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Honeymoon Period Over?

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West Ham United embarks on a new Premier League season with Julen Lopetegui as head coach and Tim Steidten continuing as Head of Recruitment. However, both men find themselves under significant pressure to deliver results.

Despite the modern title, Lopetegui carries the traditional burden of responsibility. The team’s performance and playing style will be attributed directly to him, and fan frustration will be his to bear if results don’t meet expectations.

Lopetegui‘s appointment puts Steidten’s recruitment strategy under a harsh spotlight. If West Ham struggles, questions will arise about his ability to identify and acquire the right talent.

While early signings like Alvarez and Kudus offered promise, their impact has been inconsistent. Similarly, the jury remains out on Konstantinos Mavropanos, another Steidten acquisition.

The January transfer window offered little excitement. Kalvin Phillips, considered a Moyes choice, ultimately failed to impress. Other potential Steidten signings also fizzled out.

The upcoming summer transfer window, opening on June 14th, is a critical juncture for both Lopetegui and Steidten. Their ability to identify and secure the right talent will significantly impact the team’s performance and their own long-term positions at the club.

The initial goodwill Steidten enjoyed from fans may evaporate quickly if the team underperforms.

So, West Ham United enters a new season with a new head coach and a recruitment chief on potentially thin ice. The upcoming transfer window and the team’s performance on the pitch will determine the success of this new era. Both Lopetegui and Steidten must deliver to avoid the wrath of a demanding fanbase.

I feel confident that they will.

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  • Robert says:

    I will wait until the window closes before passing judgment.
    We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes

  • Andrew Bushell says:

    I agree, countless negativity at this prior to the window being open is some what ridiculous to say the least.

  • Roger Peek says:

    For goodness sake wait and see what the new season brings. Unrealistic expectations don’t help anyone – on our resources we should be top 10 in the Premier league with hope of doing a bit better. A good season might bring 6th, an outstanding season would see us top 4 and that is how the management should be judged.

  • Colin J says:

    What an abysmal site. Are the people writing constant negative articles really fans or just here for ‘real fans’ to click on their site. Tim has proved his worth at his previous jobs and thus far has done an excellent job. Window has not even opened yet and out come the ‘know it all’ critics. Once promised to never read these **** articles on this site only to return last week in the hope it has improved. Actually seems to have got much worse! Off again – enjoy your negativity and utter tripe you serve up on a constant basis.

  • Tom Read says:

    OMG the window isn’t even open and you’re being mega negative. Unbelievable! You couldn’t make this rubbish up. What a dreadful article

  • Phil McDonald says:

    This guy seems intent on casting doubt on Steidten at every opportunity. Almost like a briefing from Sully (?). Like the guy just can’t bear to let go of his toy. If Sully was half as good as his job as Tim is at his, things would run a lot smoother.

  • Rock Hammer says:

    This site in particular has built up Lopetegui and even before a ball has been kicked, they are dropping him back down! Hugh Southon built a site which gave us fans up to date news with some exclusives from ‘top insiders’. Since his very sad passing, the site is now focused on gossip and regurgitating other site stories, akin to Hammers News and West Ham Zone! Very sad that that this reputable site is now a gossip monger!!

    • The Cat says:

      This site has been heading south for some considerable time. There are days when there isn’t that much news but have no fear, news can be creatively created.
      We know the salacious personalities involved in this site’s demise.

  • CT Hammer says:

    I really don’t understand the fear mongering in these articles. The window hadn’t even opened and this site is preaching doom and gloom and going on about Steidten’s failures. Give it a rest guys, please!!
    We have a new coach who’s working his butt off unpaid, and a director of football with a proven pedigree flying all over the place. Let’s give them both a chance to actually do their jobs before all the negative clickbait articles. I’m excited to see what both of them can achieve this season. It won’t be easy, especially without the lure of European football to attract players.

  • CG says:

    How can they be under pressure, when the Transfer window hasnt even opened yet?

