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Hogan for Hammers update

scott-hoganScott Hogan is inching towards a £10 million move to the London Stadium as the transfer window countdown continues.

The Brentford striker’s “on, off maybe ” move across London is apparently now  more likely than not with insiders believing the switch has moved from 50-50 to 60-40 over the last 48 hours.

The move has been held up by the manager who has still to give the thumbs up but it seems the negotiations are moving towards a conclusion.

With Slaven using a one up formation more often than not he has had to consider whether a £10 million move is justified with Carroll in outstanding form and Diafra Sakho on the way back from injury.

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But it seems that like most bosses, the opportunity being presented may in the end prove too good to resist and that the player will be brought in.

We were told: “There are no certainties even at this stage but the odds in favour of him coming are moving upwards.”

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21 comments on “Hogan for Hammers update

  1. I’m so disappointed. What happened to West Ham’s ambitions to become a Top 6 club? Hogan and Snodgrass are for me, no better than Championship level players and we might end up spending £18-20m for both before the month is finished. We don’t need Snodgrass as we already have Antonio, Lanzini, Feghouli, and Fernanded – all of whom are better if played in his position. Is Hogan potentially any less injury prone than Sturridge? I know who I’d rather have.

    • How is snodgrass a championship player? He’s scored and set up goals in the premier league. He is a replacement for tore, and a damned sight better player than him. Antonio and Fegouli competing on the right, lanzini and snodgrass competing on the left. It’s actually very good. I suppose you would’ve liked us to chase the abysmal depay because he played for one of the ‘top clubs’

    • because the club are ambitious doesn’t mean they will become Top 6 overnight, last summer shows that we can’t just sign the top players because we want too. unlike Chelski we haven’t had a mad Russian come in & throw tens of millions around like confetti.

  2. I wonder how long Sahko would stay when fit anyway. I wouldn’t put money on anytime after the summer.

  3. Would love to know the performance stats based on SBs formation choices (e.g. goals scored/conceded 3-1-5-1 vs 4-5-1 vs 4-4-2 vs 3-5-2). Granted, there’s other factors like opposition formation and quality, but still….to me it *feels* like we do better with 2 up top, but, well, that’s prolly ’cause it seems more normal, to me.

  4. Im sure I read Hernandez is available fo £21m somewhere?

    If hogan goes to £15m with add ons then Id rather go the extra £6m for the pea.

  5. Yeah what happened to the ambition……so many purchases from the championship have failed on us badly……….

    Cresswell, Randolf, Antonio…………………oh, yeah, they’ve not been to bad I guess, where as all recent purchases or loans from abroad have kinda failed, with the exception of the latest Judas and finally Feghouli is showing some form.

    I’d sooner have Hogan upfront or as back up to Carroll instead of Zaza and Calleri.

    However, I get the feeling WHU are stringing this Hogan deal along at the moment. My money says there is a more high profile striker they are after and if that fails they’ll then opt to complete on Hogan.

    • well said old son so true about the champ players.I likes the look of this kid when i have watched him but yeah i reckons he is a fall back option
      trb if you thinks snoddy is champs level only start watching netball mush

  6. My mate is a Bees fan and says Hogan is a very clever lad in the way he plays the game. Always making a good runs whether it be to get in to a dangerous position or to pull the defenders toward him. Says when he was injured he studied the game and other teams so he could know how to damage them when he got back. Don’t know how true that is but considering the attitudes of recent signings he’s exactly what we need more of.

    My only worry with signing him is, does Bilic actually want him?

    Luckily apparently Bilic did want Tore and look how he turned out whereas he didnt really want Antonio and look how hes doing.

  7. As a fan for over 45 years I can tell you we need himas I know that as soon as transfer window closes Andy Carroll will get an injury and be out for the rest of the season also any new signing brought in will suffer an injury an be out for two months, I don’t know why but always always happens to west ham

  8. Get the chicorito aka the pea in! He is a certain 20 goal a season striker! Hogan… don’t know much about him but got a feeling he’ll be a shane long kind of player, good enough bit player but not a step forward

  9. If you want to improve as a club, you have to sign players better than you already have. If we really want to progress into a top 6 club then we have to sign top players. I haven’t seen much of Hogan however, I can’t think of many championship strikers which have been plucked out of the championship and achieved a top 4 finish.
    The board stated in the summer, ‘we have have a world class stadium, now we have to fill it with a world class team’. While we have previously struggled, there is a huge gap in between lacazette/higuain and players such as hogan and snodgrass and that is not to say we cannot buy players in between.
    I do not see why sturridge would turn us down a proven talent in the prem who can produce moments of magic.
    Even signing dembele, 25m isnt a great deal of money in the prem considering the tv money and a player as young as him would have great sell on value from the boards perspective

    Every penny spent this summer has been a waste apart from fernandes and yet we are still trying to do it on the cheap. Unfortunately, a top 6 striker costs a lot more than 12m. I’m just waiting for the excuse how we don’t need a striker in summer. I’m just wondering how long the saga of he missing rb and top class forward will go on for.

