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How we rated the Irons

By CandH’s ratings man and FB member Niall McDonald


michail-antonio-west-ham-stoke_3387473Adrian: Made one sharp save but his involvement in the mess for their equaliser killed all our momentum and the atmosphere 3

Byram: My records show I gave Antonio 2 for an equally bad performance earlier in the season. Turned inside out, booked again and subbed 2

Collins: One of those days when his effort didn’t cover his lack of mobility 3

Reid: Had a real tussle with Deeney. Needs to improve his use of the ball 4

Masuaku: Finally someone who had a decent game! Got forward very well and linked nicely with Lanzini 6

Noble: Now I thought Kouyate was worse but Bilic agreed with the majority round me and hooked the skipper 5

Kouyate: Looked very heavy-legged, overrun in midfield 3

Antonio: Two more heaaded goals. Everything he did had purpose and commitment shame we didn’t have a few more on his wavelength 8

Lanzini: Great in the first-half, covered so much ground offering for the ball. Found spaces harder to come by as Watford dominated 7

Payet: Two assists – the second of which was world-class – disappointing thereafter 6

Zaza:Β First touch in a Hammers shirt was a spectacular overhead scissors through ball putting Antonio through in the first minute; was left to feed on scraps from there 5

Subs Calleri: Thrown on but had no chance to turn the game round 3 Fletcher: Ditto 3 Tore: One run which led to a corner, gets a point for that 1

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

39 comments on “How we rated the Irons

  1. Ok, tough loss, embarrassing second half… but the Wetpants Show in on the air… I suggest Slav a big bodyguard, the Hammers are relegated with 34 games to be played… haha πŸ˜‰

    • Only just got home from the game.I have no intention of reading what those load of wet ones are peeing about tonight Matte ha ha…If it’s anything like it normally is it will be a big theatrical performance I’m sure πŸ˜‰

      • That site is a powder keg, Tone… lol πŸ˜‰

        • Don’t comment here much but yes I read that site.They remind me of a school class full of 5 year old kids who have had their colouring books confiscated.Absolutley embarrassing group of fans.

  2. Just my view but this is what happens when half the fans are more intent on fighting stewards/booing and standing than watching the game. First incident was about five minutes before their first goal. Second incident was just before the 4th, which I didn’t see go in because the people in front were more interested in standing up to see what was going than supporting the team.It was clear the players were distracted by this abd were looking forward the cried to see We also were appalling defensively.

  3. Scratch everything I just said. Apparently a fan died in an altercation during the game in the gone end.

    • What??? Bloody hell!!!

    • I haven’t heard anything coming back from the match.Apoligises if I’m wrong but it is probably just some ****er on twitter or some other social media talking ****.But as I say,if I’m wrong which I hope I’m not then sorry for doubting what you say Nest πŸ˜‰

      • I think it may have been someone starting a rumor on Twitter. There are lots of reports of fighting amongst fans though which has been picked up by the mirror and the sun

        • No drama Nests.You were only saying what you heard or saw,fair enough.Im just glad it was duff info on twitter πŸ˜‰

  4. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Byran will never make it as a top RB just does not have it. Oxford is class. Oxford was left out of the Europa second leg for Collins, a game we lost and again Collins played at city, a game he played very poorly in. We have a manager who persists with Byran and Collins. His decisions are costing us big time. Back 4 for next game should be Spanish lad RB, Oxford, Reid, Masauka who I thought did well again today. I hope everyone saw today why I believe he is not up to this level i.e. we needed goal scorer – he is certainly not it. I cannot wait for Sakho to be fit.

    • ZaZa is not up to this level

      • I wish I had your insight to know Zaza isn’t up to this level after one match.Oxford? He has played a few games & got roasted in a couple of them.There are so many fans saying Oxford is class based on what? Gossip.It certainly isn’t from seeing him play.

      • Adrian 4, Byram 4, Collins 4, Reid 5, Masuaku 6, Noble 4, Kouyate 4, Payet 8, Lanzini 7, Antonio 9, Zaza 6.

        Tore, Calleri and Fletcher, 4 each.

      • Zaza is a current Italy international with 14 caps…….That should tell you that he’s more than good enough. Give him a chance to get match fit and then judge him.

  5. Can we now finally put this romantic tosh about Collins to bed, now?

    Once again he was awful. Out of position, poor decision-making, as mobile as in elm with dutch elm disease.

    As a result of his selection, the whole defence was disjointed, and AdriΓ‘n exposed unfairly. And why was Noble substituted?

    More questions than answers after this game.

    • Noble was subbed because he was , as many times before, the worst player on the pitch , He is atrocious . He can not …….run , pass forward , head , tackle , take set pieces , shoot .or read the game . Yes loyal but a complete donkey .

  6. l am surprised to see how highly some people, including Hugh in his post match ratings, always seem to rate Noble. The reason why we will never fulfil our potential and why we lost today is that we desperately lack a CDM, which Noble definately isnt. The back 4 were exposed and Watford waltzed through the centre at will, as did Citeh last time out.

  7. BYRAM was completely out classed and out of his depth at this level and not for the first time. He’s no Creswell, to say the very least. Back to the development squad.

