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How we rated the Irons at Swansea

We have two sets of ratings tonight from CandH reporter Daniel Danielli Leach followed underneath by FB forum member Sergey Novysh .

Here’s Danny’s marks:

Adrian  Not at fault for any of the goals and made a couple of good saves 6

Zabaleta A fairly steady performance from him today nothing too much to note 5

Rice Made a crucial block in the 16th minute to prevent a goal on the line and his distribution at the back was really good. However he lost van der Hoorn for the 2nd goal 5

Reid Unfortunately he suffered what looks like a very serious injury in the 16th minute after taking a tough fall from a crucial block and took 9 minutes before he was stretchered off for Byram. We wish him a speedy recovery

Cresswell Looked a bit nervous at centre back the whole match and his distribution forward wasn’t that great either 5

Evra Quite similar to Cresswell’s performance and it was a stark contrast in performance to his debut last week. Sacrificed at half time for Antonio 5

Kouyaté  As someone who usually defends and praises him a lot, today he was quite shocking. He was playing with his ice skates today 3

Noble – 4 – Very enthusiastic but he was slow and quite lethargic and picked up his customary yellow card. He is not the future of West Ham

Chicharito  I sympathise with him. He had no service all match 5

Lanzini Always trying to the link the midfield and attack but today he failed to provide those links today 4

Arnautovic Similarly to Chicharito he saw very little of the ball and one good chance he had in the 57th minute was fluffed 5


Byram – 4 – Offered very little at right wing back apart from some wild passes and clearances

Antonio – 4 – Despite being full of energy he could not match that with quality apart from his goal

The Manager:

After 2 heavy defeats the pressure builds on him as we are dragged right back into this tight relegation battle. He failed to inspire the team on such a crucial game and his defensive schemes and counter attacking play which he had introduced seems to have gone out of the window. The exclusion of João Mario also came to a surprise 4


….and here’s Sergey’s

Conceded 4 in a second game in a row. And the first goal didn’t look really unstoppable. Made few average saves, but did’t have much work to do really apart from getting the balls from the net. I really like Adrian, but maybe it is time to give Joe Hart a chance to prove himself again 4

Played well and solid from the start, provided a goal-saving clearance right after Reid’s injury incident, but didn’t mark Van der Hoorn during following corner which led to 2nd goal. Bad, bad mistake but overall not a bad performance from the lad. Made a few good interceptions and did’t panic while playing in a key defensive position after Reid has been stretched off. Declan will learn from his mistakes and hopefully will play a key role in securing top flight football for the Hammers. 5
We all wish Winston a speedy recovery. Hopefully he’s OK.
To be honest I expected much more from him an Zab today. When your team loses two CB’s before the game, as an experienced player you have to step in and help your teammates as much as you can. But Aaron wasn’t at his best. Too nervous, sloppy passing and giving away cheap free-kicks. Still his pass to Antonio was superb. 5
Same as Cresswell, but no goal assist.  4
I am a huge Kouyate admirer, but he’s having a very difficult season so far. Today he was just awful. Lost the ball to many times in the dangerous areas, conceded a penalty and received a yellow. Lets just hope it was just another bad day in the office. 3
Another huge disappointment. I can understand passion and desire, fighting spirit. But today it was about ill discipline. When you’re losing a game – last thing you need is your captain unnecessarily getting into trouble. Too many sideway passes, not tracking back sometimes. Few good moves in the second half, but not enough. 3
Can’s see why Moyes made him an automatic starter. Really poor performance today. 4
You just have to watch first goal to understand that Manu just don’t know how to defend. In fairness it’s not his job. His job is to dribble, provide killer passes, shoot from distance.. But today we didn’t see any of that. 4
You can understand the guys frustration. Isolated again. No chances, no goals. Some facebook members predicted exact same scenario right after the starting line-up has been announced.  4
Can’t blame his effort. Constant running, tracking back, making challenges. Some superb skill in the box again, but missed golden oppotunity. When you see a player pressing in the opposing half in the 88 minute while his team losing 4-1.. He deserves some credit. 7
Forced sub. Didn’t do much wrong, but when team loses 4-1 you have to question your defense anyway. 4
Should have played from the start. We missed energy and pace he provides for too long. Scored another great goal. Made a few poor crosses but really it’s not a job for one of the best headers of the ball in the league. 7



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “How we rated the Irons at Swansea

  1. Why hart for Adrian ? That’s blaming Adrian for the defeat ? Which its not ! Do you think hart would have made a difference to the result?The squad is so thin with numbers and quality that nobody can take their place ! Harts gone the end of the season , Adrian isn’t , Adrian is our best keeper by a mile ! IMO 😉

    • I am not blaming Adrian. Just saying that switching keepers might work short term. Hart has a lot to prove before world cup. Adrian conceded 8 in 2.

