Hernandez makes DS an unlikely Hammers hero

david-sullivan-west-ham-upton-park_3339474David Sullivan tonight finds himself in the unaccustomed position of being a Hammers fans hero.

He will accept that with the same unworried shrug as when a vociferous section were calling for his head a few weeks ago  and claiming the club was heading for relegation if he didn’t get his finger out.

One thing that is always true of football is that you live in the two extremes some decided to tattoo on their knuckles “Love”and “Hate.”

Just a couple of weeks ago the club was in free fall apparently but Sullivan just kept his head down, allowed very little to escape his lips, stayed out of the limelight and finished up signing three top players .

Here’s the bottom line:  We all owe him!

Young and old, male and female – we are all as excited as kids who have been given the keys to the school tuck shop as we ponder on the the arrival of Javier Hernandez in particular.

Tonight it’s official – he’s our player. Finally we have a goalscorer of world renown and it can send this club to a totally different level. Even at my advanced age this is pretty thrilling.

Frank McAvennnie – talking to me earlier – was buoyant even by his extraordinary standards and the fans reaction across social media is beyond ecstatic  and so it should be.

David Sullivan along with other board members has taken some dog’s abuse down recent weeks and months but tonight  they have shown their passion for this club – they are Hammers to their backbone.

It’s their moment – we owe DS big time and on behalf of us at ClaretandHugh we thank him for what he’s done.

I have forgotten the number of times we’ve been accused of being in the board’s pocket! We ain’t but have always believed he and the rest of the board have the interests of this club written inside them in claret and blue.

Tonight is a night for celebration and thanks as the chairman enjoys his moment in the sun.



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

56 comments on “Hernandez makes DS an unlikely Hammers hero

  1. Certainly don’t see DS as a hero, some good business so far this summer, but that’s his job!

    And after all the promises of “a team that are befitting of such an amazing, iconic venue” the Board are now hopefully doing what they said they would two years ago!

  2. Im not one to be particularly enamoured by the board in some respects.. when it comes to the transfers this window then i wanted to bide my time until the end of august to assess what they had achieved…i cant fault the activity so far..its hard to be critical…though fans with various agendas will never give credit wheres its due..thats life isnt it…

  3. I kept laughing at all the doom & gloom trolls over the last couple of months & here is the proof that for once I got it right.. happy hammer tonight

  4. I said about a month ago that if they screw up then fair play they deserve all the shyt they get in September,once the window closes.It was bloody pointless ripping them a new one when the window hadnt even opened or was in its infancy.So far so good until they sell Lanzini 😂😂

  5. Hugh does like winding up the porn twin shouters doesnt he.I bet he sits back with a massive grin on his face as they race off to other sites to have fits of anger lmao

  6. So anything interesting happened today? 😆😆

  7. Everton in
    Michael Keane
    Davy Klaassen
    Cuco Martina
    Henry Onyekuru
    Jordan Pickford
    Sandro Ramirez
    Wayne Rooney

    West Ham in

    I dont have us a million miles behind them in transfer activity as it stands especially with Lukaku going..
    Reading the look how Everton go about their business comments was getting boring a few ago.

    • I’d rather have our squad than Everton’s, to be honest. Is Keane that good? Pickford, at 23, is still a rookie with only one real season (29 league games for Sunderland) under his belt. It will be interested how Rooney does….. he’s way past his best now.

  8. I think that Sullivan hasn’t finished either. Expect more players IN and others OUT before 1st September. Is there a place fir Wilshere at West Ham? I don’t know. Maybe only if Noble is shipped out. Another striker in? Maybe. I’m half expecting Carroll and Sakho to leave now – depending on their fitness – and Fletcher to go to the Championship on a seaspn’s loan. Feghouli should be sold this week if we’re to believe the tabloids – with Snodgrass also on his way, despite the quote that he wants to stay and challenge for a place in the team. I still reckon that Adrian will also be sold, with an experienced keeper coming in as cover. Is there a question over Fonte? If Burke is in the squad, I think that Fonte could be transferred sooner or later (January). There’s a revolution happening at West Ham, with positive expectations for the coming season.

