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How we rated the Irons at the Etihad


Niall McDonald hands out the marks


Fabianski: Disappointed to see him beaten at the near post by De Bruyne, but just about made up for it with a great block shortly after 5
Fredericks: Showed his speed and poor touch before suffering a painful-looking shoulder injury 5
Diop: Stuck legs out, threw himself into blocks, headed clear when he could… 6
Ogbonna: Stuck legs out, threw himself into blocks, headed clear when he could… 6
Cresswell: Would have been turned inside out as a left back tonight, relieved to have had some assistance 5
Masuaku: About as good as could be expected 4
Rice: Looked the only player close to the opposition’s level 7
Noble: Lack of pace really noticeable tonight 4
Soucek: Some neat passes, and attempted to support Antonio in the first half 6
Snodgrass: Also did his best to support Antonio, no faulting his effort as always 6
Antonio: Surprised and impressed to see him last the full 90 minutes. ‘Fed on scraps’ I think is the phrase 6

Zabaleta: Last appearance at the Etihad but, unfortunately, not his last for us judging by Fredericks’ injury 4
Bowen: Well, let’s be positive – he looked pretty sharp, decent touch, and made a couple of positive runs. A little pipe-opener before Liverpool away!! 5

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

16 comments on “How we rated the Irons at the Etihad

  1. Masuku is always a liability with City players routinely running past him to get thei crosses in. & his lack of awareness of opponents making runs from deeper positions.

    Noble fails to pick up his opponents & lacks both the pace & energy level for the PL.

    Why Moyes persists in playing these two perpetual failures is beyond comprehension?

    Fear injury to Fredericks means he will be out for the relegation battle with Zabaletta exposed to opponents with pace..

  2. Moyes has been bought in to prepare us for championship. Most players will leave and we will be left with the likes of Noble, Fabianski some U23’s and some “freebies”. Of course the terrible trio will be giving it large that we are the biggest club in the championship with the biggest ground and probably will feel as pleased as punch when the ” lower” teams visit our big, open, soulless stadium. If/when Moyes is in charge next season God help us.

  3. Soucek was awful. I’m sorry but he looked the worse of the midfield. Let’s hope that deal doesn’t go through if we do stay up. Some neat touches? I must has missed those Niall.

    • The worst person wearing the shirt was Noble by a million miles . Again he contributed nothing and should be ashamed of himself . People criticise other players but the truth is they are covering for a passenger and are barely good enough in their own right let alone covering for the inept Captain . Noble should retire now before he drags us down . COYI

  4. fredericks saved us from conceding twice early on in the game. Probably his best ever defensive performance for us but hardly got forward. Snodgrass hopeles, did nothing well today. Noble hopeless, did nothing well today. Rice was a mixed bag, some good forward play followed by poorly giving the ball away on a number of occasions. Antonio too selfish today, not releasing the ball early enough, not going to force his way through a team like city all on his lonesome. Diop and Ogbonna did reasonably well defensively. Masuaku never gives the ball away? If ever there was a song so inappropriate. It should be always gives the ball away. Fabianski good game apart from maybe could have stopped city’s second from that tight angle. Cresswell made some great blocks early on but generally unused to playing centre back for such long periods. Lost his concentration or legs or both towards the end. Souchek played very well, looks like a good all rounder, a better version of Pedro obiang. Bowen looked a breath of fresh air in terms of his movement and quickness of thinking. Looks like he wants to get involved with everything, was even tracking back as a defender at one point. Never really had much time to really show what he could do.

  5. Rice 10 for 15 mins in second half, fab 10, MASUAKU 0, stop being so sympathetic

  6. Another painful Moyes expierience.
    To me he has to go now.
    I know that was city but such a negative dire line up and performance.
    He’s done it so many times in his tenure here.
    He was lucky during his previous reign that he kept us up. Now he’s doing it again.
    If we somehiw survive it’ll be more luck that he astute management

    • Sliding, what would have done at the Etihad with the available squad??
      Oh and not forgetting there is a trip to Anfield in a few days…..

      • blimey
        I would of played our best team snd used 3 subs for more than 20 minutes each.
        No place for Noble or Masuaku.
        And stop this 3 at the back crap.
        This was a game for Haller .
        Bowen and Anyonio behind him.
        Snodgrass, Rice and Soucek doing the running.
        A bit of pace footballers who can pass a bit.
        I would have Fornals in place Snodgrass in an ideal world.

        and what’s this about playing Liverpool,? that’s five days away.
        give me strength some people really don’t know much

  7. Sliding Tackle
    100% agree with you

  8. Noble 6 Antonio 7 Snodgrass 5 – he tries but rarely got close enough to Antonio to sustain an attack.It was almost criminal that Bowen didn’t start.

    • Obviously blinded by loyalty over ability George . Once again Noble was atrocious . He contributed nothing again . . 1 for turning up cos that’s all he did . A disgrace he should be ashamed of himself . If he truely loves the club he would bow out now . Time to hang up his boots before he drags us down . .

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