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If Bilic isn’t sacked he should walk!

West Ham 0 Brighton and Hove Albion 3

Slaven-Bilic-Football365David Sullivan said before the game in an interview with Gary Neville that Slaven Bilic would get the three years three years on his contract to prove himself.

We can only hope he was joking or bluffing because tonight West Ham is a club in the deepest possible crisis after a performance of horrible proportions.

We are getting unofficial word that a board meeting was planned immediately after the match which would involve David Gold flying back from a brief break in Portugal so we’ll keep that on hold until we learn more.

Truth is that if Bilic isn’t sacked he should walk – any last threads of credibility he may have had is gone. This was beyond any words of mine – a performance which was so shocking I’m not going to begin to describe it.

Brighton, promoted on their second place in the Championship, were no better than organised whilst we were a dreadful shambles with not a single player distinguishing himself – quite the opposite in fact.

Worst of a dreadful bunch was the thoroughly awful Arnautovich whose crossing is so feeble it was entirely embarrassing and who ran around aimlessly and without purpose.

When you see Antonio’s game dipping you know that there is a massive crisis.

Poor passing, misplaced passes, lack of passion and an inability to challenge for fifty fifties – it was all there. The worst possible performance on a night when so much more was expected.

And make no mistake it’s down to the manager who has had his last chance surely – the fact that he’s  a nice guy is nether here or there.

Any man who can oversee such a performance is dead in the water and if the board don’t sack him  West Ham United 2017/18 is heading for disaster.

Enough is enough – no more appeasing words…no more chances. For God’s sake go Slav.

Goals: Murray (10′minutes75′minutes pen)Izquierdo Mena (45’+2minutes)




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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

24 comments on “If Bilic isn’t sacked he should walk!

  1. While I think Billic should go,fact is if you don’t spend money in premier league and do things on the cheap you get found out,we don’t have a good team even though by now we were supposed to be winning the premier league,wasnt that the promise

  2. The sound of silence echoes within the empty stadium. All the fans left long ago, well before the final whistle, and the footsteps of a dead man walking make no noise, but If they did they would fall on deaf ears anyway! Hopefully someone will pop back and turn the lights out?

    • What ones ? The stadium ones or the bilic headlights !!
      Taxi for bilic and and the rest of the little rabbits , add the 3 stooges to that and we can move on lol! Get Brooking in and get some stability and some idea of what west ham are about ffs!
      Said it a million times now ! This club died when lyall was sacked !!! Except for a short while under redknapp, This is the legacy of that Decision, I’m one sad hammer tonight , as a six year old in sixty two till now , to see the changes is heartbreaking , the young UN’s ain’t seen what we oldies were brought up on and although we never set the world alight except for 66 of course I have never been more down than now!! This was unacceptable ? Bilic must walk , end of 😢

      • They took my post down laz even though the swear words we’re blocked out…lol I’m done with watching that rubbish.. And I’ve spent 40 years supporting.. I’m astonished that he hasn’t been sacked tonight …the club is a mess and I’m done til this clown has gone .

  3. I genuinely think Slav is ths problem. The players arent scared of him they dont care cos theyre not trained to care. The training is lazy no fitness, no tactics, no discipline, theyre all knackered after 30 mins, either that or injured. New staff at the training ground and I believe we have good enough players to do much better, they are a really good bunch if players but something isnt tight. This, in my opinion was pretty much the best squad we could possibly put out even with every single player fit, you couldnt pick a better squad. So so bad its beyond words.

  4. Surely that is it.We are actually being laughed at now as clueless.I for one am not laughing.That was as bad as i have seen in over forty years and believe me theres plenty to choose from.Nobody turned up tonight for us,we totally caved in to a team that had scored 1 away goal this season.There is something fundamentally wrong and it seems only the suffering fans can see it.All the bravado before the match on how we were going to dismantle this Brighton side blown away in 90 agonising minutes.Sorry Slav but this team will not play for you or your style and yes the honourable thing would be to fall on your sword as we need fresh tactics and team selection.

  5. I doubt he’ll get sacked but he should go. That was awful. Massive week with Spurs and a possible cup run continuing and Palace away. Not really sure now would be the best time to sack him and who would come/is available?