    • I think you are probably right about Feghouli / Snodgrass and maybe Fonte also TRB as both are on well paid contracts or the other option is to sell Ayew and keep Feghouli both are pretty similar but Feghouli is argueably more creative and closes the ball down better. I see Everton have reportedly had a £40m bid for Sigurdsson turned down and that Sigurdsson is presently training with the u23’s although it would be dreamland Sigurdsson could be the perfect partner for Chicharito I doubt it is possible but wonder if a deal could be done to get him on the books ?

  9. Im expecting much better from Fonte if we go back 3 this year.Last season he came off a fair bit of inactivity with his transfer problems at Southampton.I dont know i just got a feeling he will do the business this season.
    Im usually wrong though 😁

    • I hope you’re right Radai….. If Ogbonna and Reid stay fit, a back four would be complete with Zabaleta and Cresswell as the full backs. Even if Slaven opts for a back three, I’m thinking that Collins and possibly Burke might be ahead of Fonte. In any case, it’s good to have cover for all defensive positions with Byram and Masuaku in the squad as well.

  10. Took a massive gamble last year and got away with it . Sold a good load of deadwood and freed up the accounts to get some decent players for this year / season . Well played DS you finally delivered on your promise . Nobody can take that away from you .
    Come on you Hammers .

  11. Very good Hughie lmao. I’m not sure every young, old, male or female will quite see DS as a hero but nice try! Anyhow this is a temporary love in and those doom and gloomers are like windsocks blowing in the wind and with the first sign of trouble such as a couple of defeats they’ll be baying for blood again. A fair easterly wind and the board are heros but a chilly westerly northern wind and the beastly porn twins must go! Time for a poll Hugh time for poll;

    O Do you love the board very much?

    O Do you love the board very very much?

    O Both of the above?


    • Sadly I think you are right John, DS has certainly done very well this window but a section of our fans are as fickle as those at other clubs and seem happier to hold on to hate or despair than hope and optimism, I just wish they were less fickle and hadn’t renewed their season tickets then I would have been able to get mine this season, hey ho though I renewed my claret membership so will go to a percentage of games COYI !!!

  12. All I’m reading in this hysteric worship of chief ( loose tongue ) now reformed 🙂 are people doing exactly the same as the stone throwers offs stop whinging about the whingers and look forward to the season and enjoy 🙂 its inevitable the beards are waiting for for a jehova moment , probably the hart quip about him being the best keeper D’s has ever worked with ? Not so tight lipped afterall:-) sometimes he is his own worst enemy lol at the end of the day he has just done his job with the sully bonus of spending 40 mill :-). Excellent IMO , hero ? Jury out on that one for me , I expect it and demand it as a supporter
    Now go spend a little bit more and bring in sigurdson for 50 big ones and gazump everton:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 well done west ham you made some supporters happy 🙂 don’t let it slip. COYI 🙂

  13. Hero? A little over the top imo Hugh.
    Yes, I think he’s played a blinder with this signing, but that is his job after all.
    I’ll reserve the ‘hero’ status for those that actually deserve it.

  14. Does it really matter whether Hugh is pro or anti a football club owner…stop being a sad lad…is your diary full of quotes made by Hugh on specific days..it would appear so..thats tragic..

  15. Really couldnt give a shyt whether Hugh thinks he is a hero or not.he ain’t to me for sure but if he is to Hugh who am i to spoil his party.
    I certainly wont go to work today with it causing me heartburn.He is no more a hero than he is a villian to some obsessed turds.Hes just a geezer who owns a football club in my world 😀

  16. I’ve always supported the 2 davids, so I agree with everything Hugh has said.
    We owe them everything for saving the club, and for gradually building the club up to where we can challenge on a regular baisi.
    It takes time, and we had ONE really bad year in the transfer market, but apart from that it’s been steady improvement.
    Congrats Davids, and keep up the good work.

