Hart deal suddenly becomes very worrying

Hart_726_2Like most other fans I was celebrating when it became clear that Joe Hart was on his way to us but this is West Ham and as ever the up was quickly followed by the downside.

What looked on the face of it a great deal has suddenly become questionable at best and deeply worrying at worse.

We had all assumed that a ‘to buy’ option would be included in the deal but no, it seems the England stopper has decided he doesn’t want to commit himself to us that far into the future and that really is very disappointing.

With Adrian having just signed a new extension it’s very difficult to see why he would want to sit on the bench with a World Cup next summer.

To be replaced by a keeper who is unprepared to commit himself to us for more than a year is pretty insulting to him.

There can be no reason to believe the Spaniard will want to stay and my understanding is that the club are ready to let him go, all of which is pretty convoluted and extraordinary if we are reading things correctly.

For all Joe Hart’s virtues he remains a City player, being paid by them with us sending around £350k a month to the Etihad towards his wages.

So the likelihood is that this time next year we will – with a year left on his deal with City – be looking for around £10 million to sign him plus wages of around £12ok absolute minimum personal terms.

Even then there is no guarantee that he will want to stay but instead be weighing his options before deciding whether we will do or not!

That could leave us in a position where we are looking at Darren Randolph as our sole goalkeeping option whilst we go on the hunt Number One.

Now I’m perfectly happy to accept that there is more going on than has been explained to us but as it stands this looks like a very ill thought out move.

I really don’t get this one at all and a few questions need asking!


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29 comments on “Hart deal suddenly becomes very worrying

  1. Im sure if we want to keep him and he wants to stay we can hammer out a deal next summer.Lets get this season started first eh??

  2. Sorry Hugh but i dont get the fuss or questions need to be asked.Hart hasnt commited to us.Do we know that or was it the deal done that is fine with both parties.
    You nailed it at the end Hughie we dont know the ins and outs so why have kittens about it lol

  3. Not worried. We have a great keeper, let’s make him welcome and want to stay. How good is Trott? Is he the long term future?

  4. Yeah, I see absolutely no issue with this, Payet showed that a commitment in the form of a contract means nothing these days. This I should like any other job, albeit it a very well paid one, where you have the right to determine where you ply your trade. My contract does not have a predetermined length but sets out the terms and conditions of my employment including the basis on which I may withdraw my Labour and leave for pastures new. Hart for me is being cautious and I bet if he and we have a good season there will be no need and desire for him to go elsewhere. About time we all woke up and saw this as nothing other than on the whole a transactional relationship where one thing is guaranteed, today’s hero is tomorrow’s clown and if you expect loyalty but a dog!!

  5. Just stay happy to accept theres things we dont know about Hugh.If your happy to accept that no questions need to be asked.Dont try too complicate things 😁

  6. Agree with Lama on this one, there is no fire so stop screaming hehe. Correct me if I’m wrong, but we don’t even know if there is no option to buy; Just because not confirmed it does not exist… If there is none, sure it does not come as a surprise to those in charge. Glad to see Hart play for us, agree that it might put us in a bad spot later and lets get some strikers and allow some youngsters on the pitch

  7. What are you saying Hugh? Will Adrian go. If we have Torino version, Hart,Adrian may we’ll be our No 1!

  8. This has ALWAYS been the biggest cock-up of the current “management”. It is, frankly, unbelievable. It also, in my opinion, shows complete ignorance of the dressing room dynamic.

    Relegation beckons.

  9. Adrian is a good guy, loved by fans, loved by his colleagues – if we lose him it will be our loss in the long term and as Merry Michael states above it upsets the dynamic – especially if Hart has a few clangers early on.

  10. For me the jury is still out on Hart, I remember being at quite a few England games when he did not look in complete control, why did City replace him? be great to see him back in form, not convinced if he does well.for us he will stay, will we pay what City are contributing this next season, he would not I feel take a salary cut.

  11. I think hugh has a point actually. Sounds like a season at “west-get my career back on track #stepping stone-ham”

  12. I don’t think it’s a great idea to lose Adrian for Hart – although as I said, I was chuffed when I knew he was coming. Adrian was pushed aside last year and can’t see him accepting another year in the shadows, I am not complicating anything. If he leaves which is very feasible we are left with a guy who hasn’t committed to us and Randolph. I forsee issues. But respect those who are happy with it

  13. Well you know me, I happy clap till my arms ache, however I’m with Hugh on this I’m a little disappointed that we don’t have an option to buy in place.

    Still, that won’t stop me cheering for him, hopefully he will fall in love with us and we get champions league too. Coyis.