  2. Interesting how my post against these protesters disappeared!! . They have demonstrated Thier desire to see us relegated and cast into the abyss . These protesting idiots need to be denied access to the LS . They have succeeded in Thier dream to demoralize and belittle the Team . We don’t need these so called “ real fans “ . Supporting ( that’s a laugh )
    Our Club . Get rid of them if they can be found . We need REAL SUPPORTERS AND FANS . They collectively ousted Alladyce, Bilic and now want Moyes together with the Board .
    To call these people “ real fans “ is an affrontRy to the fans who have supported West Ham United through thick and thin over 100 yrs . Never in my life of being a Supporter ( 60 yrs )
    Have I ever seen such wanton and open will to destroy West Ham United . All these so called “ real fans “ can **** off . You have all caused so much damage now it is almost beyond repair … IF WE SURVIVE THIS SEASON I HOPE TO GOD YOU WONT BE THERE NEXT SEASON . Useless lumps of **** .

  3. Protesters,,, go and do one . We will survive without you .. hope not to see you next season . Be it in the Premiership or the Championship . The 7 or less thousand seats can be filled with True Fans ,,, not you load of traitors . You all obviously know nothing about nor appreciate Football . Go and play Cricket or some other sport you want to destroy .
    West Ham United Football Club will carry on regardless without of you idiots .
    But , I suppose you will still be there next season to cheer us on through thick and thin.
    Tossers . Your just deserts will be heard loud and Clear for all to see . Where will you all hide when we Are challenging for a top six finish next season ?? Hidden amongst the Fans , no doubt cheering every goal ,,,, ****ers .,

  4. All of those involved in these protests can’t be bad ,,, there are for sure those that have been bullied into it or don’t have a clear mind of Thier own or can’t escape the gang because they are weak minded . West Ham United is a Family Club first ,, based on our Heritage of two World WArs . Get behind the Club and team and see it for what it is …
    A small community that grew a Football Club… that’s what it is in reality . Your Grandparents made it happen . Don’t let them down due to impatient and hooligan elements . It’s truly tearful to see what is happening . I remember Steam Trains with passenger cars stopping on route to get a climps of the game .. Let’s not forget that magic .

    • What the hell are you talking about kevin?.Are you blaming the fans for this defeat? Fans are fed up because they pay good money to watch crap like this today.The players don’t care about demonstrations and they know it’s not about them but about the tight stingy people running our club.

  5. OMG ….a club in turmoil . Scum bag owners who lie blatentely and are dragging our club down .No investment , no class , just lies and unfulfilled promises . Week after week dreadful performances from same dross . Noble without question the worse player in the league with Hernandez , Kouyate , Cresswell and Lanzini close behind .

    We need barrell loads of luck to survive and when we do go down it will be many many years before we can repair the damage being caused by the barra boys .

  6. Claret and Hugh used to give obiang a bad mark each and every week saying he can’t pass this that the other, I said at the time of his injury this would happen, now perhaps people will realise just how good he was at breaking games up to help our terrible defence out. Moyes is a defensive dinosaur, if he wants a strong defence he needs to play two relatively quick players as defensive m/f infront of the back 3 to cover incase our 2 wide attacking(see what I did there I said attacking ) midfielders get up the pitch an other team break. That would still leave us 2 up front who can link not only with the attacking (omg I said it again) wingbacks but with the playmaking central midfielder allowing us to go at teams wide and centrally in a 3 2 3 2 formation thus allowing us defensive solidness, a good solid midfield either if we are pressing or defending an the ability to press teams or break quickly, erm sounds a bit like the west ham way. As a supporter of west ham for over 45 years I have seen good and bad and top div an relegations, I don’t really want to see us relegated again but we go a goal down under Moyes an we struggle with the defensive players he picks to turn it around an play attacking football

  7. im hoping the lemmings involved in protests who seem intent on creating a poisonous toxic atmosphere at our club, dont come back next year. give their seats to fans on the waiting list who genuinely want to support our club.

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