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Horrible Irons facts demand that Moyes is fired!

Wolves 1 West Ham 0

By Hughie Southon

Another disaster day from a team which simply is not giving the Irons  fans any hope whatsoever.

Let’s start with the horrible facts:

O We have remained without a win in eight Premier League games

O We have plunged into the bottom three

O and as things stand we look like a team that really is going down

We HAVE to hope the manager’s day is done. He has promised us we wont be in a relegation battle – we are!

He told us this week things were beginning to get better – they are not and today a very average Wolves team looked a far better outfit than our regularly described team as ” quality.”

They are not. They are poor, the spirit is not there. Something behind the scenes looks to have gone seriously wrong and whether some like it or not the manager’s job to put it right.

I believe he has lost the squad!

He looks entirely incapable of putting things right and watched like the rest of us in agony as Wolves scored their only goal off a breakaway from our corner.


There now appears to be no way forward for West Ham under this man and the board really does have to find a new manager and quickly.

Enough truly is  enough when you see a team failing to exert any real pressure until the last five or ten minutes and even then failing to create a chance worthy of  the name.

As was the case at Manchester United, Real Sociedad and Sunderland this geezer has to be sacked.

Do it now board. There really is no other answer. The stats say it all!


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

23 comments on “Horrible Irons facts demand that Moyes is fired!

  1. Yes, his time must be up! 🤬

  2. Sacking Moyes is a given now. It was a given 3 months ago. The lady in the canteen knew he had lost the players. The players the fans have had enough of his negative culture. Do not give this man any money to spend as his recruitment has been awful. Sack him tonight, bring in a new manager and give him the money and choice who he signs.

  3. Time to dust off relegation battles in past seasons! Under John Lyall in the 1970s we had at least three. My favourite was last home game of season in 1977 which had to win against Man U to avoid relegation. We were a goal down in first minute but eventually won 4-2. We all invaded the pitch at the end, you would have thought we had won the league! Such fun and something to look forward to in second half of season!!

  4. Gonzo

    Fully agree. Should have happened weeks ago, we wasted the entire World Cup period to get someone in …he simply won’t change.

    Forgo sone of the transfer budget and buy in a quality successor

  5. Moyes is so poor as are the players , they are not playing for him ! Moyes has to go tonight !

  6. Why doesn’t Moyes have the decency to resign ?

  7. I don’t believe Moyes has lost the squad for a minute. If you watch the games we’ve lost you see they are very tight games with thin bargains that could go either way and you can see the players are fighting for it, working hard all over the pitch. This is not a team that are laying down and getting rolled over week in week out. They are not getting thumped. If we were getting beat four or five nil every week I’d be calling for Moyes out but we’re not and I still think it’s possible to turn things round.

    • You do not support this club if you believe Moyes has the support of the players. Have u now watched the performances and how they have deteriorated !! Do u honestly believe he has spent money wisely? Do you honestly believe he has developed players? Do you honestly believe he is making the right decisions whether it be team selection or in game? Do you honestly believe he will change. If you do then you are living in cuckoo land.

  8. So who do you miseries want as manager now? Same question for 2025. And again for 2027……….
    My point being is that I believe that Bilic would’ve kept us up in 2018. As would Pellegrini have done in 2020. But who came in to save us when everyone was reacting as they are now?
    And which manager massively improved West Ham for a 6th place finish in 2021 and 7th last season?
    There’s exactly half a season to go. There are just TWO points between the team in 14th place and bottom. Think about it …those of you that have brains!
    Calm down, chaps. Your negativity isn’t helping the team

  9. I agree with Clive, today we virtually had same number of shots on goal and rest of stats were even
    However, as I have said here several times, plenty of Moyes out shouts but who is available to replace him. The Tuchels and Pochinettos won’t touch a club in relegation battle especially as we have spent our war chest! Some suggest Dyche, for me he makes Moyes the ultimate entertainer. So names please!

  10. He must go, and his replacement is down to the Board. He did his best but made awful decisions, and crucially, still is making them. Bad youth policy, awful recruitment, then not even backing his own choices! Playing players out of position, disregarding form, rigid aversion to change, even today, show he has run out of ideas or options. End it now please.

  11. So no names from people so keen to get rid of a guy who has given best two tears dsince 1980s. Full of ideas how and who should play. The reality is their is no one better at moment so Board will stick with Moyes.

  12. Losing 20 of last 37 PL games is relegation form
    Winning 13 out of last 46 PL games
    Poor handling of Vlasic
    Up and down signings going back to Jordan Hugill
    Oldest squad in league despite 8 new signings

  13. The team have lacked creativity and Moyes team sheet / tactics haven’t changed all season! We need change and need it fast, keep doing the same thing’s getting the same results, will make sure we go down! I can’t see Moyes changing so let’s give someone else a chance who has new ideas and possibly a better style of football!

  14. The reality is anyone is better than Moyes. The football is that bad at the moment. Again today he selects Cresswell, Soucek, Bowen and Antonio who have been terrible all season. He takes no learning from games just makes the same stupid decisions again. He has lost the respect of the players and he has to be sacked before next weekend.

  15. i believe he was replying to Budgie, not you, Hugh

  16. We are exactly halfway through the season and results haven’t improved yet. We aren’t beating the teams around us and we’ve had a few good results against top teams. Newcastle, Tottenham and Chelsea are games we need to get points from. Moyes has said he’s building a team for next season-he’ll keep us up- we are slowly improving and no need to panic yet. Adding to the squad seems likely this window having suffered too many injuries so far. Failing that he surely has to give some of our fringe players more game time not always his favs. I’d give him till the end of Feb before we have to play twice a week again.

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