Howe an Irons target …..BUT!

Howe celebratesEddie Howe’s brilliant Bournemouth are on the edge of the Premier League after thrilling their own fans and the neutrals with a scintillating display of football against Bolton.

The televised match showed just why the Hammers board have installed the 37 year old among their targets when they change the manager in the summer.

The thirty-seven year old is now the hottest managerial prospect around and a Hammers top source has made it clear to ClaretandHugh that he is very much in their minds.

He said: “We have two lists of candidates – and he is top of List Two. It may just be too early but he is among the runners for certain.”

When we asked whether there was the remotest chance of the guy leaving Bournemouth at this magical moment in their history we were met with ย silence other than a tentative: “Wait and see!”

But that his team beat Bolton with an on-the-floor brand of football we are screaming out for escaped nobody and our forums were inundated with congratulations whilst pointing that out very loudly.

What was equally impressive was that – unlike ourselves on important occasions this season – the team, under Howe’s guidance, rose to their biggest moment in superb fashion with a thumping 3-0 win.

For the Hammers purists who would love to see Howe installed NOW, the big worry is that neither he or will be ready to move this summer.

And should he be in say a year’s time, the big boys may well be circling!



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

12 comments on “Howe an Irons target …..BUT!

  1. He didn’t do so well when he left Bournemouth before and he is untried at the top level. Unfortunately I can see it all falling apart next season for him and Bournemouth.

  2. If i was him i would move to a bigger club if given the opportunity.At the moment he is the big up & coming manager,he is the young manager everyone talks about.But if Bournemouth have a struggle next year,which is by no means a given,but a possibility his stauts as one of the best younguns about could wane.If they struggle he could be sacked,not that that is a given,but in this day & age could be a distinct possibilty.I just think maybe it would be a good time for him to move on if he wants to further his career before a possible season of struggle in the Prem takes the gloss off his growing reputation as a manager who does it the right way ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I think he did ok at Burnley but left for personal reasons. Anyway I do not see it happening. The guy will not leave while his club embark on their first Premier League season. But what I can see happening is Allardyce being given another 2 year deal and meanwhile we keep an eye on Howe’s progress for 2 years time. That is of course if he is the guy the club want to get above all others.

    Regarding the big boys circling, in two years we’ll be in the Olympic Stadium, we should be a match for the likes of Everton, Villa, Newcastle when it comes to attracting managers. And I cannot see Man Utd, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea going down the Howe route no matter how well he does. Only Tottenham could be a possibility there.

  4. Agree SA will take us into the OS as it looks like we will finish just above West Brom after all and I can’t see any objections from the board, in fact, picking up the noises that have so far coming from that region he has at least 66% of the vote of confidence and I’ve yet to be shown any thing different, I suppose we are just going to have to get used to the idea even if it’s not what we think is ideal

  5. Allardyce is out of the club,he will be history,keep the faith.How can you keep a manager who has overseen 2 wins in 17.Any other manager would get the sack for that,so why should he get a contract renewal.He can hardly be seen as the safe hands that take us to the OS,he has as much chance of getting us relegated as any new manager on current form,thats without taking into account last season when he had us in the sh*t.Just because nothing is being said now means little.It will happen when the season finishes.He is a dead man walking,simple as that ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Been saying it for months now, Howe is the man to lead us for the next 10/15 years playing the West Ham Way

    It will take a really brave decision from the board so it prob wont happen but I can dream

  7. Lets face it, my mum would be an improvement on hippohead ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. ahahah… Bangkok, my little nience (2 years old) would be an improvement too… certainly she’s funny… lol
    Anyway at first reading this article my heart leapt for joy “the 37 year old among their targets when they change the manager in the summer”… wow, BFS is really out!
    But then I read “For the Hammers purists who would love to see Howe installed NOW, the big worry is that neither he or will be ready to move this summer”. What does it mean? If Howe is really the first objective of the owners (and I coluld be happy about it), and if maybe he will not move this summer, what happens? Another year with the fat man? NO THANKS, THIS IS NOT THE SOLUTION.


  9. The only good news for our club is that Bournemouth and Watford should be fighting at the bottom of the league all season and making our job easier to not be in a relegation battle,
    We need to be looking for more experienced manager than Howe but if it’s him or BFS
    Howe gets my bote

  10. Who is this top Hammesr source? Is it the same one who a week or so ago was saying that Premier League experience was essential?!
    Agree with coyi that Allardyce will be extended when it comes to the crunch-I am pretty sure too that Gold and Brady wont take any risks ahead of moving to OS.
    Personally i would like a Howe, Martinez or even Laudrup type that can build a style and team playing the WHU way. More likely after an OS move than before

  11. All the so called experts are forever stating that Allardyce will always keep your team in the Premier league so here’s the solution which is so simple that it borders on the genius?
    We swap big Sam for Eddie! Bournemouth get to stay in the PL for ever and a day or at least for as long as they can put up with him and more importantly we get to play the football we have been crying out for under Eddie.
    What’s more big Sam can buy a house in millionaires row next door to Harry at nearby Sandbanks using only the loose change he’s picked up from his contract with us.
    Can’t see too many of the big boys being interested either as the name “Howe” doesn’t sound continental enough for their liking.

  12. Lol,i have a lot of time for Bournemouth & Howe.I dont know if i could comfortably talk to a Cherries supporter & admit i am an Irons fan if we had given them the gift of Allardyce.I would feel too guilty even if only through association.I can think of far more deserving clubs who i would like to give Allardyce to.Maybe Millwall in League Two would suit his style of play ๐Ÿ˜‰

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