Hendo: ‘Results were due to lack of support for Allardyce’

HendoFormer West Ham First team coach Ian Hendon claims West Ham’s lack of results in the second half of the season were down to lack of support from fans for Sam Allardyce. Ian Hendon who was appointed as Leyton Orient head coach late last week was addressing the media for the first time and believes he can bring stability to the O’s who have had four different managers last season, which ultimately ended in relegation.

“I have just come from West Ham where the support for the manager Sam Allardyce wasn’t the best and I think the results and everything else that happened were due to a lack of support. We need 100 per cent from the fans and I want them to be 100 per cent behind the team on a Saturday when we go out on to the pitch because it can only help us.”


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28 comments on “Hendo: ‘Results were due to lack of support for Allardyce’

  1. Oh hush ya gums Hendon you nobody,go manage your little team of nobodies.Allardyce is a billy no mates coz he is a ****er!!

  2. i really find that a bit rich WHAT BLOODY SUPPORT DID HE GIVE THE FANS

  3. Of course the support could have been better for Allardyce. I would reckon to the same degree as Allardyce’s football on the pitch plus his behaviour towards us fans could have been better.
    Support goes both ways.
    Some fans say that every fan should fully support the club no matter what.
    I don’t agree about the no matter what part.

    If things are clearly going wrong and the wrong guy is in charge (and he can be wrong despite the club being in midtable) then it is more than understandable if not every single supporter will support the club 100%.
    Simples really: Allardyce didn’t support the fans, the fans didn’t support him.
    It should be very different under Bilic.

  4. yeah… sorry Hendon if we made no obeisance to the Sam’s statue… sorry, he deserved it, you’re right… instead you show lack of intelligence…

  5. Hold on – the fans never like BFS but they had a good start to the Season – Henderson’s definitely got his knickers in a twist there!

    This guy is deeply delusional – God Help the ‘O’s’

  6. Just shows how professional the management team was at UP,don’t try to win the fans over just blame the fans. He really is a protege of the dinosaur,get ready O’s fans the excuses will come thick and fast…..none of them to do with your new manager Sam II.

  7. Feel sorry for you O,s if you loose it will be your falt if you win it will be down to the best knowledgeable,well trained manager,

  8. I thought the fat w#####r didn’t take any notice of criticism…??
    still everyone elses fault, he didn’t do a single thing wrong. The team of first team coaches should have the bollox to stand up, tell the truth & shoulder some of the blame. Is he really saying that because we didn’t like BFS the whole squad suddenly got upset & started playing crap.? would have thought Hendon would have pulled out of sam’s arse by now.
    Now run away you little co#k & plan for a season in League two…

  9. He was with Hippo too long,been brainwashed by the ‘blame everyone else but yourself’ thinking of fatman.Good luck ‘O’s supporters enjoy respecting the point & it being your fault if you lose 😉

  10. Partly true, I think a lot of supporters wanted BS to fail to justify not giving him a new contract.

  11. He was””(and still is and possibly always will be”) bigheaded and wrong!

  12. Sam NEVER liked us fans from day one, calling us delusional. Also cupping his ear when we played absolutely crap against a 10 man Hull at home narrowly winning, instead of admitting we got away with murder that evening. Never did I hear the man say the team had great support from us fans…
    And now for this idiot to come out and criticise us, do me a favour…
    Good riddance to them…!

    • Maybe you’re right but I think you could argue a lot of fans never liked him from the start either.

      • For me and I suspect many others, the turning point came when Carroll and Nolan recovered from injuries and Sam had them back on the first team in a flash with little regard for the squad or the destabilization it would create. To do this without any consideration to how well they had done was unforgivable

  13. What a load of b*llocks.Whether fans did or didnt want Hippo to fail doesnt change the performances on the pitch to the point of 3 wins in 21.Maybe the fools should have taken a long hard look at themselves before handing out the excuses!

    • So players aren’t effected by fans jeering? Whether aimed at them or the manager, surely that will effect them on the pitch. Certainly would me were I in their position. I’m not saying BS was faultless, far from it, but I do believe there to be some truth in Hendo’s comments.

      • What you on about fella.They didnt get jeered or little.Considering the crap we got dished up it could have got proper bad.Place just went quiet more than hostile.Think ya barking up the wrong lampost on this one me ol’ sausage.

        • Sorry, I must have imagined I watched West ham the last two seasons. When we where struggling near bottom and BS cupped ear, wasn’t that due to crowd booing after a win? And what about the incredibly abusive people standing hurling abuse down towards manager this season as well as the fans getting upset with substitutions? Fair enough they where **** and warrented disapproval but still class it as negative atomsphere towards players. I think Newcastle fans also are a perfect example to this.

          • Oh behave yourself.One or two mentioned moments doesnt count for the almighty load of pigeon **** we have watched for the majority of two seasons.You are calling out some minor moments apart from the ear cupping that ignorant ******* did.If you think these have been bad you aint watched alot of the irons through the years.It used to get proper hostile sometimes.This was childs play!!

          • Lived abroad prior so sadly yes, only two seasons as a season ticket holder. I merely mentioned two scenerios, there were many more. MAybe I don’t know how hostile it may of been but that doesn’t change the fact that I agree lack of support for manager was a contributing factor. I apologise by the way, shouldn’t be making things worse with saractic comments.

      • Chelmo i promise you mate,the last two seasons have been really timid & quiet.For the situation we were in last season it really was very tame & this year has been pretty much mellow.In truth i think the mamagement & players have been treated more than fairly in the circumstances.Many clubs fans after or during this last 5 months & last year would have been throwing insults,chants & marches in some cases.When did you ever really hear large vociferous chants of sam out or uglier chants.It really has been two seasons of fans being bored outta their heads at matches not being nasty on mass,lol 😉

        • End of the Stoke game. I guess I’ve been lucky and unlucky in a sense. I only watched our relegations from comfort of my sofa so I can imagine my experience is tame. Mainly when the real Hippo, Grant was in charge. I think all that will change this season though. Lots of drama under new manager if it’s Bilic.

  14. You must have known he was wrong,you did did,nt you,and what help were you?? And why did you go???

  15. There was a lot more jeering and booing last season this season as I’ve stated before turned into lethargy and boredom amongst the home fans. People chatting about holidays and the telly,quite surreal really but not what I’d call hostile and I blame one man and his back room lackeys for this not the fans,the officials,fatigue,last ten minutes concentration,wrong kind of snow or whatever bullsh#t excuses that useless lump or his cult of brown nose followers came up with.
    And relax……..

  16. Absolute “crap” from another Hippo head brown nose.

  17. They know they blew it last year,BFS and all his back room staff should have another 3 year contract if they had gone on from Xmas playing the way they did before,
    But hippo thought if he could add 20 plus points to what he had and end up in the top 8 he would be safe in the boards eyes,
    We dodged a bullet thank Christ and now all the staff have gone there own way Hippo will have trouble finding a loyal lot again

  18. No one wanted BFS to fail, we didn’t him in the first place. we wanted premier league football back at any cost. Alot didn’t like the guy or his tactics (or lack of) he made his own bed & never tried to unite the club & the fan base. He met his targets just.. lucky to beat B’pool & each year kept us up with crap football. Football is or should be entertainment. Not alot of that in his time here. We wanted shot of him but still wanted the team to succeed.

  19. Your right but you forgot turdface, well same difference

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