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If Moyes doesn’t use youth now, he never will

Moyes doesn’t use youth . . . now it’s time to start

It’s high time for David Moyes to tap into West Ham’s highly regarded under-21 players.

The Hammers are currently grappling with our first significant injury crisis of the season. West Ham have enjoyed the luxury of putting out a nearly full squad for most of the ongoing campaign, a contrast to the situation faced by many other Premier League teams.

West Ham’s  squad management and medical care, especially with the additional fixtures brought by European football, should be commended. There have been valid reasons for not fielding academy graduates earlier in the season, but those circumstances have changed.

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If Moyes doesn’t use youth now, he never will

The under-21 team are a special group of players, a rarity in production. They have been imperious in Premier League 2 and an overwhelming success in The EFL Trophy. After a notable victory against Bristol Rovers’ senior team earlier this season, a Rovers fan remarked, “This West Ham youth team is better than anyone in Ligue 1.”

These youth players aren’t just competing against grown men and senior teams; they are convincingly defeating them.

With both midweek and weekend football back on the calendar, there’s no justification for not incorporating at least some of these young players into the line-up.

This situation raises a crucial question: If we don’t utilise them now, then when will we?


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  1. I watched Tony Cottee come through the youth system and then into the first team and Callum Marshall is a far better player and he still cant get a look in with Moyse

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