Harry backs Rio & Di Canio at West Ham


harryrioHarry Redknapp has told his followers on www.kicca.com that he would like to Rio Ferdinand as a manager of West Ham with Harry  himself as director of football. He would also like to see Di Canio back at West Ham.

Harry said “Rio Ferdinand’s doing his coaching badges and has got a great football brain.”

“I’d like to see him as manager of West Ham, I’d go with him as director of football, that would be a good partnership. I’d love to see him get the opportunity somewhere, he’s young and enthusiastic. There have been a lot of lads who have gone out of playing and gone straight into management, Gary Monk’s done fantastic at Swansea, so there’s no reason why if given the opportunity somewhere with the right people around him, Rio couldn’t do very well.”

“It wouldn’t be that ridiculous for West Ham to appoint Rio they’ve got good players and as I say we’ve seen in the last year or two some young guys given the opportunity to manage and done well. Gary Monk is the prime example, what he’s done at Swansea this year, he was a player and suddenly he comes in and had a fantastic season. So there’s no reason Rio couldn’t do well. West Ham’s a great club with decent players, so it wouldn’t be impossible for him to have a crack at something like that.”

“I’m also a Di Canio fan, I’d like to see him go back to West Ham. I know everybody’s slaughtered him but he was fantastic at Swindon. I spoke to a lad who played under him at Swindon, Matt Ritchie who’s at Bournemouth who’s a really good player, he said he was fantastic to play for. He had a great start at Sunderland but it’s been a hard place to succeed – Martin O’Neill, Steve Bruce, one after the other, they’ve all had a crack at it. Paolo set high standards with the way he wanted players to behave, live, train, eat and a lot of players don’t want to be as dedicated as he was to the game.”

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  • eriko says:

    Couldn’t disagree more when it comes to Rio, Harry…

    Di Canio on the other hand COULD be a match made in heaven, but it involves great risk. I would give him a go, If the key players at the club would approve…

    But give Bilic a try first.

  • TysonM says:

    Haha,’Arry is going to start selling himself on twitter now.Its all part of his master plan for buying West Ham if Rosie says the accounts look rosie as well 😀

  • darkhorse99 says:

    Sure recipe for relegation. Forget it

  • Quickdraw de Boer no more says:

    Hmm director of football a role for advising a young manager,acting as a go between for owners and manager,oh and having a hands on role in those messy transfer dealings that take up so much time and money. The man’s a saint with all his thoughtfulness lol

  • Dainon17 says:

    Harry would have to make piece with Bonzo before Ill ever want him back

  • canchaz says:

    Now we are really going into the world of fantasy

  • bubs says:

    Rio and Di Canio sounds great but skip the Harry bit but Rosie is welcome she could have Lady Brady,s job

    • mattefumi el loco says:

      ahaha.. I like Rosie, she could be our second purchase… lol she’s definitely more agile than Nolan… 😀

  • Tony gore says:

    Is he trying to muster himself a job, not much chance?? In fact none.

  • Chelmo says:

    Oh shut it Harry you ponse..

  • Dangermouses Bros says:

    ‘Arry flaps his gums more than the Wetties,he should have a guest slot on there!!!

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