“I’m cold ” fan told to be proud of the stadium

gold-david-gold-west-ham-co-owner-july-2014_3179990A West Ham fan has come up with his own bizarre reason for disliking the London Stadium.

Apparently he can’t stand the cold inside the LS and reckons Upton Park was much warmer because “you were so enclosed, the atmosphere was great and it was just so warm.”

He added: “But here, you’ve got so much open space behind you and the wind just blows into the stadium, it’s freezing and there’s so much concrete there, you’re sitting in your seat and it’s so cold (and) the atmosphere is crap.”

I’ve been a supporter for 40 years, West Ham haven’t got a clue, the whole scenario over here, the whole setup over here is abysmal,” he told Sports Bar.

However, David Gold has told the supporter – including Wayne –Β Having the biggest stadium in London and second in the PL is a meaningful and valid point and we should be proud of it. dg. I am

“Is the new stadium perfect. No. Is it a great stadium that we can call home and it feels like home.”



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51 comments on ““I’m cold ” fan told to be proud of the stadium

  1. Gotta say I agree with him but no reason not to attend.

  2. OT but i think its time someone told Florida Hammer on WHTID to pull his neck in about Hugh and this site because i for one do not appreciate being called a monbrel by that big mouthed moron!!!


    • If you can find me a thread where he has been offensive I’ll take it fiurther as Iain and I get on well

      • Don’t worry, Iain will deal with it. It’s always a shame when people resort to personal insults. AFAIK the offending comment has been deleted and I can see a warning or even a ban coming for the offender.
        Hopefully people in future will choose the option of ignoring blogs they find silly, amusing or preposterous instead of sniping at those blogs or the people commenting on here.

        We all support West Ham and we all like to frequent different blogs for different reasons. Live and let live. There is a blog out there for every fan, just enjoy the one you like best and try to ignore the ones you don’t like…

        • Hamburg i know we tease you but i like the fact you can move between both sites,i wish many more could.But that guy has been at it for a good while now.Even BSB told him to knock it on the head but he just continued.Sorry buddy but take the pee out of me or others but to keep going on about Hugh is not necessary by the wally brain.
          Have a good day fella.

          • Stan, as you say there is some self-policing going on by commenters on WHTID telling others to mind their tone or language.
            Sometimes that does the trick, sometimes it doesn’t.
            There have also been complaints to Iain and usually there are several warnings for offenders and ultimately bans.
            I suppose Hugh must have had similar issues with offenders.

            I still have this naive view that we are all West Ham fans first and users of a specific blog second. A fellow fan shouldn’t be our enemy or target for abuse. I don’t agree with everything posted on WHTID and seeing Tore even listed as a choice in Hugh’s poll for HOTY made me shake my head in disbelief.

            But I draw the line at personal digs and insults. In fact I believe most posters on our two blogs would get on perfectly well having a pint together, it’s obviously different sitting behind a keyboard or around a table, being face to face. Never forget that we share the love for West Ham, that should be the main thing…

          • sEAN DID THE POLL Hamburg and I immediately recognised it as a joke and lold. Others clearly missed that. We are perhaps not quite as serious as whtid. The Mirror as opposed to the Times πŸ™‚

  3. The prevailing wind does whip up the stairways on the East Stand!

    There’s an interesting piece in the Daily Mail this morning in the Charles Sale column –

    ‘West Ham’s home in Stratford has been named Stadium of the Year by specialist sports venue website DataBase from a shortlist of 10 new grounds. Despite the serious problems at the start of the tenancy, the decision is less of a surprise than it first appears. The jury included KSS, the architects who helped convert the London Stadium from an athletics venue.’

    Who’d of thunk it!

  4. The single biggest trouble maker on the site. HH will be along shortly to reprimand him πŸ˜‚

    It’s people like him that makes me wish Sean didn’t support their bloody site.

    • Its incredible on there,some dude told Florida Hammer to “stop carping” about this site and his comment has since been deleted.Talk about denial of freedom of speech.

    • Find me a link where he has been offensive to me personally please. I’ve alerted iain who is not at all happy

  5. isn’t that a problem shared by most new stadiums? vast soul less bowls.
    surely the award was for the best stadium & not the best football stadium?

  6. A few beers & i never feel a thing.F*ck me i have been to plenty colder.Stoke & West Brom to name two in the sub Saharan Midlands πŸ˜‚
    Mongerl is tame Des,they have called us far worse over the years.Who gives a sh*t what some tw*t from Florida thinks,let him crack on 😁😁

  7. That maybe so Lama but it is just another example of a few of them on there who think they are all that and well above your typical west ham fan.Some form of elitist belief about themselves.
    No wonder so many fans think its a clowns site.

