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How we rated the Irons v Burnley



Hughie hands out the marks


Fabianski; Outstanding performance but was fortunate that the Burnley strikers failed to capitalise on many clear cut chances 8

Antonio: He’s not a defender – we all know that – but he did okayand there were several decent attempts to get the team on the move 6

Ogbonna: His lack of games this season ensured his fitness and did well again 7

Diop: Caught out for the first goal and looked uncertain for the first time this season 5

Cresswell: Another who only has a few miles under his belt and performed to a decent level 6

Noble: Part of an over-run midfield, picked up a yellow and will see this as one to forget 4.5

Rice: What a footballing brain there is inside this kid’s head. Not the best way to start a new era as a Hammer but another very decent performance 7.5

Snodgrass: Tries for his life and the set pieces are more than decent but not a lot came off for him today 6

Anderson: Didn’t turn up at all – very disappointing 3

Perez: Ditto above 3

Arnautovic: Anonymous! Was he fully fit? offered very little 4.5


Diangana: Often flattered to deceive but linked well with Antonio on occasions 4

Carroll: One blinding header brilliantly saved near the end and that was about it 4

Silva: Debut for the Portuguese U 23 striker a forgettable event but he’s far better than this 4


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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

25 comments on “How we rated the Irons v Burnley

  1. Do you allocate points for contribution made to team ? Looks like they get`3 for turning up cos Noble , Perez Anderson contributed absolutely sweet f a to an abysmal outing against a poor team . Surely Fabianski who has been great was at fault for second goal ????

    • Oh do leave off Bubs…now boring

    • Bubbles, what did snodgrass, or arnautovic offer. Absolutely nothing, even less in fact than noble or Perez or Felipa Anderson..It’s one game. The team have been on a great run over the the past 6 weeks, all of which Nobes and Anderson have been part of. You are so boring. I agree with Hugh.

  2. Bubbles is only saying what some refuse to see. The midfield was overrun and we all know who didn’t turn up there. And that’s we’re we lost the match. That and general fatigue

    • Bubbles is a joke. As someone commented yesterday, the only bubbles coming from him are fart bubbles in the bath. The whole team didn’t show, not just 2 in the middle of the park. If it’s one thing from modern football that I detest it’s these over the top reactions from one game. It’s just stupid. We have made a great recovery from a poor start. Onwards in 2019.

    • Yes bubs has only said it 8000 times. Neither he me or you has a monopoly on truth. You can do em tuesday ok?

  3. Mark Noble deserves a 1, Perez and Felipe Anderson both deserve 1’s. Fabianski deserves a 10. Even young Rice did not seem himself. But all in all since I became a hammers supporter, this is what I have come to expect. Anytime we have a chance to really move up the table we blow it usually to a team in relegation.

    • Don’t be stupid. Giving players a one. Sky sports actually gave Anderson, and noble a five I believe. Some of the so called supporters who don’t go to games but hammer players on social media are embarrassing. It’s one game that we lose and then over the top ridiculous reaction’s from keyboard warriors…

  4. I’m sorry, but these ratings baffle me. The entire team were off the pace from minute one, clearly feeling the weight of expectation and number of games without much ability for us to rotate the squad due to injuries. There was no press, no speed or intensity at all, and whilst I have no doubt they all wanted to do well, with so many sleepwalking, we were always going to be second best.

    They had three in midfield, and we should’ve matched them with a tweak of formation, but didn’t. I cannot see why Perez would get another minute with Silva waiting for his chance to impress. He offers so little, but to be fair, that’s true of the entire team bar Fab today. Forget it and move on.

  5. Disappointing isn’t enough, it was inept. Diop said they were ready to move forward, Rice said he was overwhelmingly motivated, Noble is Mr West Ham, yet they got smashed in every area of the pitch. Shambolic ! They hung poor Fabianski out to dry. I feel raped. I spend 72 hours nervously waiting for this match only to feel my mother had disowned me.

    • You feel what? Really …..?

      By the way, Happy New Year Hugh – here’s to a better 2019 for you. And Happy New Year to Hammers everywhere. Even Bubbles. COYI.

