Slaven’s about to start earning his money

leroylogoLet’s get something straight right away – West Ham United is not a one man team and sad though it is to lose Dimitri Payet I believe we are going to be okay.

I predicted a possible eight weeks out for the Frenchman in a piece on here earlier so it’s reall depressing to learn it could be up to twelve. I’m no doctor!

What happens now is that manager Slaven Bilic will start earning his money as he looks to find another way in the absence of our main creative force.

I believe he will and it’s wrong and misguided to start suggesting our season is over. This is a quality manager who will have had a plan in his mind for some time given how important a player Dimi has become.

Slaven has surprised everybody in the first third of the season and there’s no reason to believe he can’t do it again, It’s a blow but as I said earlier I reckon the boy Lanzini can step up and make a real impact.

He’s been absolutely terrific so far and had we had a player like him around last season we’d have been well pleased. Now we have him and Payet plus a much deeper squad. We are going to be okay

It’s no good looking at the worst scenario – look for the best and the young Argentinian is all set to start his growing up period and I think he will and become a better player than he is now as a result of the added responsibility.

We have players with creative ability beside him – Moses, Zarate and with Song back there will be some creative guile of a different kind available.

I thought the character and quality we showed against Everton was brilliant and the lads  bounced back as I thought they would following the Watford slump.

This is a squad with a great spirit and a team which must be taken very seriously. Payet’s injury is a massive blow but we’ll be okay with this manager in charge. I’m sure of it.



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6 comments on “Slaven’s about to start earning his money

  1. thanks Leroy. just saved me from depression. Just when it got too quiet everywhere else.
    The only one who might have the artistry is probably Song, unless Slav changes more than expected.

    • Agreed. Some positive thinking is what we all need at the moment. And victory over spurs. That would be a great thing to achieve in the absence of our best player.

  2. I wonder what will happen if dier or mason takes lanzini out, what then !!!!
    Spuds up next , what an opportunity for them to leave a foot in !!!!
    Easy said than done to keep a chin up, we are all fuming !!
    Antonio looks a boy who can look after himself!!
    The question is can moses keep blowing hot ? IMO no he can’t , performances to date tell me that,
    Fingers crossed then !

    Could you imagine the outcry if a Rooney or a Sanchez and the like got hit like that !
    I would put a million pounds on McCarthy getting sent off and murders afterwards ?
    They are even taking the **** about it in the Liverpool echo!!!

  3. Nothing will happen to McCarthy. Everton are one of the favored species.
    Takle from brhind : sending off
    Two footed tackle : sending off
    Studs up : sending off
    Following through to take the player out, after getting the ball : sending off
    So not much wrong there then.
    4 wrongs will make a right … somehow.

  4. Was at the match Saturday and none of us could believe what we were seeing. Dangerous tackles were coming flying in the ref did absolutely **** all about it. It was a ****ing liberty and now we’re without our no 1 playmaker. Yeah it’s not season over and I believe we will cope ok but it’s a massive blow and I just don’t understand how the ref could turn a blind eye. Hardly even spoke to anyone let alone start carding them. It was like watching the Wimbledon of old at times. Thought Martinez had a bit more about him than that. Gutted for Payet just hope it doesn’t dampen the spirits of the squad too much. Maybe we will see more of Zarate and would like to see what Antonio has to offer too. Any news on Valencia?

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