Has anyone seen Tim Steidten?


Has anyone seen Tim Steidten?

Has anyone seen Tim Steidten?

According to reports he was supposed to have taken up his new post last week after much press speculation on whether or not he would join the Irons.

What with arguably the most important summer transfer window in years, it is somewhat surprising that he does not seem to be involved.

There is immediate work to be done this summer. The Declan Rice money will soon be due — and that needs to be spent wisely as West Ham look to replace their classy captain in midfield.

Some will wonder what Steidten’s arrival means for Mark Noble but insiders insist his role as sporting director will not be impacted.

Noble will continue to be the eyes and ears on the ground at West Ham, doing everything else that a director needs to do, from liaising with our ‘Academy of Football’ to wearing a smart suit for UEFA’s Europa League draw this September.

Next season we have both a Premier league campaign and yet another European adventure and the importance of a strong squad is absolutely vital for our success.

If anyone sees the lesser spotted Steidten, please let CandH know

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