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Hurt Gold “pained” by Twitter attack

David Gold has admitted being seriously hurt at a Twitter claim which questioned his motives on telling supporters to sit not stand at the London Stadium.

The club has issued a recent statement via Karren Brady that the club would take serious action against those who continue to stand and obstruct the view of others.

But the debate is rumbling on with the stadium  capacity of 66,000 not being attainable until the issue is solved – a position revealed over and over again by the club and one which has been reported on CandH and confirmed by Gold on the social network.

However, the debate hit a new low this evening when a Gold follower went for the co chairman’s throat snapping:“it’s simple U want us to sit so you can make more money stop with all the pretence we not all thick be upfront with your reasons.”

The club chief retweeted and said: “Richard I can’t tell you how painful I fine your tweet I have sunk a large percentage of my wealth into your club dg.”

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In fairness it should be reported that a mass of fans came out in support of the joint chairman outraged at the follower’s comment with one calling for DG to block him.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

20 comments on “Hurt Gold “pained” by Twitter attack

  1. How anyone can doubt either of the Chairmans motives after all they have done for our club over the past few years is beyond me. Unless I am missing something, they are being slagged off because standing is not permitted anywhere in the stadium, when that would be in breach of the license and ‘illegal’, and isn’t even in their gift, even if they were prepared to turn a blind eye to it.. It is surely the stadium operators who are the enforcers?

  2. Football attracts a cross-section of society as fans, and therefore will include such driveling morons and wierdos as the ones who attack an old man, who has taken the risk to comit an enormous part of his personal wealth to the club he loves.
    I know myself that they are a minute minority of West Ham fans, and David Gold knows it too.
    The story of the standing supporters is one of disgrace on the fans, who stand the whole game at everyone elses expense. There is no need for it appart from pig-headedness.
    David Gold has always supported the the idea of safe standing, but even then some supporters attack him over that. They say that it would lower the capacity of the stadium,, so he is not for it after all.
    Well I looked into it yesterday and it in no way should lower the capacity, so he is genuine about it.

  3. The Standing issue is getting out of all proportion, a tiny minority who are trying to impose their will on the Club and the Authorities, I think it’s time to grasp the nettle and revoke these guys Season Tickets – no amount of reasoned arguments will make any difference to them.

    The way it’s going with warnings being issued and ignored, the more you pander to these guys the more vociferous they will get and the more damage they will do to the Club – they’re fanatics there’s no reasoning with them!

  4. Perhaps the stewards can issue them with ASBOs ( anti-supporter behaviour orders ). lol
    First as warning and then if they continue to offend, just ban them for life.

  5. I am pretty sure they don’t want to risk manhandling these supporters and I am fairly sure most of the stewards are ill equipped for that physical approach. Better at this stage to identify the ones at the front of proceedings and call them in for a meeting if they won’t change in the short term until we have the capacity increased revoke their ST’s the option that is preferred though is to reach agreement with the stadium operator on an area where fans that want to stand can. As for the morons that troll DG and others they should take a breath, it seems they are multiplying in these days of the I want it now generation, most of us and certainly the masses who watched successive boards sell all our best players are very grateful that we now have a board that is working to turn us into one of the biggest clubs but within a sustainable business model. I personally like the fact we are getting players on free’s and loan to buy deal’s if we had done the same with Savio Nsereko and Modiba Maiga etc we would have been a lot better off, it shows that our board have learned from their mistakes and are minimising risks.

  6. The board ain’t the issue but the way the message about standing was delivered is. They should have gone down a route of saying you’ll be thrown out if you spoil the enjoyment of other Irons fans by persistently standing not saying it effects our extra capacity because that just comes across as nothing more than making money.

  7. This sitting standing gig will not be worked out until Daphne & her parish council get involved,its clear to see it 😉

  8. It appears that our joint chairman has more ambition for our club than the fans who attack him. He has repeatedly told us t hat he wants West Ham to have the largest crowd in London. Not to increase profits but for the sheer kudos and subsequent bragging rights. What true fan in their right mind wouldn’t want that?