    • Challenge? for what? 8th place? The hero promised us champions league in 7 years

      • Did he ‘promise’?
        Anyway why is it a shock that an owner of a football club exaggerates.The amount of times i have read new chairmen telling fans they will be promoted two divisions under them or be jumping through the divisions like panthers is unending.
        Most of them do it,who knows maybe they believe it at the time.
        Either way it is hardly the end of the world.

  17. Whatever name we give them they have done a decent job this year. I have said on here before that i dread the day we come under foreign ownership again & I have been a pretty consistent supporter of them. Compare the amounts spent by City & us. That isn’t imo because our owners are mean or any more ‘out for themselves’ than their lot. They just don’t have the dosh. I think they have enough that we can compete at a reasonable level if it is used well. And they seem to be developing more of a sensible strategy for doing that. So well done to the owners. Heroes- that’scoppers in a terror attack, soldiers in front line, firefighters, me taking on the mother in law- but give Hugh a break.it’s just a word. Let’s agree on ‘Owners doing a good job’ & look forward to a better season.

    • Thats the misconception hammer64,the term hero doesnt only cover a soldier who saves a life or fights for his country,a firefighter who saves someone.It can be used in many different contexts and doesnt always have to be for a valiant action like the ones i mentioned.
      My dads my hero,he has done bugger all but i would still call him a hero Lol

    • The biscuits were the best chance we ever had, who knew the financial world would go in to melt down, they were honest men, with honest money.

      • The biscuit men threw money around like confetti on some diabolical transfers on exorbitant wages.
        Now i know you are here purely on a wind up.

  18. Hero-a person who is admired for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities

    How can that not be Sullivan Ha Ha

  19. 1/Hero is a headline word and not to be interpreted too literally. I made the mistake of believing that most would see that as a “given.”
    2/ Given that he has just been doing his job let’s therefore refuse to give praise to any player when they merely do theirs.
    3/ My pocket is very comfortable as no doubt are your prejudices against the board Hammersheadz
    4/ I think the words “hero TONIGHT” are important when considering the contents of the article
    5/ I do understand that being anti board in all circumstances is more fashionable and acceptable than congratulating people on a job well done.

    • Relax Hugh most of us saw it that way and are just having a laugh. Sullivan will never be a hero, I simply hoped those that have insulted, name called and lied for the past 4 months would give a little respect no matter how begrudgingly. Some have some chose to lie low.

      Anyhow, I’ve just ordered my David Sullivan/Cossack hat poster from Athena for my bedroom wall. Athena? You’ll need to old enough 😂

      • So you would rather look at a hobbit in a beaver hat than the classic tennis bum ,
        I know what beaver I want ( had ) on my wall 🙂 🙂 🙂 funny enough gollum was next to her 🙂 🙂

        • Laz I love wildlife and love a cute beaver like the next man and I still ask my missus to recreate that tennis bum pose if we play tennis. It’s not the same tho tbh 😂😂

  20. Come on DS now’s the time to say we’ve finally signed a proper striker and wind the unplayable one up so he heads for the exit door 😆😆

  21. Hey Hammerheadz are you Hammerheadshark over at KUMB? Serious question mate as he/you wrote a good article there which offers an alternative view to the hysteria (of which I tend to lean towards) I don’t agree with it all and I tend to think it’s finding negatives for the sake of it but it’s thought provoking nonetheless and does make even a happy clapper like me think on.