  14. Me neither John. Love Joe Hart but …..!

  15. If Adrian was to go i really wouldnt be heartbroken.He was replaced by Randolph for a reason or is that now forgotten and he is gods gift to keeping again.
    I know hes popular but he is just too unreliable and proved it.He lives off his popularity and penalty he scored because it sure isnt based on his keeping.

  16. Its a mountain out of a mole hill being created.

    Even if we did have an option to buy it means jack.watford had one for niang but he bailed out of it because he didnt want the move there.

    Southampton had first option to buy on Alderwierald.. didn’t stop him moving to spurs.

  17. I don’t see it as a bad thing, Hart is on 175k a week. He is going to see that contract out no matter what and we sure as hell aren’t going to be paying wages of 175k to a goalkeeper, I don’t think anyone apart from perhaps the Chinese are going to pay him that, I am sure that if he does well and we want him for another season we will be able to extend the loan if not no problem replacing Randy isn’t going to be difficult just make sure we hold on to Adrian.

  18. Seems statnge but the whole contract to this deal is extensive and is hard to twk what is really true.
    Can’t see City not wanting a Buy out option and couldn’t understand Hart with no other real suitors he should be thankful for chance back in to premier league.
    Adrian will leave and I can’t blame him Newcastle and Palace want him and Randolph might want first team as well to keep is #1 Ireland spot above Westwood. And he was offered £5m by Boro. One thing is for sure we can’t expect Hart to play all cup games and league and not get Injured
    So yes we need a backup

  19. Adrian is as good as hart imho …we can’t afford to let him go …he has just signed a new contract …I hope it’s Randolph that goes …then Adrian and hart can battle it out for top spot

    • Hope Adrian does stay but will have offers and Randolph too.
      I think the board will sell Randy and keep Adrian who is regretting that 2 year extension.
      But he will compete with Hart to GWR the best out of each other news that.
      And Randolph has already been offered £5m for Boro and Newcastle could be interestes if can’t get Adrian.

  20. Not worried at all.
    The faithless frog has shown that it is all temporary, even if folk think otherwise.
    If there is no Hart and no Adrian in two seasons’ time, do you really think we won’t sort out a decent keeper?
    The reality is that the only season we should concern ourselves with is the next one.

  21. I dont understand how anyone can think that a contract be it a loan with option for buying or a five year contract is worth the paper its written on.Players will do what they want.Arnautovic is proving that right now!

  22. All we can do is wait and see 🙂 it will either be good or a bloodbath 🙂 notlong to wait people 🙂

  23. I got to say that i don’t see Adrian feeling insulted by the arrival of a premier winning England international to take his place even if on loan any more than being dropped for Randolph who was a championship playing freebie lol
    That says much about Adrian last season.

  24. Hmnn, not sure this article does anyone any good, some comments:

    1. My understanding of an option to buy is a fixed price with the selling club. It guarantees no commitment from the player to sign a permanent contract, so in real terms there is really no issue.

    2. Personally I wouldn’t want to start another season with Adrian and Randolph as out two keepers, I don’t think either are worthy of a European challenging team. Adrian is unpredictable and while popular, due to his mad personality, he makes the defence nervous. Randolph is a goodish number 2. If we do lose one, and Hart doesn’t stay, which i assume will be the case, then next season we have to buy/loan another. The same position as we should be in now due to their lack of quality.

    3. There’s more chance of Noble captaining England than Adrian playing a game for Spain at the World Cup.

    4. Hart has possibly only been on a par with Adrian the last season or two, he has had some knocks recently but his pedigree is way beyond him. You can be sure he will be doing his absolute best to prove a point to Guardiola and the British public, especially in a World Cup year, so if we just get one season so be it.

    5. There are plenty of issues to get worried about when being a West Ham fan and to be honest this big brother article isn’t really helpful. Cant we just get behind a quality signing and worry more about whether more are going to follow this week and beyond?

  25. If Joe Hart is not at West Ham in a years’ time for whatever reason, the club will move forward and get another keeper. Sometimes, you over-react like an old woman, Hugh.

    • Exactly my thoughts TRB,sensational headlines from hugh.”Don’t worry be happy”.

      It did make me laugh when i saw the video on the official site when hart spoke about west ham saying “Iv’e always loved the club”. Such b/s.

  26. Bad idea from the go.FOREVER WHU FOREVER ADRIAN (who really LOVES the club).

  27. I agree with most of the posts, it isn’t a ‘worry’ at all.
    We have just signed the England International number 1 for only £4.5mil in a market that has average players being bought for £25nil….

    I love Adrian and feel he is top 10 in Premiership, seems there are things going on behind the scene?
    My outside bet is he gets a 1 year loan deal in Spain which puts him in the window for Spains squad for World Cup…….

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