Has Dimitri Payet signed or not?

An agent connected with Mondial Sports Management who represents Dimitri Payet tweeted out that Payet had signed for West Ham before quickly deleting it and claiming his twitter account had been hacked.

Muzzi Ozcan teased West Ham fans earlier in the evening by saying “Announcement will be made once things get in to some sort of agreement  will keep you posted ! I expect it to be announced by next week”

imageLater he announced breaking news that “I can confirm that Dimitri Payet has signed for West Ham. Wish both parties a successful era” just after midnight but Muzzi quickly deleted the post and said “My account has been hacked and certain messages were wrote !! I will update you tomorrow morning !! I do Apologise for this issue !”

A few minutes later he added “Dear West Ham United Fans I will update you tomorrow morning .”

Speculation on social suggested Muzzi quickly deleted the signing news after getting in trouble for releasing the news early.







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18 comments on “Has Dimitri Payet signed or not?

  1. I have just posted on the ‘we must be patient’ statement by Gold and here suddenly another example of our transfers never being straightforward, which was my whole point in the other post.

  2. Mr Ozcan’s premature tweets seem to be a bit of a feature of this window. I’m not sure it’s wise or thought through…

  3. The usual Twitter suspects have confirmed that the guy jumped the gun, but that Payet will in fact join West Ham. The agent was instructed to take his tweet off again as West Ham want to be the first to announce it, presumably in a combined presentation of the new player wearing our new home shirt.

  4. Never believe a football agent..

  5. So the silly season begins,WHTID analyse every potential signing and provide useless stats that mean nothing others spontaneously combust when a name is mentioned as it’s not a so called world beater. The one thing I’d say it’s nice not to be linked to numerous Curtis clients,not hearing we need to sign someone who’s 6ft 10 to knock the ball down to the headless chicken Nolan, being linked with a ex player who once shared a bath with the hippo or Phil perma tan brown telling us to trust the dung beetle as he knows what he’s doing. Signings take time, yes we might miss a few but it’s better not to be mugged off spending a fortune on a AC or Jarvis again.

  6. Another positive,no more Curtis has beens & second rate plodders!!Ozcans stable of players is impressive Derby winners!!Curtis crew couldnt win a donkey derby!!

  7. Yeah Ozcan is offering Konoplyanka,Alderweireld,Payet & others to clubs while Curtis has the throughbreeds Nolan,Demel,Jarvis & JOB to unload 😀

  8. Spot on DB for 4 years we’ve had to suffer with overrated overpaid **** dropped on our doorstep by Curtis at the request of the hippo, as you say there are a few at stats till I die flapping there gums about AC being the chosen one ,Curtis delivered a £90,000 grand a week walking NHS advert to us on a 5 year contract will I miss that every transfer window I don’t think so

  9. Ozcans stable of players is bloody impressive.Some of the worlds best.Many out of our reach but down the line him being best buddys with Slav could be really beneficial to us.Meanwhile Hippo & Curtis can carry on moving their piles of crap around from one no mark team to another 😉

  10. I hope we will sign him asap, he’s a class player. And if we want to buy other players of the Mondial Sports Management I’d really appreciate it. However I wouldn’t underestimate Curtis’ players, I obtained great satisfaction from them, especially when I thought about them while I was sitting on the toilet… lol 😉

  11. Matte we might just have our first real creative midfielder now we need a second for cover,
    Then we can offload Downing while we can get some money back,
    If we can off load him and Jarvis we could afford Both the young B,s from Croatia

    • spot on bubs 😉 usually Crotian players (and Balkan players in general) are a little mad but skilled. I like them.

  12. They might be mad but they work hard and seem to blend into any side they join,
    Just believe if we are going to back Slaven we should go with his judgment,
    Plus the price on these players are good,

  13. Have a look at Payet’s Wiki page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dimitri_Payet

    Extract from the page:

    “Florent Dimitri Payet (born 29 March 1987) is a French international footballer who plays for French club Marseille in Ligue 1 at the minute, but he’s odds on to come to West Ham along with Alex Song on a perm, Loic Remy and Jenko on a perm as well, life is good at West AAAAAMMMMMM, come on son!! He used playing in Marseille he didn’t fancy that”

    The vandalism on the page made me LMAO…

  14. Haha,thats quality.Someone has had some fun 😀

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