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Hoping for the best …fearing the worst!

moyes12David Moyes looks a busted flush – a one club manager who has failed to hack it anywhere outside of the blue side of Liverpool.

It wasn’t until I started looking at his managerial history closely in order to bring a piece to the site that I realised just how badly his career has gone downhill.

It’s a disastrous story and also involves some unpleasant remarks to a female journo at Sunderland which have been conveniently forgotten.

I believe this appointment, if that’s what’s going to happen, is rushed and wrong and that the board could have given themselves more time with the promotion of Terry Westley to take the pressure off themselves whilst they took more time to look at all options.

As I’ve written before, the mistake was made at the end of last season when Slaven Blic should have been told: “Thanks, mate but that’s enough.”

Some keep reminding themselves and everyone else on the forums that he’s only coming because he’s “available.” May I remind them it’s rather difficult to appoint someone who is not available.

Somebody even suggested Julian Dicks – let’s not even go there

Westley was available and very much the man in form within the club. A trick may have been missed in the absence of other candidates.

I pray it works but the truth is I’m hoping for the best whilst fearing the worst.





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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

36 comments on “Hoping for the best …fearing the worst!

  1. Westley gets my vote. At least some of the youngsters would get a chance then.

  2. I agree with you Hugh, re:Terry Westley; he would at least give our young guys a fair go.
    That said, his own former managerial record is not too hot!

    • I would hate to lose Westley I’m U23s & if or when the board replaced him he wouldn’t go back down.
      Moyes just Sunderland yes they had other problems bit so do we.
      For me free agent go fro Guus Haddink. Knows his to deal with big egos good tactically experience & good results all over Europe. Been a care taker & manager & PL

  3. Hope for the best & fear the worst sounds the best approach to me too! I am a bit more optimistic on Moyes, but that recent record is a concern. I think there may be circumstances that explain some of it. But my worry is that players probably look at this sort of thing. They are looking at whether the new man carries authority. This record will reduce his, even if his Everton record is a better reflection of his ability.

  4. I don’t think either Westley or Moyes Are the answer guys. Too big a step up for Westley, who is best suited to development at U23, whilst Moyes is no more than a stop-gap to keep us up. If Moyes gets a deal beyond the end of this season then the Dildos really have lost their senses and potentially delivered an outcome I considered impossible – Made a terrible situation even worse!
    Why not try for or Rogers now? We are no worse than Everton, are we?

  5. So let’s get this straight.

    In an attempt to prevent relegation this season, we propose to appoint a manager who achieved relegation last year. And just to make sure everyone is fully aware of our commitment to avoiding the drop, he will be assisted by a hatchet faced Manc who not only is despised by most West Ham fans and hates us, but has held only one managerial job – in which he failed dismally and was sacked during his first season in charge.

    I just wanted to check my meds haven’t worn off early today.

    • Which club did Phil Neville manage – are u talking about Gary to whom his brother was an assistant?

      • Yes he is Hugh ! The pair of them got the bullit for being rank !! No mancs please !!!😉

    • In one demon lol 👍
      Agree with you jimbo but not on the Rodgers front !!! He failed miserably at Liverpool and wouldn’t get the money here he wasted at the lids ? IMO it needs to come from inside the club and again I will say brooking for a stop gap is the way to go ! His presence would be a big factor and respect would be instant ! That’s who I would bring in until a permenant could be found , the guy from Leipzig or touchel maybe ? 😉

      • Seems they want a free agent if Tuchel would come I would love it.
        But Haddink could handle this knows caretaker role has mangers big egos & taken over down teams brought them backast was for Mou at Chelsea he is free agent.
        . And has a place in London for me it seems an Obvious Shout & has good experience all over

      • Laz – Meant to say “Dyche or Rogers” I like Rogers as closest Lino fitters got to winning the title was under him. He’s not afraid to blood youth and has shown at Celtic he can operate on a shoe-string, which is exactly what the Dildo’s will offer. He can also spot young talent such as Dembele.

        • Of the 2 mate I’d go for dyche ! At a push !! Don’t fancy rogers , don’t matter anyway the twins will get the cheapest one I’m sure lol 😂

          • Bang on Laz. They won’t cough for the right long term appointment because of both the cost and their inability to spot it if it was stood right in front of them! Any manager worth his salt will steer well clear of us currently I fear.

