How we rated the Irons against Hull




Before we start I had a 100 distractions during the game so all criticism will probably be entirely valid – cheers Hugh!


Randolph: Little chance with the goals but they keep tallying up and the fella needs a rest 5

AndyCarrollWestHam_2821401Byram: Adequate but that really isn’t enough at this level – where’s Zabaleta? 5

Collins: What you see is what you get and it’s not enough these days 5

Fonte: This may be the worst £8 million ever spent – painfully slow and constantly found out 3

Cresswell: Ok by and large but Masuaku has now earned his chance on last two sub appearances 5

Kouyate: Usual high energy stuff but with little end product 5

Lanzini: Always trying to make stuff happen and refusing to hoist white flag 6

Feghouli: Nah…just not good enough. Lightweight and flitting around the edges of the action 4

Ayew: Missed an  outstanding chance – one a game it seems – £20m record signing? dearie me 4

Snodgrass : Set piece expert? Sorry can you run that by me again. Less than average  4

Carroll: Great goal and never stopped trying, set a real example of what we SHOULD be about 7


Masuaku: Outstanding display for the second week as sub and one terrific run caused real panic 6

Calleri  Gotta feel for the bloke. Always thrown on too late to save lost causes 5

Fernandes  Neat and tidy  as usual 5



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15 comments on “How we rated the Irons against Hull

  1. Distractions or not I think that’s a pretty fair assessment!

  2. Spot on Hugh. ! You hit the nail on the head with your ratings.

  3. Lets be honest.On this seasons showing only Reid,Kouyate,Lanzini,Antonio,Obiang and Carroll when fit have performed, thats just over 50%.Bilic has basically played variations on a theme.Not given youth a chance.His right back dilemma is embarrassing and nearly all the Summer signings topped off in January with two more disasters in Snodgrass and Fonte.We keep getting told there are some decent players in this squad so who is to blame for the fact that they are playing like a bunch of misfits wondering where the next point is coming from.I keep seeing flashes of something Whether its a decent first or second half but we just cannot put it together for 90 minutes.Todays game should have been put to bed by half time.I think we all knew Hull could not play that badly for 90 minutes.Too many times all season we have failed to put teams to the sword when on top and Bilic says the same things in every post match interview about this but cannot find an answer and we are now getting dragged into that all too familiar relegation dog fight.Whos up for the fight right now?

  4. Probably would’ve given Snodgrass a 5 and Byram a 4, but otherwise can’t argue. Collins, Fonte and Kouyate looked they had never met one another before today.

  5. Something is badly wrong behind the scenes, because their is a lack of passion from some of the players including the owners.
    OK some of the players brought in are just poor signings, but what I would like to know is what budget was Slaven given for players??

  6. And the players that where fetched in are they the ones Bilic really wanted.

  7. Don’t know if anyone else noticed but cresswell was *****ing and moaning to a lot of the players today Fonte in particular. All in all I think he definitely wasn’t at the game mentally today and hasn’t been for a long time. I to think something is going on behind the scenes that’s disrupting the team in general.

  8. Female dog…ing then! Are you being serious Hugh?

  9. He’s lost the dressing room. That’s abundantly clear. I think the situation is intolerable. I don’t like sacking managers but I would question the quality of his whole management team. What the hell does Dicks do?

    • You might be right Cas, not that its worth much my opinion is that he lost the dressing room the moment he had the row with Sakho and Song, Sakho was playing out of his skin and was dropped for Carroll, neither Sakho or Song appeared much after that with Song not appearing at all, can you imagine what we would have been like if we had Song and Obiang in midfield this season, we certainly wouldn’t have shipped so many goals. Bilic may have the clubs best interests at heart but the players don’t seem to approach matches with the correct attitude, every match is a battle you have to be pretty much on it from the moment the whistle starts the match to the moment it finishes, other than the Chelsea cup game and some early matches last season I would struggle to say we have done that at all under Bilic, the players seem to like him rather than respect him and that shows on the pitch week after week.

  10. By and large agree with the ratings and agree Masuaku should have started the last couple of games. There is a public lynch mob out for Byram. The guy is being cruelly exposed by the joker Feghouli in front of him. When he has pushed up and overlapped then the Algerian has let him down and is not tracking back either and bottles tackles. To some extent neither does Antonio follow his man back which leaves Byram on his own against several attackers.
    Up until now I have been a staunch Slavin supporter, but today it was clear that Snodgrass, Feghouli and Ayew were to a large extent, invisible and certainly ineffective, and woeful ,yet we only take one of them off.
    Equally although Carroll took his goal well, he only wants the ball crossed into him and it is so predictable and him just getting knock downs is not a winning formula.
    Why has Fletcher not been given a proper chance? he has only had scraps at the end of games too late to make any really impact and not really enough time to even get into the swing of a game.
    What was the thinking bringing Calleri on at the end, it is not for the appearance money.
    Today I was really angry with the team and I couldn’t bear to watch it all on again tonight on TV and that is a first for me this season.

  11. Aaaaggggggghhhhhhhhhhh…… f***s me off so much!!! We are so average it’s painful. I was so excited for this season to begin and game by game any love and excitement had been sucked away from me! Everything @ West Ham at the moment is dull, dire and depressing

  12. Completely fed up with it, going to go and get a life had enough of this sh#t.

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