“I thank these men from the bottom of my heart”



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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

9 comments on ““I thank these men from the bottom of my heart”

  1. thats a good post fella,
    apart from AvramGrant and Sam Allardyce Messr’s Gold and Sullivan are the best thing to happen to WHU since a few eastend shipbuilders decided to take up Football after work over a century ago!

  2. Heartily endorse every word of a very good post..WELL SAID.and just watched David Sullivan on sky sports news. Great interview show clearly how he loves the club. And has the same worries and feelings as the rest of us.. Long may they stay. COUI

  3. Very well said I think we should all endorse this post so for once the two David’s will know their efforts are recognised by us all

  4. I wouldn’t change a single word of this post; I agree entirely with what is said and doubt there are many who do. Very well said!

    • That should read ” I entirely agree with what is said and doubt there are many who don’t” Oops” 😉

  5. They have done a great job and agree we are lucky, whatever people think about Allardyce it was he in partnership with them that for 3 years at least put the foundations in that Slav is now building on, the chairmen recognise that and for me he will go down as one of the most important managers we have had even if I was deeply opposed to the brand of football we had to play, I understand that up until a point it was necessary and that is something else to thank them for.

  6. Well said Scott and agree with No 32 re Sam – I’m not a fan of the person or his style or football and his actions towards to the fans were out of order, but he was s stable pair of hands to steer this club back from the brink it was left in. The fact that they’re diving into their pockets for Byram proves that they want the best for this club. They could have let him go and gone for another option in the Summer. But they, and Slav, want this guy so are working it so it’s possible. And it seems Byram wants to come to us too. Good times!

  7. I call shenanigans! you wrote my thoughts down without fault. after the Icelandic chaos & despair I couldn’t think of a better way forward than what we got. the Dave’s showed themselves to be savvy & well intentioned whilst at brum & I think were now benefiting from their time in the midlands. whilst Sam was a marriage of (in)convenience it feels wonderful to have love & passion back with Slav. great times. COYI

  8. I have been a Hammers fan for over 50 years since my Dad took me to see the Man Utd v The Hammers in the 1964 FA Cup semi final. My parents had a shop around the corner to Upton Park, my uncle owned the cafe opposite the ground. I remember Moore, Hurst and Peter’s winning the ’66 World Cup. I remember being at Wembley celebrating Brooking’s header. But not since those days have I been so proud to be part of the Hammers family. And yes I agree it’s due to the 2 Dave’s, fans like us. They deserve every acolade, they have saved our club and the future looks as bright as it’s ever done. I hope that at our last match they are on the pitch with our team and manager so we can show them how much we appreciate them. COYI!

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