          • Let’s prey they don’t jimbo lol but that won’t bother the 3 stooges 😉

  6. Couldn’t agree more regarding Moyes. He was woeful at Sunderland with an 18% win ratio, and talking about being in a relegation fight as early as August.

    ‘Anyone is better than Bilic’ isn’t really much of a strategy for making the most important appointment at the club. The Board’s management of these situations is comically inept. They make it crystal clear to Bilic that this is his last season, and they then expect players to perform for a guy who everyone knows won’t be there next season. This doesn’t absolve both the players and Bilic for some abject performances, but nonetheless it creates the worst possible environment for everyone to work in.

    • These clowns will eventually cut their own throats neil eventually, and the sooner the better ! The ball is already rolling with supporters being discontent with them ! That may come soon if they mess this problem up !!😉
      Moyes is a no no for me !! Brooking and Rio to sort the defence out but will need money lol?
      Or loads of green shield stamps 😂 not going to happen is it !!

  7. Hold up Hugh – let’s not go overboard!

    Desperate days require desperate measures – and possibly desperate Managers too!

    David Moyes did great jobs at both Preston and Everton – he came a cropper at ManU, Sociedad and Sunderland – but was he given a fair crack of the whip at these Clubs – I think not!

    You worry about his judgement in taking these jobs but he’s now in the ‘Last Chance Saloon’, fail in this job and he’s off to the Elephant’s Graveyard.

    Sullivan and Gold are desperate – Moyes is desperate – they’ve got to back him and take a gamble.

    Hope for the best but fear the worst!

  8. These are desperate times and desperate measures are required because we all know that Bilic has to go – albeit quite a bit late but hopefully not too late. I am not overly enthusiastic on Moyes, but the facts aren’t too bad, in my opinion. Following Ferguson at Man U was always going to be extremely difficult – he did just as well as Van Galle and he was supposed to be the one to bring the premiership back to old Trafford. With regard to Sunderland, I don’t think any manager would have kept that side up – they have more of a skinflint board than we do. He did a brilliant job at Everton – he organised and got the best out of reasonable players. We have reasonable players, and if he can organise them and motivate them like he did at Everton, he will keep us up, and that’s all we can hope for at this moment in time.

    • Nobody disputes his time at Everton and Preson but since then a disaster and it’s the now that matters – not the history surely

      • As I said Hugh, I’m not overly enthusiastic about Moyes, but I don’t think you can call his time since Everton a disaster. He did ok at Man U bearing in mind he was following a legend in Fergie and inherited an ageing team, and would any manager have kept that Sunderland team up – I don’t think so. Does an extremely good manager (which he was at Everton), suddenly become a poor one?

  9. I’m in agreement with Michael. Moyes time at Everton was successful and he inherited a Man Utd side which needed serious upheaval. Giggs (temporary) followed by Van Gaal didn’t fare much better at all and tgat was after spending a huge amount of cash. Real Sociedad not so sure what happened and Sunderland weren’t in a great place. Did Moyes take them down or was he s brace man taking an impossible position? Not sure……

    However, the tweeting antics, amateurish interference with buying players, lack of cash made available to spend, (net spend 13mil when we offset overall spent and accumulated on players in and out over last season), an unhappy crowd, difficulty finding players who want to join West Ham and when they do, seem to want to leave a bit sharpish, a ground that the vast majority of us hate……and the Dildo Brothers at the helm…….seriously……who the f&@k do we expect to get????

    I loved Slav when he first came but in hindsight the success of his first season was down to Payet. His decisions and tactics have been appalling and pitiful to watch at times. Love the bloke and hope he goes on to have a successful career but yes I’d prefer Moyes all day long. He’d not consistently play Antonio and Hernandez out of position, wouldn’t bring Carroll on for Antonio against Spurs and completely ruin the whole style of play which was, up to that point working well. It was at that point that I lost all faith in Slav if I’m honest. I believe and hope Moyes would have a bit more up his sleeve technically, tactically and generally when it comes to increasing their work rate and training methods.

    So yeah of course there’s many other msnagers I’d prefer but why would they come to us when we’re in such a poor state of affairs on and off the field??

