Hurt Gold’s frankest interview


David Gold has chosen to give his frankest ever interview to ClaretandHugh within the last few minute after a deeply insulting tweet in which he was described as “illiterate” and questioned as to how he ever took charge of a real football club.

The hugely offensive tweet from @gabbyobaetan has since been removed and it appears the page no longer exists but Gold remains hurt at the content.

He responded at the time by saying: “I had dysentery, scarlet fever and nearly died from tuberculosis. I then left school at 14. I am dyslexic. dg”

He told us: “Yes it hurt badly at the time because I had such trouble with my schooling. I missed so much and it wasn’t until much later that I discovered I was dyslexic.

“It was so hard because you spend time wondering what’s wrong and whether you are mentally retarded. It was a relief to discover the problem. I have tried very hard and don’t think I’m doing too badly.”

Gold was tempted to block the individual responsible for the Twitter disgrace but said: ‘I can’t do it. That would be like giving into them.’

“However, I’m not prepared to say the day might come when I will do so. It really was pretty horrible butI am bouncing back as is usually the case.”

Gold refuses to come off Twitter because he explains: “There are so many good fans out there from whom I learn a lot and who deserve to be kept as up to date as I can manage.

“I can cope with the odd one or two who are so intensely awful but I have learned there’s not much point in trying to engage within 140 characters. It doesn’t work. Blocking? I don’t want to but wouldn’t rule it out.”


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6 comments on “Hurt Gold’s frankest interview

  1. All I can say David is that through all of you’re troubles you have excelled and beat all of the problems to pulp !!!!
    And I for one commend you on all you’re achievements !!!
    Top man !!!!!!!

    • agreed. we owe the man a great debt which a dozen lottery wins wouldn’t meet. I’ve no comprehension of what drives the haters. we’d have gone bankrupt and be playing in the sunday league if it wasn’t for the daves – instead we’ve got payet & co. COYI

  2. He’s a better person than me putting up with that kind of abuse. I have no idea why people engage like that, what do they get out of it?

  3. Jealous people walk around our planet looking for a weak point to attack,unfortunately it is a nasty trait the human has picked up,
    In this day of high education picking on people who do not have the best education or flaws in there learning
    I have come across many bullies and most are sad individuals with a poor quality of life,
    DG is doing the best thing and this will hurt that bully moe than blanking him

  4. We are incredibly lucky to have both Davids in charge of our club, frankly. They are successful businessmen and took over the club and put their own money into it when it made no good business sense at all, because they are real fans and love the club as much as we do. They, together with Karren Brady, have turned the place around in a very short space of time, and we are looking forward to great things in future because of them. The troll who insulted David Gold shows himself up for the moron he is.

  5. David has shown true dignity by not being drawn into an argument with a coward. more power to you Mr Gold. COYI X

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