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Here’s why Arnautovic got a new deal

Marko Arnautovic’s latest situation should – according to many fans – have been avoided had the club chosen to let him leave in January.

On the face of it that sounds a perfectly sound point of view but it overlooks problems that those of with longer memories will recall immediately.

We were struggling through a period when Chicharito was either injured or ill and the Austrian was our only realistic front line option, scoring twice against Brighton and once against Birmingham in the FA Cup.

There was an added problem with Hernandez in that he too was at the centre of transfer/loan chat with  Valencia and was obviously unsettled himself throughout the Arnautovic transfer scenario.

Apart from him those two there was  Lucas Perez and of course a certain Andy Carroll who weren’t even options for most of the season along with Michail Antonio who only really flourished towards the end of it..

So it was a really difficult situation which the brother Arnautovic used to get another deal – a trick used at Stoke successfully before leaving – and now repeated at our club.

Not only have the pair of them betrayed West Ham and themselves but far more, importantly the best fans in the country, who by and large forgave Arnautovic and put their trust into him . We have been the victoms of totally dishonest behaviour

It’s easy to understand the cries of “why did we offer him a new deal” but the answer is actually pretty straightforward.

We’d have been left at that time without a striker of any consequence during a period when we had managed to take just six points from a possible 21.

Always easy to be wise after the event but this time there can be absolutely no way back for a a guy who most of us never want to see in the shirt again.


6 comments on “Here’s why Arnautovic got a new deal

  1. Nope sorry, not a valid argument. I recall many saying at the time that we couldn’t sell without buying another striker but we were on a very healthy points total after December and I had absolutely no concerns we would be relegated. So what Hernandez was amid transfer speculation? Simple, sell Arnautovic, keep Hernandez. We also had Perez and Silva plus Antonio who could do a job up top and several attacking midfielders who could score goals.

    Lets not try to pretend it wasn’t a massive mistake not selling him for 35m. We as a club got carried away and lost sight of his realistic valuation. I would have been delighted had we sold after his antics in January whether we could have bought Gomez or not. It would have set us up to have 65m plus sales this summer which would have been very healthy and given us the freedom to buy before we sell.

  2. I am sorry, but I think this is an excuse as to the failings of the club to act in January as it should have done.

    On the 12th of January we had 31 points in the bank and hardly looked like a team that was in any danger of getting relegated. We won 5 out of 7 games in December (all without Arnie in the team), leaving us 3 more wins and a draw to reach the magic 40 number.

    To say that we needed to keep him is a weak excuse, considering Arnie did not actually contribute or play many games from January onwards.

  3. How has Chicharito betrayed West Ham? He was happy to continue to play after the January window and now says he’d be happy to see his contract out to the end of 2019-20.

  4. Why couldn’t we just say;
    ‘no you are staying until at least the summer, no new deal, no anything’
    He was a useful as a chocolate fireplace since then anyway.

  5. Get rid ad soon as possible nothing but a money grabbing parasite

  6. you can’t buy class, no matter how much money he makes he will always be a loser…

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