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How we rated the Irons v Brighton

Adrian: One amazing save but no chance with any of the goals. Not the best day of his life 5

Byram: Still ain’t sure about him. Got forward well and had a couple of chances but uncertain at the back at times 5

Collins; Seriously unimpressed – went to sleep for the first goalĀ  and clearances of the ‘anywhere will do’variety 4

Ogbonna: Best of the back three, always trying to play his way out of trouble – did ok against some very lively forward movement 6

Rice: Steady and generally reliable – sacrificed second half for an attacking option in Antonio 6

Cresswell: Was put under the cosh at the back at times and gave little in an attacking sense 5

Zabaleta: Got to admire his non stop endeavour but found it tough at times in front of the back line 6

Noble: Off colour like the rest of them. One to forget 5

Kouyate: Always trying to battle his way forward – gutsy and determined 6

Mario: With so little movement or enterprise around him he found this hard – did ok 6

Chicharito: Fabulous goal but on the back foot like the rest of them after that 5


Antonio: Nothing from him in a zero performance which saw him fall over rather a lot. Needs a lot of game tome to be back to best obviously 3

Hugill: Came on late – had a couple of touches so very little to report No rating



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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “How we rated the Irons v Brighton

  1. To me, Mario is a rather curious case – clearly he didn’t play any worse than the rest of the team today but, having watched him now for the last two league outings, he didn’t seem too “hands-on” either. Is he the play-maker? Well, he didn’t seem to demand the ball or take charge when he had it. He rarely tried to take on defenders in the Lanzini mode. Quite often, he seemed content to pass and sit back, rather than move with it for a return pass. Bit too laid back for the English game?

  2. 6 Oggy, sorry cant agree with that. He gave the ball away a few times and some of his positioning was average at best. The state of Italian football and the fact he got anywhere near a cap for them shows how poor they are/he is.
    5 Cresswell. How does he get as much as that and Collins a 4? He offered less defending that Collins and produced 2 good crossed. (And about 5 or 6 terrible ones)

  3. 3 points above the drop zone says it all for me. Watford next week doesn’t really fill me with confidence either.Sounding negative?Absolutely.

    • P.S And the fans want to give Collins an extra year? Not on that performance.Serious money has to be spent to compete in the top part of the table and unfortunately it won’t happen while we have skinflints in charge.

  4. There is a long way to go to the end of the season, if Moyes is going to play Zab as a DM then it is going to be a long haul,Kouyate ain’t great as a DM but better him and to play Zab at RB, shore up that side, or alternatively play Joao as DM alongside Noble, with Antonio wide right, Hernandez left side and Huggil uptop to play a sort of modified 5 2 3 formation with forward players rotating positions.

  5. Whenever you lose key players others should start to “man up” and start to take the reins and take the responsibility for the ones who left the battle through injury? So Antonio you’ve got to take or seize this chance in the next three games ? You never know you might make the England squad for the World cup?? And in Troy Deeney’s word’s when next Saturday comes “don’t let them mug us off” Watford that is !!! And Winston Reid ” YOUR TEAM NEEDS YOU ” !!!!! C.O.Y.I

  6. What a shambles . Think you watch a different game to me . Cresswell and Noble were awful . Collins made an error but he has been immense. Hernandez scored a goal but did absolutely Nothing else . Kouyate is playing out of position …again and Byram still has a lot to learn . The score could easily have been 7 . 3 times Noble miss kicked or gave the ball away in front of goal and against a better side 3 more goals would have resulted . Noble has put in 3 or 4 better , not great but better , performances recently but today he was absolutely terrible . It highlighted how badly we needed a couple of good midfield players because we had no one to cover or create . The pressure was off Noble .. no one to replace him now so no need to put in the extra yard . He is a disgrace . Cresswell has lost the plot but no one to replace him …OMG … we are in deep deep trouble .

    • Bubbles – if I read your comments right about a certain someone being a disgrace then your are the biggest West Ham supporting muppet there is..And that is a fact..

    • 100% right …and what would happen if a couple of our midfieldes picks up injuries. Jo hart would have to start in midfield.. Mg god the more you look at it the more you think the board want us to fail with there ineptitude in the transfer market ..and still they hide away hoping it Will go away ..

  7. Can’t agree with your scoring Hugh, the entire back half shouldn’t as high as a 5. And Kouyate was pretty worthless ….
    Agree with spindoc, not sure what to make of Mario yet, looks good at times but disappeared for much of the game…
    Just a terrible performance all round, tactically the coaches.manager got the lineup/formation all wrong.

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