be unbalanced

  • rads45 says:

    Haha,well in that case most posts on here are unbalanced,because they are for or against the article written.If we all agreed on each one there would be no discussions.I said on other posts i think he is a decent player on his day,but his career thus far maybe points to the fact he doesnt cut it at his parent club,inter,lazio,now us.The three biggest teams he has been at he has lasted a mater of one season or less.I think that tells a story,that is all.Im sure it wasnt down to all the managers being wrong about him 😉

  • Then the manager may have been unwise to agree to bringing him in – he is always consulted — no player could be forced on him

    • rads45 says:

      Well it doesnt really matter now,he has gone, so we beat WBA with what we have.Have a great evening Hugh,Happy New Year to you fella,keep up the good work 😉

  • Happy new year mate – all nice and respectful as it should be

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