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Here’s the Sakho Watford update

sakhoDiafra Sakho is 100 per cent fit and ready to return to the Irons squad for tomorrow evening’s clash against Watford.

The striker has been missing during a key week of the club’s season but ClaretandHugh was assured this morning that he is now fully fit.

We were told by our senior source at the club: “There is no medical reason why he should not be included in the squad and our best guess is that he will be on the bench.”

The club’s official line has been that the Senegal hit man has been suffering from a minor injury but that has been treated with scepticism by those close to the squad.

It seems certain and has been reported there was a training ground bust-up between himself and another player when it became clear he was not going to be involved in the team for the Arsenal match.

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Now, however, his situation has been sorted and it will be interesting to see whether or not he is involved at some stage during the game against the Hornets.

Should he not be then the risk of further negative media speculation could arise at a critical stage of the season.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

23 comments on “Here’s the Sakho Watford update

  1. If fit to play, I would use him as my starting striker, as opposed to a later appearance from the bench!

  2. What the f@ck is wrong with our fans.I have just read on another site our own supporters saying they want & would prefer the Spuds to win the league.What a load of ********s.Never ,never should any Irons fan want them to win or even prefer them to win the league!!!!

  3. Stick them against a wall & get the firing squad,lol

  4. Bilic usually eases players back into the side, but Sakho must jump ahead of Emenike in any queue.

    I reckon Carroll will start and Sakho will come on in addition too, or instead of him, after half time – depending on the match situaition.

    On the Spuds thing – i hate to say it, buit I hope we play as well against Stoke as they did last night, when I go to the Britannia for the last match of the season.

  5. Well that’s is fair enough Mark.I hope we do as well.Ain’t no question they play some sweet football,but West Ham fans hoping they win it is treason 🙂

  6. Can only be one site I know of that would have wallys on it who would prefer or want Tottscum to win instead of Leicester….The happy nappy gang

  7. The spuds have been playing some good football but have to agree, NO to them winning any piece of silverware.

    • Agreed, but I think some were hinting at S***s due to the abuse DG DS and their families git at LCFC. NEEDING an escorting if the ground is disgusting

      • Yeah that’s out of order but it doesn’t mean I want the Spuds to win the league because of it.No way Pedro.That is just a total no go conversation to have,to even whisper it quietly is sinful.Some of our fans have gone proper soft in the head.

  8. Get Sakho back in asap, I am sorry but when AC plays there is a tendancy to keep lobbing the ball long, and not using a plan B.

  9. haha… I read their comments about the spuds too, there are no words for them… how can they say a thing like that? And Payet disappeared from their ideal formations… he is unworthy to wear a Claret and Blue shirt… but the question is: why???? Wetpants are an endless enigma, something beyond simple understanding… lol 😉

  10. **** me I just read that Spuds bollox on Wetties.They wouldn’t mind Spuds winning because they have played the best football???? I couldn’t give a sh#t how sexy the Spuds football has been I don’t & never will want those mugs to win anything,ever.As for all this nastiness at Leicester they were party to they must have been bloody unlucky because I never had any problem.In fact after the match I was having a good chat & laugh with some Foxes fans,they were good as gold.Think we are getting a load of softies amongst us these days.Same as the game,I never came away from it thinking what a bunch of thugs they are,no way.We were mixing it with them in the boxes just as much.
    I hope Leicester stroll away with the title,it’s a great story & I ain’t going to change my mind because of Sunday.Thugs,what a load of horsesh#t! 😉

    • I totally agree about Leicester Rads, it’s a great story of football and sport. David versus Goliath pales in comparison to them 😉

    • Too true it is a great story.Fantastic for their fans.So now folk would rather Spurs win the league than Leicester because of a minority of idiots & a view that LFC are thugs.What a crock of crap.We have some really lame fans as Radiai says.Good job they wasn’t around in the 70s & 80s then they would really know what aggressive fans were all about,lol.Ours being some of the worst at the time.So Huth & Morgan are no nonsense defenders,so what.The game has become so sanitized now that fans call players thugs who sneeze,lol.
      Anyway by tomorrow night they will have a new ref & a new team to call thugs.Watch out Watford they are coming for you in their petticoats.

      • Love BSBs post on there though.Sums up everything I think of the Tottscum.Top man.No bullsh#t,straight down the line geezer.No frills,no I think I know it all,just straight from the hip talking.Fantastic.

        • Alright Gob****e. ….

          Yep he does, to be fair it’s only a handful who have know defected to the dark side I think most still want Leicester to win it, probably just the reaction to a feisty draw on Sunday….

          Not sure about the OP and the abuse he got either, if that bothers him then he wouldn’t of lasted 5 mins back in the day……

          It really is a fairytale for them it’s no wonder they’re getting anxious…..still think Spurs have been the better alround side though, football wise.

          • Hi WHU.
            I know it’s only a few mate but that’s a few too many for me.Can’t stand the Spuds.The thought of them winning the league is horrendous.Can’t believe a West Ham fan would even consider it OK let alone plumping for them now.Based on a percieved view that LFC are now thugs.Huth has always been a headbanger but him & Morgan have been immense this season imho .LFC don’t play football I like particularly but hats off to them Ranieri has built an efficient team who defend excellently & have a very good striker this season coupled with flair players like Mahrez.To start calling them thugs now seems silly.Only my opinion.

            I agree Spuds have been the best football team in the league & I admit I have ALMOST enjoyed watching them a few times.But thats never going to make me want them to win the league.Madness,lol

  11. Sorry but all this Spurs stuff leaves me cold. My only interest is what we do. In that context it’s getting closer and closer to looking like our HG against MU could decide fith place and be our last nail biter of the season, assuming, that is, both teams continue matching results until then.

  12. Any Hammer who would want the Spuds to win any game is not a true fans fall stop,
    The 2 Daves had as much hate thrown at them for sticking by Hippo so it not new and it’s not right either,
    Just think at times the wetties tap away before any brain mater wakes up,they seem to know a lot about Taxis,Recipes,British Rail,Nice restaurants,Ect but Fukc all about football
    Agree Canchaz but 3 hard games before that even counts we need a win,Palace need another good result and the Coggers need Luluka to go on a goal fest tonight for us to have another high in our season
    Lanzini,Payet and Noble ( if picked ) need to turn up and our defence need to stop leaking goals

  13. Personally I didn’t think Sahko was ever injured.Just an excuse for a dummy spit.Hope he starts up front for us tonight and shows one & all his true worth.

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