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ClaretandHugh Facebook Group member Niall McDonald is the guest ratings expert today as he gives his assessment of each Iron’s performance against Sunderland.

Ok Niall, let’s light the blue touch paper and stand well clear! 🙂

Adrian: A magnificent save in the second half to preserve the one-goal advantage. No more keepie-uppie in the goalmouth though! 7
Byram: Another 90 PL mins under his belt. Solid but picked up another booking to land a two match ban 5
Cresswell: Linked up with Lanzini in first half. Always looked to get forward 6
Ogbonna: Saw far too much of the ball in first half for me, but solid in defence 6
Collins: Perhaps his easiest 90 mins in the claret & blue! Untroubled 6
Noble: Typically industrious effort. Tremendous shot rattled the bar 6
Kouyate: More industry but not much end product today 4
Lanzini: A welcome return! Showed for the ball and gave much needed width down the left 6
Payet: Quiet game. Found space in closing stages but the magic wasn’t quite there today 5
Antonio: Best player on the pitch! Took his goal superbly 8
Emenike: Distinctly anonymous 4

Carroll: Caused O’Shea problems immediately and nearly another impact sub goal 7
Moses: Came on for Lanzini and struggled to get involved 4
Obiang: Didn’t have long enough to shine or disappoint 4

One for the purists it wasn’t!!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Stinger says:

    Kouyate only a 4? After Antonio, he was our best player.

    Poor game today by both sides. But we won and we beat Smug Sam. That is all that matters. Antonio’s goal was a fantastic strike.

  • Billy the Hammer says:

    Kouyate 4,are you having a laugh,lol
    Mind you so far today i have seen some people on Wetpants run down Byram,Collins,Emenike & Adrian so nothing surprises me anymore when it comes to West Ham fans.Some are f#ckin hard to please.They would be better off supporting Barcelona.

    • Alan 'appy 'ammer says:

      Thats because they have Comment Diarrhoea mate,lmao.Especially the one with all the numbers.That muppet gets withdrawal symtoms if he doesnt let everyone have his opinion on everything.Thinks he is ****ing Jonathon Pearce or John Motson on the match comments,ha ha lol

  • Muckracker says:

    Didn’t see much end product from the Golden Boy, and the fact that Slav took him off and kept Kouyate on should tell you something Hugh.

    Bubs to rate the Spuds match!!!

  • Dainon says:

    thought all players deserved at least a 6 today…

  • bubs says:

    Love to see the ratings for Sunderland to draw a line on where the scores come from,but not having a dig,
    We got the result we all wanted but so hard to win games like this and please everyone,
    Just think a year ago this is what would have been dished up every week without the 3 points,
    Please for the sake of football go down Sunderland sack Hippo and please Hippo retirement
    We are now 5th only 4 points away from the top 4 we need The gooners to do us a favour tomorrow,then we need revenge against the Spuds and a hard win against the Cloggers
    Then we can dream about Europe and no complaints about 2 many games

  • Roman says:

    When will Adrian learn to dispense with the theatrics on the last line? He almost came unstuck again early.Leave the juggling act to Payet & Lanzini.

    • Boleyn Boy says:

      Byram needs to have a talk with himself as well, only been with us five minutes and already three yellows, don’t need that sort of indiscipline

      • niall_mcdonald says:

        i nearly put in the ratings “picked up another, of what i expect will be many, yellow cards”. clearly still adjusting to the PL. I didnt think his booking against Man City would have been a yellow in the Championship, and I guess neither did he! Saturday’s was a bit clumsy/unecessary – had been beaten, but there were other players there to help clear the lines.

  • slaven a laugh says:

    4? No way. 4? Are you slaven a laugh? We won the game. Noble and Carroll both had great shots that on another day would have been in off the post and three nil. 4? That wasn’t easy today. Sunderland are fighting for survival. Those games are never easy. No West Ham player out there today deserves less than a seven.

  • bubs says:

    Just read the stats on the game and apparently Kouyate came out on top making less mistakes making 69 touches winning 9/10 tackles good pass rate it just shows you how people have different thoughts or how they see the game,
    After watching the game again Byram made 2 great tackles that stopped goals and played well with Antonio so he got booked but did he deserve a 5
    You can go on for ever I am sure whe I have a go people will disagree,
    Bit like Keown last night it was every Sunderland defender at fault not the Antonio ran at 2 players not looking to draw a pen ( Valencia or Moses ) would probably gone down and he put a niche perfect shot that gave the keeper no chance and his second effort was only saved at the last moment by the keeper,
    Plus when Carroll hit the bar who was nearest to the ball following in,
    Sakho was the same last season,taking their chance not walking about thinking they are bite stars,
    How far can he go ?
    He is better then Milner,as good as Ox,Woy won’t look at him like Cressie and you need grafters in your team not just stars,

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