    • Just ignore it, reading the comments on that site will drive you mad and waste most of your day, if it offends you what they say reply yourself but be prepared for a long pointless arguement.

      • Yes you are right WHno32 i should have not bitten.It riled me though reading what that divvy said about this place and fellas on here.
        I certainly have no intention of interacting with them on there.They are too busy being financial wizards today anyway Lol

  8. Its just another in a long list of attacks he has made on this site and Hugh.Do any of them tell him to shut up though.Do they heck.
    I really dont know why Hugh doesnt contact Iain to get him to shut the imbecile up.

  9. It is cold, I agree, against Palace and West Brom my god froze my whotsits off…but, yes have been colder, away to Brentford a million years ago near Christmas time oh and one Boxing Day also a million years ago at Selhurst, went with a Palace supporting mate to see them play their then tenants Wimbledon, bit weird because Palace were technically the away team, 0-0 bore draw and it snowed and snowed….oh and Bolton, the Reebok is a bloody cold hole.

    • Sunderland at Roker, mid-nineties before the new stadium. The usual 50mph North Sea wind and a blizzard for two hours before kick-off. About four inches of snow in ninety minutes. Even the brass monkeys stayed at home. Standing outside selling fanzines has never been such fun!

  10. Lol Pop i remember being at a Selhurst Park game in the Holmesdale Rd end.It was bloody freezing.There was some geezer next to us in only an away top and he was literally turning blue.Even one of the Old Bill came over to ask him if he was alright.I have never seen a man change colour to blue but he wasnt far off πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  11. Why do the posters here keep going on about what’s going on at WHTID – I can’t understand why you’re all obsessed by it – who gives a toss!

    • Because ONE particular fella keeps on slagging off Hugh and we users,which includes you pal.
      Just because you dont give a toss doesn’t mean that other users have to poke up with it!!
      And is it really your call to say what we should or shouldnt get dogged off about ?!?!?!?

      • You’re speaking a different language to me – ‘have to poke up with it’, ‘get dogged off about’ – no, not in my dictionary.

        If you don’t like what someone’s saying on WHTID, go on there and moan about it – I’ve never been on there and have no idea what they go on about but it doesn’t make sense to me to moan about them on here!

        • I didn’t have you down as a condescending type of fella Michael.Hey ho i know now.I hope you are also telling Hugh as he seems pretty well involved in this thread!

  12. I cant do a link Hughie but this is what the slimeball said.Im getting effed off with that fool..

    floridaHammer about 6 hours ago
    Cheers Sean! I keep saying that you’re wasting your time with Hugh and the rest of the Muppets over there at click bait. Come back home mate and say goodbye to the mongrels.


      • Youre welcome Hugh.I have had enough of the fella after his comments about you over the Hogan article.A total big mouth plain and simple.

  13. From the outset I have to say I was on the fence about the move to the London Stadium. I was sad to leave Upton Park, having been going there for 40+ years, with wonderful memories, but equally it hadn’t been the same Upton Park for a number of years.

    So I didn’t feel particularly negative towards the London Stadium from the start and was willing to give it a try. I wanted it to be fantastic. I wanted to be proud of it. I wanted it to create an atmosphere that would make us proud to call it out home.

    However, after Monday night I’ve had enough. It’s soulless, sterile and utterly devoid of any atmosphere. When I stood to sing bubbles as the teams came out, I was look at by people in half and half scarves as if I was some kind of serial killer. In the section I was sitting, about 5 of us stood to sing. I sat squirming throughout the game as the Chelsea fans totally out sung and mocked us. “You sold your soul, for this **** hole”. “You’re not West Ham any more.” Sadly they are right.

    Call me a dinosaur. Or a Neanderthal. But I looked around and the old West Ham family I used to know and love just isn’t there any more. They may call themselves West Ham, but to use an old cliche, “they’re not my West Ham.”

    So unless anything changes radically, I won’t be returning. I doubt the club will care, and the new fans won’t be bothered. Some may suggest I’m being fickle by walking away…but this isn’t a knee-jerk feeling. I no longer feel like I belong at my club anymore.

    I will continue going to away games, when I can, as that is a different and more enjoyable experience (on the whole.)