  22. Bring back the glory days of Hippo Head when Hugh was called anti board.That was far better fun 😂😂

    • The days when if you said anything against the Dudley dunce you were hunted down by a baying mob of slugettes wearing sammy onesies and telling us to be careful what we wish for 😆😆 The same ones that defended dear old Sam and the board at every turn? Bloody hypocrites 😂😂

      • Yeah that will be the ones GW.The same ones who said we didnt support the board or club if we didnt support the manager.The same ones who try to tell Bilic how to do his job and constantly kick the shyte out of Brady,Sullivan and Gold but its ok now they are doing it 😂😂

    • They’ll be calling Hugh Judas now rads 🙂 accusing him of taking a few shekels 🙂 🙂
      You really shouldn’t encourage you naughty lama 🙂 find a corner and say three hail Marys and a plastic Mac 12 times 🙂

      • Lol Laz,it just makes me laugh when i read the same fans who called us out doing exactly the same thing themselves now.But apparently its ok for them to do it.Every rabid dog has its day and i think the two faced bolloxs they write is well funny 😂😂

        • 🙂 and some lol 🙂

          • Your not a proper fan until you post a formation, provide stats for the last 5 years, balance the books with imaginary money, slag the board off daily, give pointers on how the move should have happened, stick up for the unplayable Poppodom or forward all the YouTube clips of players you’ve seen that we should sign 😆😆 Until you do that you will just be a non fan and not part of the #westhamfamily 😂😂

  23. Pro board,Anti board,Heroes,Villians,its all too over the top in my opinion.When you read some fans rants about Gollivans or Brady you have a vision of them rolling around in bubblewrap as the type their comments.

  24. Gareth Hammer- you didn’t read it all naughty boy! I included myself facing down my late ma in law as an eg of a hero. The SAS would have thought twice about taking her on lol. And yeah I would have included my old dad too. My dad was bigger than your dad nah nah nah nah.

    40 odd posts on this. Shows we have nothing to say when we haven’t got much to moan about!

    • Ha i did take it all in and thought the ma in law pun was funny.I wasnt having a dig at you only saying.I will save my digs for trolls who bore me to tears.You see their name in the new comment section and know what you are going to get before you read it..💤💤💤

  25. if anybody else is fed up with discussing heroes what about a diversion?

    Is Guardiola any good? The media hype him up as a genius for managing big clubs with loads of dosh. He has got through over £200m already this window. He really bugs me. All those stupid hand movements when he is on the touch line. Wonder what he would with a limited budget & trying to get a goal out of Zaza or a tackle out of 2016 Arbeloa or anything out of Tore.

    • Well Allardyce said he would win all the trophies under the sun if he managed one of the worlds biggest clubs.Could we tempt him out of retiremement and put the theory to the test.
      Allardyce at Man City/Guardiola at Palace.

  26. Why come here read it and leave daft comments then Sharklazer.Oh yes its what trolls do.Hammerheadz,Sharklazer,im sensing a theme here!

  27. I see precisely none mate?

  28. I take it as i see it.If the owners mess up they should get told,if they deliver the goods then they should be given credit.
    I dont buy into the criticise them at all costs about everything mentality.

  29. First, yep, good business so far, well done to the owners. I think every woman, every man can see that. I think what some (yes just some) object to is the sycophantic nature of some (yes just some) of the posts here. We don’t need Fox News type posts telling how great the President is. Give us impartial news. Give us honest facts. The rest we all have individual opinions on and don’t really need the editorial brainwashing…it rarely works anyway. Oh well, off to take my medication.

    • Maybe if you didnt take it so seriously like some sarcastic protester at a political rally you wouldnt need medication Ray.

  30. Sharklazer this is certainly no better or worse than other sites.There are some sites where fellow contributors/fans can black ball you from the site if they take the fancy.So disagree with their article or their view on things and you are history.And it does happen because i have seen chaps make another account on the same site to point it out to the offenders.
    I mean come on when fellow fans can give you the heave ho becasue they dont like you disagreeing with them,now that is pitiful.

  31. That is such a brilliant thought Gareth mate. Allardyce at City. Imagine his face as Stones tries to pass his way out from the back & gives away a goal! I would pay good money to see it- even more to hear his post match interview. Pep at CP not bad. Benteke is given the Aguero role lol.

  32. Amusing to continually be binning the same person using new e mail addresses. Sharklazer indeed lol

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