How we rated the Irons against the Baggies



ClaretandHugh’s Niall McDonald rates the Irons

ReidRandolph: Keeper always looks helpless when the ball goes through his legs, as it did for their first and missed out for the corner to the second 5

Cresswell: Found it hard to get involved in attack. Was stretching his right hamstring before the break and didn’t return after it 4

Reid: Calm and commanding again (apart from one tremendously wild lunge near the end for which he was booked) 8

Fonte: Nice passer of the ball. Doesn’t strike me as a marked improvement on who we already have yet 6

Kouyate: Back from the AFCON and back at right-back. Physical presence was a real asset to the side 7

Obiang: Usual industrious effort with his mix timely interceptions in and around our box and some tactical fouls 7

Noble: One of the skipper’s slowest ever performances today, with and without the ball 4

Feghouli: Never warmed to a player who wears short sleeves and gloves and still not ticking the ‘commitment’ box for me, even his attempts to encourage the crowd seemed half-hearted, but, he did score 5

Lanzini: Slow start. More influential before the break with some direct running and a great goal on 85 mins 7

Snodgrass: Impressive in the first half with some excellent delivery from set pieces. Looked to tire after the break 6

Antonio: Just the three positions today. A concerted effort to play to his feet and turn defenders made a change when up front in the first half 5


Calleri: On at half-time the Argentinian got stuck in and held the ball up pretty well 5

Fernandes: Struggling to think of a positive or negative contribution from the youngster today 4

Collins: Arrived late to help close out the win… 2

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • Stinger says:

    Cant fault any players today apart from Randolph and Calleri. Everyone else a 6,7,8.

  • Stinger says:

    PS That Green banner you have at the bottom, can it be turned off somehow, as it really slows the site down?

  • Terry says:

    Im sorry Niall but i must have watched a different set of players to you old son.But beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say.I think you have marked very,very low,though i appreciate we all see things differently.

  • Thiucgshaun says:

    Fehgouli 5? You’re joking mate. Scored, set one up, had a goal disallowed wrongly and looked our most likely threat all game.

  • Terry says:

    Feghouli,i dont get that comment or mark at all.. Sorry.

  • Stinger says:

    Feghouli, Ran his heart out and played well. Should have had a brace but for the officials. Not really sure who got MOTM Today, but he must have been in with a shout.

  • Thiucgshaun says:

    Fehgouli’s best game for us by far. He’s really benefited from the Payet situation. As for Fonte not being better than what we have…. That would just be Collins then. He kept Rondon quiet which was a feat and won pretty much everything.

  • PennsylvaniaHammer says:

    How can you possibly give Feghouli 5 and Calleri 5? Feghouli played his heart out and scored when we desperately needed a goal. Calleri wasted far to many good opportunities.

    Thought Snodgrass other than one poor free kick was excellent and Noble had one of his better games.

  • Slim Jim says:

    Niall is on a wind up surely lol

  • Stinger says:

    I just read the comment about Feghouli again, not just your actual rating.

    He never stopped running today, he put a real shift in. Cant believe you said he was not committed. WOW!

  • Thiucgshaun says:

    For whatever reason the site has developed an agenda against Fehgouli in recent weeks with a number of articles saying he was dispensable and would be sold before deadline day, although his performance has improved and this rating is baffling.

  • Slim Jim says:

    Feghouli was named MOTM on the BBC match report by their writer…

  • jj61 says:

    Well Niall…for this so call rating I’ll give you -1!!COY!

  • bubbles says:

    The ratings are pretty good . Noble was awful … AGAIN … what the hell was he doing giving Feghouli a hospital ball after 5 minutes . The 2 other mistakes that followed were as a direct result of his abysmal pass . Come on all you morons … slag me off . There is not a worse game on game player in this league .

  • claret says:

    Totally .agree jj61 it was the best performance so far from feghoul especially after the break with another forward on ( Slav please take note ) we definitely play better & more productive football with two forwards cannot understand Slav’s tactics we are the home side & should be expected to take the game to the opposition, not play cross field passes & back to the goalie as though we have not not got a clue. that is how we conceded the first goal, too many unnecessary passes, perhaps now is the time to rest Noble & play Kouyate with Obiang in midfield. I think we still need a right back there is no excuse we have needed one since Jaunuary 2016 so why have not the board put a rocket under our scouts.

  • Slim Jim says:

    Someone who calls other West Ham fans morons in the hope they will slag you off is hardly worthy of rep!ying to about Noble!

    • bubbles says:

      In the past I have received abuse and threats when I have told the truth ( my opinion ) about capt terrible . My morons comment refers to the perpatraters of these posts, not true Irons .


  • essexclarets says:

    Great team performance
    Gutted losing it at the death.reminds me of Leicester last season.
    Time to rest captain slow.

  • PopRobson says:

    You might want to actually watch the match in future Niall my old China, 5 for Feghouli, serioisly, my man of the match and 5 for Antonio come on come clean you didn’t go today did you, stayed at home because if was cold didn’t you.

  • BadBadger says:

    Dumb & Dumber – 2 (one each)

    Seeing as these two clowns have yet again missed the boat by not getting a right back and backup striker in at the latest window. 18 months now these two positions have been ignored. Yet again we look like a pub team when attacked down the flanks. All I hear is talk about yet another 33-34 yo fullback maybe. When are these muppets going to spent some of WHU’s income seeing as they had 10m left over in January, they brought in a load of dross on loans in August, we have 50-60k fans turning up now, we have less overheads, we have sheds loads more money from TV and lets not forget the million for allowing players to attend WC tournament.

    So David & David, where is all this money going is it some new sex emporium or some dairy milking operation because its not being spent on the team. FFS wake up and smell the coffee, or sell up and let someone take this club forward.

    • bubbles says:

      Best post of the weekend BADBADGER

      • Terry says:

        Apart from the fact that Bilic didnt want a forward Hogan when he could have had one & Bilic said there was no rightback around to improve the position.Other than that its an ok post if you like to believe half truths & bull****.

  • Radai Lama..Paid up member of Slavs Chavs. says:

    Lol Youre a funny man Niall,i always thought you had a bit of the Vic Reeves look about you.But come on geezer what do you do,roll two dice & see what score they add up to.You have had a shocker today mate 😂

  • John says:

    Utterly daft markings NM. Think you are just trying to attract comment.

  • Michael Miller says:

    I was pleased with the overall Team effort, they really seemed to have a go against a very negative West Brom who were very disciplined and compact — a very difficult team to play against. Incidentally, I was really impressed with the West Brom right-back Nyom, a steal from Watford, big, strong, quick just what we need at right-back.

    Cresswell hasn’t looked fit for most of the Season, the break may give him the chance to get properly fit – he’s been playing like a player protecting an injury for quite a while.

    Feghouli definitely looks like he’s finding his feet – at last!

    It took me quite a while to realise that Calleri was on the pitch, I always call him ‘the Invisible Man’ because he never seems to do anything – my opinion hasn’t changed!

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