    The best business we could do would be to get 20m + ben arfa from psg and sign sturridge/dembele with the rest of the money.

  10. Sounds simple mate. You’ve obviously not noticed that Celtic have flatly refused to listen to any offers for Dembele.Ben Arfa has been absolute ****e all season. So much so he hasn’t even made the 18 man squad on 4 or 5 occasions. Sturridge I agree on, he can be great for us but he also has a worrying injury record .

    • you’re forgetting that psg have di maria, lucas, draxler, jese, pastore are all competing for attacking midfielder spots. Ben arfa has always thrived where has felt he has been the main man i.e. nice and spells at newcastle. His talent is undeniable, and under slavs love for his players would provide a great asset to the team.
      I feel the same way about sturridge too, another talent that has never reached his full potential. Looking at sturridge’s highlights, there are many better forwards with a better first touch, dribbling and link up play. He isn’t the strongest in the air, but we have AC for that department and isn’t the greatest at defending from the front, but I’m sure if we can suffer payers lack of effort from midfield and carrolls inability to press, we can suffer a lack of tackling from a leading forward.
      He has never been the main man at chelsea and liverpool (suarez/injuries) and now he has recovered from injuries he doesn’t fit into klopp’s philosophy. A sturridge on form scores 1 in 2 every game, his record speaks for itself even in the last 2.5 seasons. At liverpool 58 goals in 105 games, imagine what that could be for us with him having regular game time and backing from the manager that he will be our man.

      I just feel with losing payet we need another player with match winning talent to help lanzini.

      Moreover, sturridge has a great partnership with coutinho who we have in the making in lanzini, i just feel a fit sturridge would be a dream for us.

  11. Lanzini and Fegouli were not a waste. Ayes remains to be seen. Granted Zaza and Tore were a waste. Nordtvielt cost us nothing.

    Nothing wrong with taking a punt on Hogan. £8M plus add ons is peanuts these days and if he turns out half as good as Antonio we are laughing.

    • I’m not including lanzini because he was already with us. I said money that we’ve spent therefore not including nordveit and feghouli.
      The Ayew signing was ridiculous, trying to claim he will be our 20 goal forward when for starters he isn’t even a forward. 2. 20m on a player we all knew wasn’t better than payer, lanzini or antonio there couldn’t be a bigger waste of resources especially when we already signed feghouli and tore it made no sense to even bulk the squad up. 3. That was the reason we run out of funds to sign a rb.
      I agree it’s a punt, but it all depends on where you’re ambitions are, yes players like austin, gray, ings and shane long have made the cut in the premier league but they are not top 6 leading forwards. I just see this signing as another make do job so the board have a reason not to sign a top forward in the summer. The season is written off for actually to get europe or any cups, so I personally would just write it off and spend on quality come the summer. I just know us signing hogan will prevent us signing class and proven talent like sturridge or at a push batshuiyi.

  12. Instead of looking for up and coming Championship players we should be trying our luck abroad on 25 million pound rated players!!
    Oh wait we tried that already with the home sick Calleri and the donkey Zaza! Can hogan do any worse than Zaza who cost us more in 1 season than hogan will in 3.

    • No one has mentioned signing 25m players from abroad, as all the strikers we are linked with are playing within britain currently.
      Secondly, Zaza cost 4m on a loan fee and a further 20m if he played x amount of games in which that clause wasn’t activated.
      Thirdly, I’m not saying calleri is a carlos tevez but it certainly took tevez time to settle, so give him a chance, maybe his flukey goal will give him some confidence.

  13. WHTID we agree Zaza and Tore were a waste of money. Can’t say I saw that before they played tho can you? I thought they’d be very good. Ayew was too expensive at £20M but he has time to come good imo.

    My point about Hogan is he’s worth a punt at £8M and I don’t think that would stop us signing your big name European striker in May either way. Unless of course Hogan becomes a world beater and Carroll stays fit.

  14. PS you don’t include Feg because he was a free but you do include Nordtvielt who was also a free! Selective or what lol?

  15. Ok I take that back. #shouldvegonetospecsavers lol

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