How many more points can Irons collect?

Hammers badgeThirteen games to go and below you will see them listed!

Some may say we have an easy run-in but nothing at all is straightforward at this level and at least five of the clubs we face are likely to be battling for their lives against relegation.

At the top end four of those we face are battling for European places, making the situation as tough as it has been at any stage this season.

The question we want answered this evening is just how many more points we can expect to add to the current total of 38 and we want to hear from YOU.

Our prediction is the Irons will end the season with 56 – over to you!


Sun 22 12:00 A Tottenham PREM
Sat 28 12:45 H Crystal Palace PREM
Wed 4 19:45 H Chelsea PREM
Sat 14 15:00 A Arsenal PREM
Sat 21 17:30 H Sunderland PREM
Sat 4 15:00 A Leicester City PREM
Sat 11 15:00 H Stoke City PREM
Sat 18 15:00 A Manchester City PREM
Sat 25 15:00 A QPR PREM
Sat 2 15:00 H Burnley PREM
Sat 9 15:00 A Aston Villa PREM
Sat 16 15:00 H Everton PREM
Sun 24 15:00 A Newcastle PREM

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19 comments on “How many more points can Irons collect?

  1. With BFS ( sorry conkerpot ) possibly 12 more points max
    West Ham without BFS ( sorry conkerpot ) 22 more points
    Because no BFS ( sorry conkerpot ) there will be no Nolan,no O,Brien,no Carroll,
    Shame Villa gave Sherwood BFS,s job ( sorry conkerpot )
    Lucky break Villa.

  2. Think we need a ‘With Nolan’ & ‘Without Nolan’ estimation.This could make the difference between exceeding 50pts comfortably or scrambling to 48ish pts.

  3. Its frightening even now thinking about Nolan against Chelsea & Arsenals midfielders.

  4. We need the “SACK BFS” banners out on Sunday for sure and if that does not work then I believe we should start boycotting our home games, the chairmen do not seem to be listening to the fans, I don’t know why because I believe they are knowledgeable and passionate owners. It just does not make sense anymore.

    • In my opinion the chairmen are staying quiet because as safety is assured they don’t want to give Allardyce any ammunition for a legal response when they replace him at season’s end.

  5. I think the same TysonM,really does come down to how many games Nolan plays,a midfield of Downing,Kouyate,Noble,Song could be a huge difference to one with Nolan in during these fixtures.Not only because of his presence on the pitch but also how it affects the midfield dynamic.It could be the difference between mid 50s or high forties.As the stats man showed,33% lost playing,14% lost when not playing.That equates to quite a few points over a 13 game period 😉

  6. For a team playing like we were up until Christmas it could be into the twenty’s but the team that has been playing like we have since Christmas low teens.
    I did this check some days ago and concluded we do actually have a pretty decent run in and should be able to pile up some decent points but then we should be entering this phase with more points than we have at this moment.
    If it does play out like this, some will claim a good season because we topped 50 points but in reality all we will have done is survive another season in the PL, which is (apart from some extra cash) exactly what the team one place from relegation will have done.
    Not much for a team that once sat in 4th place and was talking about CL football, especially whilst Southampton are, at this moment achieving that very thing.

  7. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Sam gone and I believe Nolan needs to be a sub now, at best. However it’s worth remembering that Nolan is a pro footballer and is always going to play if his manager picks him. I reckon there’s too much Nolan bashing going on. Yes, he’s not the player he was and yes, we would all rather Sam benched him whenever possible, but again that’s not his fault. I believe he did a lot in his first two seasons with us, especially in the dressing room and on the training pitch, helping to knit together the solid team spirit needed to get back up and stay up. I don’t believe he ever plays for us and gives less than his best effort (even if now that’s not good enough), so I don’t like seeing him regularly booed off the pitch. The fact is it’s Sam that keeps picking him ahead of others and it’s there any fault lies. Not with Nolan.

  8. I totally agree with what your saying Dicksyland,it isnt his fault if selected.Of course he will cross the line & give his best.Shame is his best is no longer up to Prem standard.The fault does lie with Sam.Im pretty sure if it was any other player performing at Nolans level Sam wouldnt even entertain the thought of picking him.We have seen guys shown the door by Allardyce who were surely playing to a higher standard than Nolan is now.He has a blind spot when it comes to his captain.Admirable in its way but not a lot of good to West Ham 😉

  9. Just a thought, could Nolan go to centre def and koyate return to midfield in our current predicaments?!? #Coyi

    • Your living in cloud cuckoo land if you think this current team can get another 21 points from the fixtures we have remaining you can forget, Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man city for a start. That leaves 9 games to get 21 points that’s ‘7’ wins I wish !!.

  10. I’m going for 52 and it will be the season that could have been. Thanks mr allardyce now do one asap

  11. Hammer jefe what about putting him in goal ?
    We have enough problems in defence without putting more pressure every time he tackles he is so late he gives away a free kick HUGH have you got stats on that,

  12. I expect a few “respect the point” games as BFS will look at a top ten place (which they will get) to cement his “steady as we go” style . . . therefore 55 points from me

  13. it does not really matter how many points we get now we are safe so **** it I want to see a few youngsters given a chance we in a good place to do this to get them ready and see if they can curt it at this level so DROP Nolan for Poyet FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON .
    give Oxford a go if we need a centre back and ffs try different things

  14. for the recode i see us getting 11 more points and finish on 51

  15. I don’t konw how many points we can expect to add to the current total… if at the beginning of the season, after the first two promising months, I was postive and I was convinced we could take on anybody, now I don’t know… honestly I can’t wait the end of the season: it’s time to turn the page and start over with a new young, ambitious and modern manager, throwing out of useless players. That’s my thought.

  16. BFS will be manager for the rest of the season

    My guess 47 pts

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