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How we rated the Irons v Liverpool

CandH’s Niall McDonald is back on ratings duty tonight after a Spanish holiday which he probably wishes had lasted a week longer given that performance
Hart: My daughter commented on how long he takes over his goal kicks; “the longer he delays the longer between Liverpool goals” I explained 4
Reid: Defended a good two yards higher than the rest of the back five before the break. A little more comfortable in a back-four 5
Kouyate: At least we’ll have a right-back playing right-back again in the next game 4
Ogbonna: Brought ball out of defence decently at times. Always under pressure defensively 4
Cresswell: Looks a shadow of the player of a season or two ago 4
Fernandes: Looked nervous in an unfamiliar position, his touch deserted him totally. Hooked at half time 3
Obiang: Worst game I’ve seen from him. Constantly harried into mistakes 4
Noble: Give the skipper his due, he showed decent touch and one of our best for an hour 6
Lanzini: Head and shoulders our best player. Mustered our second shot on halftime, scored and nearly got another 7
Ayew: Started with vigour hitting the post early. Popped up later with a nice assist 5.5
Hernandez: Honestly no idea how to score him – a frustrated, uninvolved figure again before being subbed 4?
Carroll: Got us up the pitch. Threw himself into every challenge. No sights of goal 6
Arnautovic: One nice floated cross. Otherwise no impact. £25m does not buy much in 2017… 3
Sakho: Arrived to muted boos. No tireless running, just jogging 3

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

22 comments on “How we rated the Irons v Liverpool

  1. What hour was it that Mark Noble played well? Just before kick off?

    • Your joking aren’t you wiltell, what minute did obiang play well? Or how about kouyate? Oh shall we talk about fernandes and that first goal..absolute nonsense comments from you and that football knowledge papa Lazarus

  2. The team didn’t lack effort. Ha ha ha . Slav don’t be a ****

  3. Bilic has to go, I question what they do in training. 1. We clearly lack fitness 2. The defence organisation is schoolboy level.

    Cresswells defensive input is diabolical, Kouyate has no positional awareness as result Reid is tearing about leaving even more gaps. I say bring in Ginge as a sweeper for some shape and leadership. Cresswell and Kouyate out.

    Moyes doesn’t suit our favoured style, but defensive stability is needed.

  4. Sorry mate !! Lost interest in the scores when you marked noble 6 ??????
    You’re joking of course , aren’t you ffs 6? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 1 behind lanzini ?? Leave the noblete feelings at home pal they won’t wash on here 6? 😂😂😂😂😂

    • I think everyone is way too harsh on Noble. The rating is fair for me, you can’t surely say Obiang is playing any better and as for Kouyate’s technical ability.

      The two players who keep making the errors are Cresswell and Kouyate more than anyone else.

      • Correct they are too harsh…but only idiots would criticise him and it’s a minority..unfortunately West Ham have a few fans that like to turn on their own…we need players like noble more than ever..so many players we have are so lazy it’s untrue..

    • I think noble had a decent game…as for the second goal, that could have happened to anyone..for some reason Lazarus you have a bitter attitude towards mark, a hammer through and through and that fact makes your attitude all the more diffucilt to understand..as said in commentary he always looks for the ball unlike some of our players..

      • You know what sunshine !! Its idiots like you who can’t see past you’re nose !! Mark 😂
        Says it all for me ! Have you’re say mate but don’t call people idiots you pleb !!!
        Whtid if that rating was fair then I’m a monkeys uncle lol ! Bood by the crowd and pulled !!! 6 really !! 1 off lanzini ! Fool you’re self but you will never fool me ! Or the majority on here lofl!

        • You’re a moron mate. Do you seriously think kouyate (touch of bambi, positional awareness of a kid in a playground), obiang (tell me one good thing he has done) and fernandes (young and playing out of position) are any better.

          Noble isn’t and never will be top class, however he stands up and is counted, he can actually retain possession in a side that cannot string 3 passes together currently.

          Yes the majority of his passes are sideways at the moment, but I don’t see the wing backs making any parading runs or the forwards working the channels, or offering any clever movement. The only player playing well is lanzini so don’t scapegoat noble for everything.

          • Well said mate he is a moron…

          • You’re delusional muppet ! Go do one you and you’re little follower l
            So noble will never be top class but is better than the rest 😂😂😂
            Delusional noblete !!! No pace , can’t close down , frightened of going forward because he has no pace or skill, and has the motivational skill of a sloth , insult to the sloth !! Group captain bader is class is he ! That wasn’t his spitfire outside the ground was it nobby !! What’s kouyate and Fernandez got to do with noble ?? Kouyate got a six according to player watch ! Noble got slaughtered on his slot at palace !! Minority view, as I said like it or lump it! I don’t give a monkeys !

        • No you’re the idiot Lazarus..and by the looks of it I’m not the only one calling you that..All you do is criticise him, and talk crap no matter if he’s played well. I’d almost call it a bitterness really which is quite odd..Have you nothing better to do with your time? he wasn’t booed either..that’s absolute nonsense again.. .how’s that wash with you on here..

  5. Lanzini looked very good & looked ****ed. I actually thought Chicharito was getting around trying but that’s not his best. Shows in some games he covers more ground then most.

    But Lanzini had one of his best games that role behind 2 suits him unfortunately our defense is horrific. And then we had on every attacker.

    Still think Rice should have started only one w Pace to keep up with those players

  6. Am I the only one who cringes at watching Cresswell?

  7. We have a team of quality players not showing that quality, its the lack of desire to get back into shape when we lose the ball high up the pitch that is bewildering, agree that Fernandes should have taken the player out but he is not a defensive midfielder, someobody should be training enough into him to block the man, he is a kid at the end of the day, he actually made some very good passes and his close control is better than most in our team he just needs some proper coaching, as for Cressie and Kouyate getting sucked towards the centre of the field and leaving men out wide free that again is something that shouldn’t happen, Kouyate has an excuse he is not a defender but Cresswell is falling for the same thing time and again. I have no clue what the defenders were thinking when we conceded our first we had a good offensive position and somehow blew it, why was one man defending three Liverpool players…

    • I don’t see what cresswell is offering at the minute. Shirks tackling, marks space and any time he gets space down the left hand side with a 1v1 he bottles it taking anyone on checks back and plays the safe ball.

      So we have a full back that makes no effort to defend and win the ball, and we have a wing back who offers no attacking penetration. Totally ineffective and a player lacking any responsibility to offer an input into the game.

    • Kouyate was a centre half at anderlect before he came to West Ham…it’s the whole team I’m afraid though that’s poor..

      • True, he was centre half, not wing back, but he commits mistake after mistake. Last week he springs out of position leaving a big gap in defence, which resulted in a goal. Today, on the fourth, you clearly see Reid telling him to cover Salah who is alone on the right. And he doesn’t. Why is going on with this guy ?

        • He doesn’t want to play for bilic , he’s played him out of position far to many times
          This season and last !! Plus his buddy sakho is playing a part in it as well maybe !!
          We need change now , and move on !! What is sully delaying the inevitable for , just sack him ffs 😎

        • I agree about kouyate he doesn’t have the best positional sense…he’s not played well all season really, but the team hasn’t played well either because we aren’t a team…we are not set up right and not coached or organised hence all these goals we concede every single week…

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