  10. Buying players: we paid, £10m for Snodgraa, £25 m for Arno, £20 for Ayew. £55 m wasted. Whose fault is it? And, Failed to sign a solid midfield player for£35 m. So, there are problems in buying. Owners take responsibility.

    We are so slow going forward and there is no cohesion between midfield and defence. Players playing without discipline and commitment. Accept responsibility Bilic.

    Most Fans want hung-go football and turn when others take advantage. They drove Allardyce out (me included). Take responsibility fans.

    We need to think differently. Would Trevor Brooking and Lampard not do a job equal to or better than Moyes and Neville with no association or passion with WHU? Need to think out of box. By all means thank SuperSlav(!) but let us bring in home grown talentvto manage us away from the rocks. Should start an immediate campaign and convey our views before it is too late. I think Trevor, Frank and Westley would be stronger combination than the mercenaries from the North and quickly get the alienated crowd behind the team and club. Pls consider an urgent campaign and Huge get the msg over to the Dildo Brothers.

  11. Moyes does not inspire me with confidence. I hope that I am wrong. My choice of a short term appointment would be BFS. He’d get the defence sorted. Then progress can be made and a new manager next season.

  12. Look, we supporters have got to do something serious to stop the owners appointing Moyse. Are they taking the p*ss ? Are they intent on running this club into the ground ? What, on earth , can be their motive ? We have to stop them. Moyse is not acceptable & will only make things worse. If you agree, please make realistic suggestions as to what we supporters can do to stop this, apparent, appointment. Otherwise, I am sure our club is doomed !

  13. Sadly who ever takes over will not be able to fix our problems before the end of Jan and that could well be too late. It is blantantly obvious the midfield is the total sum of our problems. We have had no creativity (Lanzini apart) since Payet went on strike. Neither Kouyate, Obiang or Fernandes has any flair, Nobs has had his day, is just playing with his heart and losing confidence every game with the constant barracking he gets. (Some deserved mostly not) We do not have anyone to break up play, and more significantly there is no exit ball it just keeps coming back. We have good strikers, Antonio, Chico, and to be fair Ayew in the right role will contribute. Martinez really deserves a chance. The defence is looking weak at times, it lacks pace, but with a strong midfield these deficiencies would be lessened.
    We need to recruit a ball winner and a schemer to compliment Lanzini and a commanding centre back.
    I don’t see David Moyse attracting sufficient quality players in our plight, and to reiterate my opening statement it could be all too little too late.
    My solution would be give Westley the reigns until Christmas hope fully bring in Holland, Rice, Martinez and Samuelson. And ff’s bring back Adrian even if it’s at Centre Half he stops more with his feet than Englands No1 with his hands.

  14. Jonny – So Moyes failed at a club in need of upheaval and failed at a club not in a great place – Your words. We tick both boxes fella. So what makes you think he is a good fit at West Ham?

  15. Remembering last season when Moyes was just so frustrated at press he threatened a Women in a joking manner but said something like ***** you would get slapped for saying that…. With a laugh.
    Is that what we can expect. I think the Henry link lack of Money & fact they he just wants a job period is why this is happening.
    Laz I honestly believe we could maybe get Dyche he has not once said he will not leave Burnley which is what a mgt says when he isn’t intetersted.
    We could get many other free agents we could throw money at a # of good Championship mgrs & give the. Opportunity of PL job that doesn’t come often.
    Dangers signs all around Moyes & we might have a better squad then Sunderland did some more money….. But seems such a risk. And he left after he got them relegated.

  16. Why don’t they go for Pearson ? His worst crime was to save Leicester from Relegation and then build the basis for the
    side that won the title.

  17. Jimbo: yes they were my words and yes I agree we fit the bill on both counts however I didn’t say Moyes was a good fit. What I was saying is that I think he will do better than Billic would and that we are unlikely to attract anyone much better due to the ‘array’ no the ‘multitude’ of issues we now face on and off the pitch. I’d love it if we could get Benitez, Howe or even Dyche but they ain’t going to be interested in working under the Dildos mate. Our issues run deep, in my opinion……but to clarify I don’t think Moyes is s good for but I do think he’s s better option than sticking with Billic.

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