  14. Not much changes then? Still those in the #westhamfamily having a pop about click bait and mongrels! Doubt many of them will be at Bournemouth though but will no doubt post like they are! Pretty sad really but it’s what they’ve been doing for years πŸ˜‚

  15. No nothing changes,Hamburg talks of self policing but the idiot is still on there,no doubt ready to spew his bile again soon with no comeback.

    • Don’t be too sure, I reckon he’s been given a warning by Iain. Let’s see what happens in future…

      • I was only pulling your leg Hamburg.As i said earlier i am pleased you post here sometimes,you have always struck me as a damn fine fella and after 69 years on this planet i can pick a wrong’un lol

      • Good to read that Hugh. It’s great you and Iain get along and respect each other. Hopefully the same can be said of the readers of both blogs one day.

  16. Hugh you do a damn fine job with the site and all the updates, here’s hoping Ian gets the message across to them and knocks them off there perch πŸ˜€

    • GW, it’s not about being on a perch. It shouldn’t be a contest really. Both blogs have their admirers and long may it continue. It doesn’t help if some fans consider themselves to be better or more clever than other fellow fans, that helps nobody and frankly says more about those people than the ones being sniped at.

      Hugh is right, this war has to stop (and I do get the irony, a German fella coming out with this). I can’t speak for everyone on WHTID. Yes, some of us use clever words, we debate players, formations and the board, and our discussions also sometimes veer from West Ham and football altogether and this may be amusing for some.

      But having met quite a few of those guys in person (some several times already) I can honestly say they are a good bunch really and most of you would get along with most of them sharing a post match pint.

      • HH your right it’s not about being knocked of a perch! Just like it’s not about pulling up someone for poor spelling or demeaning someone because they don’t agree with the majority! Maybe just maybe if that stopped there wouldn’t be any issues ehπŸ˜€

  17. Ok guys, the latest silliness from Florida Hammer has gone to Iain and he is dealing with him. You may find there will be a closer association between the two sites in future. Will keep you in the loop going forward. Ooooh – very corporate πŸ™‚

    • Joint intersite flag Hugh lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • A closer association between the two sites.My god you are kidding me right Hugh?
      I mean i can put up with Hamburg but some of the others and their bloody 7% loan obsessions,Noooooo lol

      • Oi!!!! There is a line LOL

        • Bloody hell Hugh what are you trying to do to me man.I was watching the darts skimming through here,saw the ‘close association’ comment and my can of Stella almost went straight up my hooter.Behave yourself πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • Don’t be giving me all that old pony Rads! You’ve been desperate to be invited to the annual sleepover and keepy uppy competition for years now πŸ˜€ This close association could finally get you there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          • Lol GW,im telling you mate it would feel like being stuck in a small cupboard with a load of ex girlfriends being in a ‘close association’ with some of them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  18. Come on boys play nicely you dont want Uncle Stanley to stick you in opposite corners of the room do you lol

  19. This has just been posted by Iain on WHTID:
    β€œThis is a final warning. Anyone caught insulting Hugh Southon or his site Claret & Hugh. It’s not clever and it’s not funny. Hugh runs the best West Ham news site around I hugely respect what he does, and so should everyone on this site. We’re effing adults. Let’s act like it. If I see anyone acting in an insulting way to Hugh or his readers I’ll immediately ban them. No warnings given.β€œ

    The same should apply in terms of insults aimed at WHTID. Hopefully people will stop calling Iain’s blog Wetlands or Wetpants in due course…

    • Yes H we appreciate you self policing us on here.Thanks for keeping me under control 😁

    • It does HH. It has never been encouraged or condoned and I don’t think Iain has ever been subjected to the personal insults I have received and to which I have never responded other than to ask people here to ignore. I think Iain should have the final word on this – nobody else.He, as the site owner, has chosen to say what he has said and that’s that. He needs no help from elsewhere and has never struck me as a man who needs it. Had he sought the same declaration from me I would have given it but he didn’t. However, from my end I would ask all who have had plenty to say about WHTID to stop right now. This ends here and there are only so many alternatives to do so. Those who wanted to have fun have had it, it’s over. I would add that in the main the people here have always been extremely courteous about Iain but have responded to “defend” their favourite site and me which I find quite humbling and for which I thank them.

      • Understood Hugh. Sorry for getting involved, I know that Iain can fend for himself, especially as you and him get on well and speak regularly.
        I can very much sympathise with the defending bit as that is what I have tried to do occasionally on behalf of WHTID, purely because that blog, its authors and most of the readers on there are very dear to me, even though it’s Iain’s blog of course, not mine.
        The main thing is that things are very much agreed between you and Iain, so that should help. Wishing you and your blog all the best Hugh!

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