  6. 18 months of crap culminating in that humiliating performance. Shameful. Embarrassing. Get out our club Billic!

  7. Agree 100%.It used to destroy me when we lost going right back to the mid 70s,but this shambles tonight has actually made me think if the players and owners dont give a F….,then why should i.Never thought i would say that.

  8. If there are ANY Billic supporters left – you are top level delusional mupputs

  9. We are in a situation just like Leicester were in last year. While I agree that the manager probably should do the decent thing and leave (and I never thought I’d say that even a week ago), blame must be apportioned to the players as well. They clearly don’t want to play for him, and when the situation is like that, you could be Guardiola, Mourinho and Conte rolled into one and not get anywhere. The really sad thing is, if this had been two years ago, we wouldn’t be thinking like this, because the team would have roared out after half time and frightened the living daylights out of Brighton, even if they had ended up losing.

    It’s all very sad.

  10. Despite the fact that Slav is my countryman,must say -it’s time to go ….he’s lost the squad..that’s the fact

  11. If our owners had a brain cell between them he’d be gone by midnight. Trouble is they are tight f***ers who I fear might hang out to save a few quid. Bilic has lost the players, the supporters and has become a laughing stock. We needed to make the change months ago. F***ing Avrim Grant would have got a better performance out of this lot tonight.

  12. Seen a Coventry fan and an Everton fan banned for life this week…its got to be a way out surely? Run on the pitch or punch a player and all the misery of following your club can be taken away from you!! No more punishment and it’s even taken out of your hands you can’t go even if you want…im in! Bring back Avram

    • Thank you offering the best response to bring a West Ham fan. This has truly made me chuckle, amongst the deluge of negativity that is deserving for West Ham at the moment. At least I can laugh now. Thank you Wembley1980.

  13. So long as you punch our number 7, you get my vote!!! £27m quid for this? What were we thinking? Shameful.

  14. I still say this is the best squad we have ever assembled but Bilic has a unique ability to make good players look very very average. Problem is there is no one out there to take over. What a shame we missed out on Marco Silva.

  15. He has got to go, the players clearly don’t want to put the effort in for him, they look dejected, demoralised and disinterested, he fails week in week out to get the team motivated, we are so slow on the ball, we have no idea how to press the opposition,
    Even the chairman said tonight before the game that Bilic doesn’t know his strongest team,
    If Bilic is given to the end of the season, we will be relegated of that you can be certain.

  16. I struggled through 89 minutes of that cr@p it’s the only match I have left before the final whistle in about 20 years, I was sorely tempted to leave with most others at the penalty decision, watching a Bilic team is like watching the brexit negotiations we all know we are about to get served up a turd 💩 but watch on apathetically as it arrives steaming on a silver platter! I was talking to some Brighton fans in the Westfield before the match and they said they couldn’t score and expected to lose by the odd goal, I said every other team that can’t score usually put 3 or 4 past us, I should have put a bloody bet on it !!! As you say the manager should be so ashamed he walks, this is not the first time it is one of many, if they don’t sack Slav the board should get a vote of no confidence! I have been trying to get a refund but surprise surprise the box office won’t accept my texts or calls, I am absolutely fuming after watching that talented team produce absolutely nothing !

  17. In all the long years that I have followed our great club, I always believed in giving the manger a long tenure..
    In retrospect, we were probably spoiled by having Greenwood and Lyall as competent managers.
    I have never seen a manager who has consistently failed his players..
    Listen folks; don;t blame the players! You can’t expect to shine with such inept formation selections.
    Perhaps this was the last straw for Slav; sad, since he comes across as such a decent guy.
    Would Terry Westley be a good stand-in manager?


  19. We have reached a new Low – years of Football actually, not just 18 months – I actually really didn’t think after all these years a manager could have so much influence on a team – I stand corrected – he lost his team a long time ago and they just dont want to play for him – there is something dreadfully wrong with the core of our club – please walk for the sake of this proud club and it’s great supporters – we deserve a lot better

  20. A very good squad of players not performing.
    Managers responsibility . So has to go and a top manager
    is required if the club is to compete for major honours.

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