  9. If the statement had been phrased as you say G W, would the standers have then sat down?Don’t think so.

    • Who knows Mooro? As for having the biggest capacity to shout about i’d actually prefer us to be shouting about winning countless trophies and winning week in week out and let’s be honest moving to the Emirates and having 60,000 fans going every other week ain’t made Arsenal any better than they were at Highbury has it 🙂

  10. He was always going to have problems on twitter at the moment after the move from the fans who never wanted to leave UPJust read WHTID on a daily basis some of the prats on there never stop moaning about it & because they didnt get their way with their foot stamping & temper tantrums now they are gunning for the board about everything,no matter how small.

  11. Let’s open the minds here a little bit ! I did some checks myself yesterday , as I questioned what I had read some time back , about free standing and capacity issue ! So I put on my annerak and checked on Google ? Simple right ? :-). It appears that capacity can be increased with this system depending on the design of the structure to be converted ?
    DG stated that he would prefer 66 k as apposed to 57 k so sit down ? I’m thinking you know what Dave ! Come straight out and back the standing issue , get the process going and actually increase the ground capacity to 80 + k thus satisfying everyone !
    But don’t forget a big issue here that supporters old and new like the traditions and old school ways they are accustomed to after being ripped off over the years as pointed out by some of the shop assistants on their break ;-). Moving to the Queenie has taken a hell of a lot of freedom of let’s say expression and freewill and replaced by loads of rules and regs that have inter feared with this old school traditions and putting it more bluntly they don’t like being told what to do by a third party who have total control over the club and its traditions and are in no way going to listen to their greaviences ! This was always gonna be an issue , its not going to be resolved until its actually addressed with a serious debate .
    So Dave should come out and verbally say so ! As he is not at present in response to questions even if he may have hinted in the past ! That he would like safe standing to allow a peace movement society to take effect and promote a friendly environment to move forward ! :-). If the stadium owners would allow anyway ! We need to know that as well.
    As a result I have opened the salon this morning due to big demand from the sitters mainly and the on the fencers with a few standers , 😉 plus Karen rang last night and asked as a big favour to give a few rinses to the some clients coming down from Sunderland !
    ,-). 🙂

    • I’m impressed John,not only have you sorted out smilies but now you google as well.Is there no end to your talents.Well apart from being an expert manicurist as well.
      It’s quiet today where is bowl of chips,is he at the church of the poisonous halibut 😉

      • Haha JB. , pretty good at perms as well now ‘ not sure the customers like it , knit one and pearl one makes a fukin mess they ended up wearing balaclavas ,mind you it helped in avoiding codpiece! Lol. He’s still plotted up on the corner waiting to pounce when given the nod by Daphne ? ;-). had to hand the duty over to GW who carries out the task like a pro ! He can do it while drinking proseco and munching a prawn sarnie ,no ends to his talent ! But rads is tops at pouring the Stella’s when we close up ? :-).
        Had a fright though when trying to post , I had to log in unexpectedly and for a moment thought I was locked out of the shop ?? 🙂

  12. Im sure the troll will appear from under his bridge soon JB.For now just enjoy the peace.It won’t last.

    • Don’t be goading him out Tone! we’ve had a lovely time in the salon this morning having a good old natter ,a custard cream and a glass of proseco:) Not sure that Rick and Rads perms suit them though 🙂

      • Lol well as Allardyce said about tonights match I will respect your point GW.

        • Ah the motivating slug! Sliding along on his belly to a press conference to tell us all that a draw against the mighty Slovaks will catapult us to eternal glory.. All hail the slug the true messiah 🙂

          • No problem for the hippo if it goes titsup he will just dip under and emerge when the tide goes down ! He is the master of pregame spin !
            Always covering its fat arse with spin ? 😉

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