I want Bielsa so I guess it will be Moyes!


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If you’re following the managerial situation at West Ham, you best be strapped in and have a helmet on because the stories are coming out at break-neck speed and they are not showing any signs of slowing down.

What to conclude? It looks like Sam is on his way and we will end up with Rafa, Moyes or Bielsa.

The thing is, I just cannot make up my mind what is for the best, (not that I am tasked with having to decide) this seems a massive decision, the biggest managerial appointment in the club’s history.

There are those that think keep Sam for another year, he will steady us into the OS without us worrying about relegation.

Yes, Sam has made us progress, but a lot has been done behind the scenes to help this progress. He certainly did what was asked initially with promotion and safety.

But debate as we might, it seems that the Daves are getting rid so, no point in flogging that horse again, that debate is well left alone.

So who to pick out of that shortlist? This is where I really start to worry. To me, Moyes is another Sam but a bit better.

He did a great job for Everton but he is another Mr Safe and boring. Not that it is a bad thing per-say, he will further steady the ship and also bring on some of the youth we all so desperately want to see.

Then there’s Rafa who is a natural winner and excites me no end, but as has been made public knowledge, he wants a bigger gig and lots of money so it might not happen.

Marcel Bielsa, my knee-jerk favourite due to his eccentric nature and the well publicised fact Tevez dubbed him one of the best. However his man-marking bonkers formations and the fact he seems to be described as someone who starts well but fizzles out has an all to familiar sound for my liking.

This has to be the right choice, as for me, we need a long-term manager who will have a project and work with the board to get our club to the next level and keep us there. And hopefully a cup or two on the way.

The more I think about it, the more it scares me, but Sam has to go and the board need to get their next appoinment spot on. My money was on Bielsa, I now think Rafa is the best choice, so naturally, they’ll appoint Moyes.

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  • Sarith says:

    If they get moyes then i give up on our owners whats the point, u might as well keep Sam because moyes is almost the identical package that Sam is,why our owners don’t want to take a risk with a higher tier manager baffles me,i feel this is a dirty sneaky cowards way of making people suffer another season with Sam.

    And if hes at the helm next season im done with whu untill he is gone,i cant take another season with him in charge.

  • mixman69 says:

    Bielsa does sound exciting.My only concern is that he could turn out to be another Pepe Mel. I remember the call for him.He then ended up at West Brom.People complaining we should have gone for him.Look what happened.Didn’t last a season.

  • whambam says:

    Looked at from the ‘safe option’ then Moyes is the ‘safe’ option which is pretty much what you get with SA

  • whambam says:

    Did I mention ‘safe’?

  • wjo1974 says:

    What about Billic?
    Not just the fact he has a tie to the club but he plays great football and took an average Croatia side to the finals in front of the Golden generation of English football and not so long ago shocked the life out of Arsenal on their own patch. The man knows how to get the best from his players, attacks the opposition and wants to manage our great club.
    What is to think about?

  • ChickenRunner says:

    Whoever the board goes with thats fine with me,as long as Allardyce is offski.If i read another comment on sites about us risking being relegated if we get a new manager i will throw up.Are these people so dense they even consider it as an option.Just look at the Prem table now.Three promoted teams from last year,all in the relegation places.Look at the top of the Championship now,all the teams there are not going to invest heavily in the summer if they get promoted,thus they will in probably be in a similiar position this time next year to the teams from last year.To use relegation as an arguement is so lame its untrue.Just a poor arguement by Sam fans to try to justify his pitiful existence at The Irons for another two campaigns of torturous football & ego driven media appearances!

  • TysonM says:

    See Allardyces press conference carried the normal bs.The usual ‘results have been disappointing but not the performances’.Ffs,why do a press conference,we know what is coming,no need to repeat it every week,lol 😀

  • whambam says:

    Wenger for me, if the board are thinking about a ‘safe option’ ( did I mention safe?) then look no lower than Monsieur Wenger, safe in the top 4 every year, I know the Gooners moan about that but I’m easily pleased

  • bubs says:

    I don’t want ant more safe ( yes you did say safe ),I want excitement adventure and I would sooner see us scraping it out at the end of the season the the crap we are now being served,
    As long as BFS and his boys Nolan,O,Brien,Jarvis,Demel and Cole go to greener pastures I don’t care but Bilic is still a good option and I don’t mind Di Canio tacking us on a white nuclear ride.

  • mattefumi el loco says:

    My choice

    1. Sir Samuel Flexible Allardyce (only if he accepts a new deal of 10 years)
    2. Marcelo Bielsa
    3. Bielsa Marcelo

  • Dainon17 says:

    Sam out

  • Tony gore says:

    Crap out?? Crap in??

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