    ZAZA looks very worrying – his touch was poor; he was constantly out-muscled and out-paced; he didn’t just lose possession (like Valencia), he simply couldn’t get any possession; and he was never in the right position for the ball.

    Remarkably poor game for Collins, Adrian and Reid as well.

    Rather spoilt my afternoon as you can imagine.

  8. Zaza 5 & Byron 2, don’t rate any summer season highly, except Fletcher who as potential, saddens me more BOOING by our own fans as the game goes on, how do you think.that looks? At firs tree a few around me thought it was against the team!

  9. Ffs this isn’t wetlands is it.They normally judge a player & call him a minger after one match.Give Zaza a f@cking chance.

  10. Not writing off Zaza by any means. Just to say the signs are worrying and he really needs to scrub up pdq. From his world cup penalty antics and what Slav said about him (being “crazy” in a good way), he doesn’t seem to be the level-headed type. Let’s just hope he can get back to basic in training and move on from this dreadful debut.

    How about Antonio as our 20-goal/season striker? Are we not staring one in the face, right in our own fold? Move him to a more central striking position and play Feghouli on the right wing perhaps? We certainly have no shortage of wingers and wide players.

  11. Byram needs a right side partner not people on his back,
    He did not cause the goals,
    Ginger and Reid are Championship players at best,
    Burke should have stayed,Oxford would never have got in the mess Ginge did with the 2nd goal,
    Zaza did not look like he has been around Lanzini or Payet and never made the correct runs,
    Dehenney would have been a better purchase,makes things happen like Antonio with hard work,
    We are 2 selections away from top 6 but until we sort the back 4 out we will end up in the bottom half,
    Only 1 person can make a difference and that’s with the right team selection,
    We will score goals but can we let less in ?
    That’s the question

  12. It flattered to decieve – a fantastic start and a brace of brilliant goals, particularly the second which has got to be a contender for Goal of the Season – already!

    But it all went Pete Tong, West Ham were over-powered in midfield where Noble and Lanzini were cruelly exposed, together with a particularly inept display by Adrian and Collins who played like they’d never been introduced – it was unbelievably disappointing – this is going to be a long hard Season!

    What Bilic can do about the non-existent midfield is problematic – more power is required, Lanzini can’t be played in midfield, he’s a lightweight, luxury player who we can’t afford to play against a strong, powerful team like Watford – the same thing can be said about Noble – we are in trouble!

    What are the options? Obiang – another lightweight, flatters to deceive, he doesn’t convince me! Norveid – strong, powerful, started ok but but disappointed in more recent games – boy are we in trouble!

  13. Bloody hell calm down Michael.All this knee jerk stuff,we heard all the same **** after Leicester & Bournemouth last season.Leave the dramas to the Wet Pants lmao

    • Ok, fair enough – I might be a tad over the top in my reaction, but that was a truly shocking display – I was particularly alarmed in the way Lanzini and Noble were overpowered by a strong Watford midfield – they both looked lightweight and were completely overrun in the second half!

  14. I actually thought Kouyate won a lot of tackles and played with good intensity, it was Noble and Lanzini that looked lost, Nordveidt should have been brought on for Noble to nullify Peyrera and plug the gaps defensively, Byram wasn’t great but you have to question why he is positioned that far forward, exactly where Antonio was, this must be something they have been working on that is an unmitigated disaster, last season when we played at Waford with a flat back four Deeney and Ighalo tore us apart and it was the same today. I think Zaza played with intensity he made several good runs but the passes didn’t come. For me Noble is a great servant but he is holding us back, he ran around with a lot of effort and zero result, as for Lanzini for me he is inneffective he makes some nice passes but he doesn’t create much, he could do with putting on some muscle and looking forward more. I would like to see Zaza play alongside another striker. For 35 minutes today we looked like a top 3 team but for the other 55 bottom three. In some ways it was a classic West Ham performance.

    • “For me Noble is a great servant but is holding us back “…. At last someone has seen the light . We are going nowhere with this donkey in the team and as for being Captain …you are having a tin barf .

      • instead of just putting him down, I’d love to hear something of substance? Others than his a donkey. Who’s this great midfielder we have who’s going to replace him? And who would be a better captain?

        • Does not need to be a great midfielder to replace him . An average one would do it . Oxford , Cullen , Obiang would all be an improvement and the captain should lead by example .

  15. Fuk me ! We been invaded or what !
    Just put a nappy on to feel at home ! There ain’t been a big nappy eviction from the sisters has there πŸ˜‰ top c/b needed 2 d/mf needed . Arbeola needs to play this season as byrum not ready yet , close but not carping yet ? Zara was as I thought he would be , not going to crucify him yet he needs to settle but I fancy callamari , looks for space and needs a goal,
    Sakho will come in soon no doubt and personally I can’t wait for that , second chance and all that , Collins is a liability , no pace , it was a mistake not bringing in a top c/b and noble has lost another yard , kouyate looks drained of his normal graft , add to that lot confidence and it’s a big problem , it will get better but it needs to be quick as we are at the other end of the table and God forbid 2 more bad results and we are playing catch up , WBA next up away ? Must win that or get a point , just going down the salon to mop up lol πŸ˜‰

  16. Still trying to process this game, for me we were looking like title contenders up to 2–0,after that our goal looked twice as big,and the team looked like they were knackered.?. COYI

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