Harry Houdini ? – nope, just old Mr Allardyce!

harry-houdini-milk-can-escape1It really was comedy gold wasn’t it?

Sam Allardyce is Houdini apparently which isn’t a bad comparison given old ‘H’ built a successful carer out of illusion.

When Sam decided to declare yesterday: ” I have done what I was asked to do which was deliver a team that this time round has not only been most successful but the most entertaining and thrilling” more than a few thoughts occurred.

My first was just wht he meant by the “most” successful entertaining and thrilling? Compared ย to what – other teams, other West Ham sides, what? You see what I mean – an illusion…a half completed thought.

But even were we to accept that argument as a serious suggestion it doesn’t stack up against what we’ve seen since Christmas and in fact was possibly only on display until the return of Andy Carroll.

It was of course based on the Diafra Sakho/ Enner Valencia partnership which was broken up almost as soon as AC was fit.

Since then, and notably since Christmas, despite Sam’s “thriling” suggestons,l comparisons with the bloke who spent his time escaping from boxes and indeed the SACK ย you would have to be experiencing a pretty average life to have found much to crow about.

For the most part it’s been dire with the manager himself admitting last week we spent most of our time passing the ball to the other side. He didn’t add that it wasn’t for the first time this season.

That he should spend so much time on the subject is instructive ย and to do so by using what can be kindly described as a “selective memory” to do so suggests quite strongly there’s no contract on the way.

He claims he has delivered a successful team. Well that’s a matter for personal judgement – 10th place? Not sure about that Sam – perhaps three places better than last season is success in the manager’s view! I’d always believed success meant winning something!

Entertaining and thrilling? Sorry, pass other than on perhaps half a dozen occasions!

You see what I mean don’t you. It’s all ย an illusion built on that selective memory which recalls certain games rather than takes a look at the overall picture.

We once used to say that like the Christmas decorations, the Hammers come down after Christimas. It was never more true than this year in terms of form and the seemingly desperate cries fro “another contract please” sound pretty pitiful.

As for old the old Houdini comparison, I think I’d have had a better time trying to get out of a few padlocked chains myself than watching us against Leicester City or Crystal Palace or….or…!


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22 comments on “Harry Houdini ? – nope, just old Mr Allardyce!

  1. I would prefer Sams head on a platter,not sticking out of a barrel.Houdini,more like Houateallthepies fat man!

  2. Lol… is this the same article I read before? What happened? Probably Sam Houdini made it desapper and now it reappeared… ahah


  3. Yeah the original article wriggled free of its chains & escaped ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Did not does Matte,he is dead he cant still do it as in ‘does’,lol,sorry to be correcting your english.I only know Figa in Italian,hahaha

  5. aahahah… ok Stew thanks, I correct again my name… loool… hard work…

  6. Hahahaha,is this fourth attempt Matte? ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. ahaha… and now??? … anyway Stew you know the most important Italian word… that’s enough …lol

    • Yep,now is good,lol,should be ‘like’ not ‘as’ though.But is ‘kin near enough,lol ๐Ÿ˜€

      • ‘As’ works as well Matte,relax now ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • no, now I correct it… I’m a perfectionist,,, like Sam with his sophisticated attacking tactics… lol

          • now??? ahah… well, three mistakes in one sentence of 9 words… not bad… here is my stat: 33,3333….% of mistakes… lol

  8. Geezer on the left hand side looks a bit like Sam,same size suit anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. ahahah… I thought Hugh did a Photoshop job and he replaced the head in the tub with the Hippo head…lol

  10. Going to have nightmares now about opening my dustbin lid & Sams head pops out,lol

  11. Is he still manager? Didnt know if he drowned in his escapology tank yet.Oh well,maybe he can try again.

  12. Wheres Kev Nolan today? Is he busy already laughing his socks off,i was hoping he was going to post.He is good entertainment ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I don’t Know rads… He assured us he’d be back today… Another Sam’s trick… Lol

  14. Sorry lads – so busy didn’t headline the first so just a general tidy up ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Rads he is still looking for those games and dates,don’t know what the problem is there are so many of them,
    Same as you I thought it was BFS on the left to,
    Still not going to say thanks BFS
    Little Kevin where are you ( or did grandpa pop in last night )

  16. I must be mad but just read the article again to check I had got it right,
    But just do not understand why even the stats don’t look good when 2 others come above you and 2 are very near you and they never had the backing of the board he has had,
    Off subject now, I don’t understand how Zarate is a bad egg unlike the others,
    He had a paddy because he wanted to play and stormed out when he never even made the bench,that’s a player that wants to play not the dead beats that surrendered like you Barton
    No wonder the French don’t want you back,
    We seem to also have a shortage of players and ex players as well as pundits backing our
    X factor star

  17. I agree bubs, all the quality and class players seem to be bad eggs… Believe me, but I’d rather 1 minute of Morrison/Hazard/Mansour/Menez, etc. instead of a whole season of Nolan or Carroll. As you write, we need an X factor star.

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