  6. I am not one to bash players. Noble is a Hammer Hero no doubt. But he did absolutely nothing in that game. At one point who stood at the edge of the box with his back to play while the ball went by an almost cost us a goal. I don’t remember one good thing he did. I love Anderson but please this guy makes as many or more passes to the opposition as just to his own players. Scoring goals cover a multitude of inadequcies. But as a team we need some real creativity in the middle. I can’t wait to see Lanzini and Anderson together. And I have never been to a game because I live in America, but I hope to see them this campaign at home again Everyone in the new stadium

  7. Why would Person deserve more than a one besides the fact everyone is so sensitive about everyone’s feelings. I coach soccer and basketball and can tell u now Perez would never play for me with his lack of commitment and Anderson would have had a talking to by now about his passing. I’m glad to see he has gotten better at getting balls back after he loses them.

  8. Why would Perez. Excuse my typing. But question, if u have a scale of 1-10 what constitutes a 1. If people are to afraid to admitt when someone is not up to standard don’t make a scale. Most of the time when players are rated I never see anything below an 3 or above an 8. Has any player in the world ever gotten a 10. If not why have a scale?

  9. Just saw the highlights, two very poor goals to concede, give Xande a chance in place of Perez against Brighton. every team has the odd bad game, we were unlucky against Watford not to get anything from that game otherwise we have had an excellent December. No team has a divine right to win, Citeh lost two in a row and they are a lot better than us, fair play to Burnley they took advantage of us on an off day.

  10. Baffle me too.
    You give Ogbonna 7, Jesus he was awful at defending,his pass to a Burnley player for their second was horrendous. made countless errors. Then you give Antonio 6 for being our best defender and attacker who created several chances.
    Noble, who I rate but he was a 2 at best he’s had some bad games but lacked everything a midfielder should have . Rice too had a below average game a 6 for me .
    Perez,lucky to get a 1,Arnautovic similar,his sulky attitude stunk.
    Pellegrrini made the wrong selections and formation for this game.

  11. i agree with Mr. Lurve. what i saw was the worstperformance this year delivered by an exhausted squad with no chance to rotate players in a cruel schedule because we have a whole team in the infirmary. they’ve done very well with this in mind, but the signs were there against Watford.

    also agree that some WH fans are embarrassing on social media, especially those with “get out of my club” comments about individual players. it may be your club but you were never good enough to actually play for it so you’ll just have to make do with players who are so much better than YOU!

    and finally…..bubbles, please burst and disappear into the cosmos. you don’t even deserve to have “Nobes is ****e” on your headstone

  12. An awful display yesterday, but those who have followed West Ham over the years will not be surprised by poor Xmas performance.
    Pellegrini has a share of culpability in this, not adjustments, out-coached by the Ginger Marinho……

  13. The ratings Hugh publishes are merely a conversation piece. Using words like “baffling” and others to describe your disagreement is very condescending – like Hugh says, if you’re that passionate about it, start your own blog and publish the ratings as you see fit. I always love checking in on the ratings – maybe Hugh saw something I didn’t see, it forces me at times to watch and interact with the matches differently. That’s all folks – nothing to have such a moan at.

    • I’m sorry you felt I was in some way attacking Hugh for his thoughts. I wasn’t. I was simply confused by the scores given, as they didn’t reflect the game I watched. I’m not saying Hugh is wrong at all, nor being condescending – I just have a different opinion and may be the lone voice in my thoughts. I am, to my knowledge, still allowed to give my thoughts though, right?

      Perhaps we’re all just tired and reading ‘tone’ into text that just isn’t there…

      I respect your opinion mate, but I assure you I was not being condescending. HNY.

  14. Why is the word bafflinga condescending word. If someone writes a piece for print as a conversation starter and another person feels said persons judgement is baffling what’s wrong with that. I totally agree the number system.is baffling. I even asked, who has ever earned a 10 or what must u do to earn a 1. Yet no one answered that. It’s baffling to have a scale from 1-10 and never give out 1. Please explain to me what you saw in Perezes performance that warranted a 3? If this is a conversation starter why are we not allowed to disagree. I am not being mean or ugly towards anyone. I have never told anyone on social media to leave my club. I also gree Pelligrini was probably right about the squad being tired, because that performance on Sunday was not normal.

  15. Don’t apologise for doing nothing wrong. That’s the problem with this world. Everyone is offended at the slightest remark. Mr. Hugh is a grown mature man with an opinion, that he shares publicly for other grown mature men to discuss without insulting or injuring one another. Never in my life has the word baffle or baffling ever been used to curse another person or belittle them. I stand by my remarks. Please explain why Perez and Noble, who I by the way say is a clear club legend and hope he plays his full career out with us, deserved better than a 1!

  16. FYI, I love the hammers and hope we finish high enough for a European spot this year. It’s very doable. Love the coach and the owners.

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