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How we rated the Irons against the Gooners



Hugh gives out his points

Fabianski: Weird afternoon – three up …no chance with their goals and one fine save low at the end 7

Coufal, Probably stretched more today than we’ve seen this season but stuck at it without looking as commanding as usual 7

Diop: He’s looked ok since he returned and was pretty composed under pressure 7

Dawson: Scored an unstoppable goal past his own keeper but some important interventions and blocks 6

Cresswell: Found out at times – not his best afternoon 6

Rice: Energy levels are extreme and almost gave us the win with an astonishing run and shot as he emerged from his own half past four or five Arsenal players 8

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Soucek: Credited for the third goal and quieter than usual but wasted nothing when on the ball 6+

Bowen: Very busy, scored an opportunist goal but faded with most of the rest of them 6+

Lingard: Hugely effective again – great twists and turns and ball carrying – dine goal from distance and looked dangerous even when Arsenal were in the ascenfdancy and the ball found him.8+

Benrahma: Couple of decent bits of work but still has a lot to prove for me 5+

Antonio: Hit the post and simply doesn’t look the player he was since his comeback. We are not seeing those big runs from him 5+


Noble: Brought on to help close the game down – wrong move again Moysie but did what he does and the three points disappeared anyway

Fredericks: On late No rating

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “How we rated the Irons against the Gooners

  1. Hit the nail on the head with wrong move Moysie. Can blame players for individual errors but biggest issue was Arsenal getting behind us, particularly our left side. Needed to switch to 5-4-1 start of second half, certainly after an hour.

    Still? Moyse has a lot of credit in the bank at the moment but if we truly want to do well consistently he needs to lose his “issue” with big clubs.

  2. Generous rating for Benrahma. good going forward. But did not do his defensive work. Has to increase work ethic if he, and we are to succeed.

  3. Thought Cressie got very little support, all their goals came from our left and I was surprised Moysie didn’t address the Chambers issue. I didn’t see the point of bringing Nobes on. And as far as Bennie goes, although he shows what he can do in creating the Antonio chance, I’m beginning to think he’s too lightweight for the prem, I hope he proves me wrong. I think your comments on Vlad are fair but I thought he did better against Tierny than many have fared this season. I know we’re not gonna have pots of money to spend in the close season but we really need to address the cover for midfield more than anything, Our seasons over for me if thomas or dec pick up an injury that lasts more than a few weeks.

    • A little harsh on Benrhama, has never given me the impression he’s the new Haller and rated by Hugh the worst player on the pitch today!!! Sorry I didn’t see he rated slightly higher than Noble. That’s adding insult to injury!!

  4. Cresswell for England 😅😅😅 what a joke, defensively so poor. Antonio not a number 9, never has been, never will be… Not puting in the early season effort at times…. Not clinical enough in front of goal.

  5. We need a left back, CM and 2 forwards in the summer. Arsenal brought on Pepe, Martinelli, we bring on the deplorable Noble and Fredericks. What Moyes sees in either of these players is just beyond me. But lets face it under this manager does it surprise us, no this is what we will have to get used to. He is also tactically inept too how he did not put a player in front of Cresswell was just beyond ridiculous. By switching to a 3-5-2 bringing on Johnson and playing Benrahma in behind Lingard and Antonio we would have won that game. Instead he brings out legless Noble and Fredericks. Very poor performance yet again from the sideline. I thought Fab, Lingard were our best players today.

    • terrible lack of respect for a manager who has saved us twice, and then got us dreaming of Europe. You would have thought from this comment that we are getting relegated. Amazing how ungrateful some people are.

      • I am giving just an honest opinion, which is what these sites are for, so if you are coming onto to these sites, come on to assess the games and lets not make it personal. When players step over the line they will be scrutinized and same with managers..

    • Noble and deplorable in the same sentence….some people really have short memories..ineffective may have been a more appropriate phrase.

  6. Could the dip in Michail Antonio’s performance and impressions be explained by the management of his playing style? Seems when he is left to do what he thinks is right, he does well. The more coaching and contrived play instructions he receives may be stifling to his confidence and natural play. No longer ‘just doing it’ but having to think and check too much now. The guy should be unleashed. Play with him. Turning him into somebody else is not going to make him better. His free play style and attitude is infectious when allowed to come to the fore. He thrives on approval and encouragement. Trying to turn him into a deliberate, thoughtful and predictable centre forward is not going to work. If we need one of those (I think not) then we should buy a manufactured, schooled and experienced carthorse to keep the purists happy. Changing Antonio is not the answer. Too much to lose.

    • Just seen again on MotD. He didn’t seem that bad to me. Maybe just ‘highlights’. Or could apparent dip in performance just be that the others are doing more these days. Last season, we all watched in admiration as Antonio did the business. This year the rest of the team seem to be helping with play of their own.

  7. Benrhama foot skills are not matched by his understanding of the game. He continues to look lost defensively. Bowen has also lost the plot. Diving and handing the ball cost us dearly.
    They should have gone to 3-4-3 at the half. Bowen and Benrhama getting the rest they seemed to want.

  8. Agree with all comments about the Nobes move. Why, what did it add? It is a worry that DM uses this sub as a go-to and it solves nothing. The clear issue was them attacking down our left flank – should have brought on a left w/b to help Cress and stop supply.

  9. Short version – Benrahma runs around like a headless chicken. Totally ineffectual apart from one pass for Antonio to hit the post. He leaves Cresswell totally exposed against two or more players for the whole of the second half. It screamed for him to be replaced by Johnson and go to a back five. Motes made a mistake but has still done a fantastic job this season. How you can score Benrama more than 1 is beyond me, he was less effective than Haller was.

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