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How we rated the Irons at Kidderminster

Hughie hands out his marks


Areola: Forced into a couple of early saves before being at fault for goal when coming off his line and failing to collect plus a dreadful extra time error 2


Fredericks; Early error led to big chance for Harriers and barely improved all afternoon 2


Diop: Utterly appalling – subbed at half time 0


Zouma; Back foot throughout first half – nothing to speak of in second. His level really dropped in this game and looked as though he has suffered a real injury setback towards the end 2


Johnson: One of the better players but not great – subbed second half 3


Noble: Showed next to nothing 1


Kral: One or two decent touches – various poor ones. Subbed 3


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Benrahma: Tiny threat in a tiny performance. Close range shot blocked for one big chance, another saved near end of normal time. Lots of time on ball – nothing to show for it 3


Vlasic: All promise – little performance 2


Bowen: Barely noticed him but for one fine well saved shot 3


Yarmolenko: Let us not hear his name again. Ghastly and the disgusting attempt for a pen was embarrassing and shameful. Offside for assist on disallowed goal – please LEAVE! o


Dawson: Class apart from the horrible Diop but that wasn’t hard 5

Rice: Where would we be without this young man? Best player on park for us by far 8

Soucek: Little impact – disappointing 3

Cresswell: Lots of good work down left 6

Fornals: Fine ball for Dec’s goal 5

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

18 comments on “How we rated the Irons at Kidderminster

  1. Embarrassing scores, but entirely fair. Fredericks was at his best when he did nothing. Benrahma has had enough chances. He is not good enough. Yarmalenko should apologise to us and Kiddie fans. Shameful performance. He did not look interested from the start. We need a ruthless clear out (if ever we find someone to buy). Moyes shamefully called out Coufal and others earlier in the season. He now owes it to those guys to call out each and every one of the poor performers today.

  2. Soucek and Diop were actually reasonable once on. Added much more composure and quality in reference to their direct alternatives (Noble and Vlasic), who were simply awful. Vlasic is a dud. Plenty of time to show a tiny bit of quality now and hasn’t ever done so.

  3. I think you’ve been over generous with your scoring apart from Big Dec………..
    Where would we be without him………
    One question for dithering Dave……
    Are you still sure your happy with the squad , i beg to differ, Fredricks, Yarmelenko, Diop & Kral were all woefull……… lets just be thankfull that Masuaku didn’t play

  4. Fornals unnoticed ??? Did you not see his pass which put Rice in for the equaliser ?

  5. Fornals played the one splitting pass for Rice to go on and score, so maybe worth more than a 2.
    Moyes will be hurting, good!

  6. In Moyes we trust. Now we reap the harvest for it.

  7. I would say that Benrahma worked hard all afternoon and for me I would have given a 6, he was our most lively attacker. I actually thought Fornals made a differerence when he came on, his pass (assist) to Rice was sublime so I cant really understand a rating so low, again I would have given him a 6. And for once I am going to praise Yarmo, I am not sure how you could give him a 0, totally wrong. He worked hard all afternoon and I actually liked him in the 9 role in the second half instead of Bowen as Bowen was terribly today. I hope Moyes has now finally called time on players like Fredericks, Diop and Kral. Johnson, Noble and Vlasic can play a role but lets now integrate the U23s. Moyes you need to be brave now, for us to succeed.

  8. Well, I noticed Fornals. Some nice touches including the pass through for Sec’s goal

  9. tbh when you get a game like this and not just us it is all top teams. when you are down the lower divisions they know how to fight for every ball because its survival to those guys and i think people forget that. i had a feeling this would be a hard game as is always when you play these kind of teams and we more than most should know this.
    personally they deserved to win this game and as far as Yarmo is concerned that was just dreadful by any professional football player regardless what division. if he so disinterested to play for this team then pay him off and get rid because we have had bad apples many many times before. West Ham did not play that bad in all honesty just the kiddies wanted it more and they did shut us down at every opportunity they could. cannot fault Declan nor Bowen
    to lose in the last seconds of full time and also the last seconds of extra time must have been horrible for Kidderminster so fair play to them

    • Accurate and fair assessment IMHO, Ray1962.
      Games like this are never going to be a gimme for any of the top teams for a variety of reasons including the playing surface.

  10. Sorry everyone – except Johnham1 – I spent most of the thinking Yarmo had improved. He was doing his best, working harder than usual, and moved into better positions. But the dive was unforgivable and he has to go. I’d rather lose than go through on a false penalty.

  11. The rest about right, but pleased that you changed your mark on Fornals. Always gives 100% and a great ball for Declan’s last gasp equaliser.

  12. Thank you for an extremely honest evaluation, sir.
    Sometimes I think I am the only person giving bad Marks. Got home a bit late, and when I turned on the telly and the first thing I saw … was Benhrama pass back into the midfield, a few passes on to Bowen, who politely passed back to the centre half, ending with a bad pass into touch.

    From then on I saw a clueless and rusty WH 1st team going through the motions. Our passes lacked pace and our ideas lacked intention. Our tackles lacked intensity and fierceness, and our players looked like pre-season.
    I applaud and support your marks sir. As well as your comments.

    Once again this performance highlights the fact that we needed some good signing in the past window.
    Vlasic is bad, Yarmo is not interested. Benny would not make ManC 2nd team. And Diop and Fredericks can never be called Premier League players, please.

    And how would you rate Moyes?

  13. Love your sentiment in the marks. Yarmo not in my name you cheat Kral, Noble, Vlasic – very poor, headless Diop and Fredericks – generously overmarked Hugh!! Clueless. Moyes – I am so disappointed you bottled playing the young players, and instead we got Yarmo embarrassing the club, Diop shown up and Zouma injured. Grow s pair Dave

  14. I was disgusted by Yarmolenkos dive but nothing worse than we see every week in the premier league by the likes of Salah and Sterling. I understand that Yarmolenko is the C and H scapegoat, the player you love to hate but apart from his dive I actually thought he played ok today and got better when playing up top in the position he plays for Ukraine. I thought most of the players who came on as subs played ok too including Fornals. Shocking game but thanks to Rice and Bowen we are through to the next round. Time to move on.

    • I don’t love to hate anybody matey. I judge on what I see and form an opinion. He’s poor = not good enough and to take a dive like that against a National League team is really bad for a top international.It reflects badly on the club and that’s not good enough. But chiefly he let himself down

  15. Probably the worst performance I have seen from Hammers in 65 years of support home and away . Moyes said before the game that he is happy with his squad and there were no better players available . Words from his own mouth that prove the man is a terrible judge of a player. As soon as the team was announced we all new that we were in for a long day but honestly not this bad . Rating a team on such a poor showing is pointless as should be 90% of the players . Rice was immense again , Fornals did more than most and Bowen looked frustrated at what he was watching . The rest is history . Moyes Is totally clueless and tactically inept . . Look at his record … what has he ever won . A great effort driven on by Declan has seen a good start to the season but results have been slipping away due to no plan B and a pitifully weak squad beyond the best dozen players .

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