    Why do you have to put a constant negative spin on all things West Ham? Are you supporters or not? If so the clue is in the name Supporter…

    • Thomas Duffy says:

      The official transfer windows haven’t officially opened yet and we’re getting these negative articles . It’s not the first negative article on here about the new management set up on this site. You could say there could be an agenda here. Give it a rest. See where we are when the windows shut then moan. This negativity is ridiculous.

  • Thomas Duffy says:

    The official transfer windows haven’t officially opened yet and we’re getting these negative articles . It’s not the first negative article on here about the new management set up on this site. You could say there could be an agenda here. Give it a rest. See where we are when the windows shut then moan. This negativity is ridiculous.

  • Mark Boots says:

    Personally, this is one of the most negative and depressing sites around.

  • John says:

    IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO? Such a dreadfully poor and negative article. How about trying to be positive instead of slagging off and criticising the new management team before a ball has been kicked. I know this will be a BIG ask for you but try your best next time. And you call yourself a big WHU fan??????

  • D says:

    Very difficult to make statements like honeymoon period over. As many have pointed out the window isn’t open and the new manager doesn’t start work until July. The fact that he may doing some of the ground work before hand is a good thing. It seems that some people loved David Moyes and are desperate for Tim and JLo to fail. They haven’t got a very high bar to beat with comparisons of Hugill and Phillips being Moyeses marquee signings

  • Ben Pardon says:

    It’s a bit of a stretch to say Steidten is potentially on thin ice. Let’s not forget he built the Leverkusen team that’s just gone the entire Bundesliga unbeaten. And for my mind Kudus and Alvarez are two of the best signings we’ve made in years. I reckon he still has a bit of goodwill in the bank.

  • The Demon says:

    It’s only being so cheerful that keeps you muppets going.

    In three months, C&H has gone from being a fan’s favourite for news to utterly puerile, regurgitated garbage.

    Sean – if you’re still there, sort these idiots out.

    How not to run a website…

  • Spama1 says:

    Have to say this is the most pointless, waste of time, obvious article I could have read today. Of course managers, owners, recruitment specialists will be under scrutiny if things don’t work out. Honeymoon period over? why not go in with the negative undertones before the window opens hey? It’s all change, hopefully in line with developing an identity long-term for once. Let’s wish them luck and hope it goes well. We don’t need an obvious article to remind everyone of it. This is not journalism

  • John Ayris says:

    Lopetegui doesn’t even officially start until 1st July for hells sake….

  • Ian says:


  • Morty says:

    Can we have 10 more players as inconsistent as Kudus please.

  • Andy says:

    What utter BS … the only reason Steidten didn’t get any transfers over the line in January was Moyes blocked them all … and then signed Phillips!!!

    Steidten has already stated this is a 5 year project … we aren’t even into year 2 yet and this Leyland clown is casting aspertions … Kudus & Alvarez are quality … Mavro has taken his time but I think we’ll see much better from him this season with an improved style of play.

    If you haven’t got anything sensible or well-researched to say then just STFU!!

  • Artel says:

    This is a misleading clickbait article, considering the EPL summer transfer window hasn’t opened yet, and J-Lo doesn’t start until July 1, 2024.
    The increased autonomy given to Steidten, along with closer collaboration among our footballing leaders, marks significant progress.
    Secondly, the initial scouted targets and their ages show a considerable improvement compared to those requested by the previous regime as the squad revamp gets underway; the media has linked WHUFC with over 100 players already, and it feels febrile!
    Moreover, the team is anticipated to become even stronger in the upcoming transfer windows. My confidence lies in Steidten and J-Lo as they begin to build upon the talents of players such as Alvarez and Kudus. I am keen to witness the new talent that Steidten and J-Lo will introduce.

  • Farehamhammer says:

    With Moyes gone it is throw Steidten under a bus time .Anything to protect the Perve !But why so early ?It is obvious !NO MONEY !!!

  • Deathblow says:

    You write such piffle just to fill space when there’s feck-all going on anywhere, not just us, and all it does is get the keyboard warriors going. Give it a rest.

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