“I’m so flexible” – Sorry Sam run that by me again

SAllardyceI’m a little bit more flexible than Roberto – he is a total believer in one style.
“You become flexible as time goes on.
“Flexibility teaches you that you have a philosophy in the way you want to play, but if that way of playing doesn’t suit the players you cannot keep that philosophy.”


This is the quote which our manager gave to the BBC during an interview ahead of tomorrow evening’s game against Everton!

The enlarged typeface has been used to ensure that you are sure you can believe your eyes!

There really is very little to add except to apologise to the man for so misunderstanding that he was a multi-faceted tactician with many different ways of playing,

It really does almost beggar belief that Sam could have chosen to explain himself and his philosophy in such a brazen manner.

Here’s what the early contributors to the ClaretandHugh facebook have to say about Sam’s bizarre view of himself and his tactics!

  • Carol Combes At first, I thought the headline was some kind of personal boost!Then I realised, it was just a ‘professional’ boost-both not worth my time believing!
  • Nick Sutton Big FAT Sam…..and flexible in the same sentence….I’ve seen it all now
  • Tony Gibson 父 Is it April 1st…?..the man is deluded..
  • Peter Eddie Gavin Aaaaaahahahahahaha !!!! Is he practising for a new career in comedy at the end 
  • Nick Sutton Well, am sure he hasn’t taken up yoga!
  • Richard Trezise Big fat flexible Sam? Is he related to stretch Armstrong?

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13 comments on ““I’m so flexible” – Sorry Sam run that by me again

  1. I was willing to leave BFS alone until the result tomorrow,but I could not believe what I read this afternoon,I honestly think BFS is trying to **** off every faithful supporter at this club. When KN leads the team on the pitch tomorrow night and other better players sit on the bench will be all we need to know that the man is not for turning just like Maggie.

  2. He is simply mocking both the owners and the fans. He knows he is not going to get a new contract.

    Enjoy it while you can, Samuel.

  3. To be fair Martinez isn’t flexible with his tactics. He only has one way of playing. No more was this apparent when he got Wigan, an established Prem club of ten years, RELEGATED! Yeah, they won the Cup but I wouldn’t judge him on that. He relegated Wigan because his love of ‘expansive’ football meant they were an open door at the back and he failed to address those weaknesses. If you think a little deeper rather than just use this article as another stick to beat a manager that never relegated a small club from the Prem then you’ll see he speaks the truth, in a sense…

  4. On this occasion I think you may agree he has handed us a stick. Sam and the word flexibility doesn’t work for me Biggin. Glad it does for you

  5. Well, I know who I’d rather have in charge and that definitely would not be BFS!!

  6. Allardyce speaks the truth. He is flexible. He does change the system to suit the players in the team. Unlike managers like Martinez or Rogers who are completely set on playing a certain type of football whether they have the players to do it or not. Why do you think allardyce has survived as a manager as long as he has? Because he is adaptable and changes the style of play and formation depending on the players he has to work with. Likely revealed recently that the players had to ask Martinez if they could play a more direct style of football. When the players at the club are asking the manager if they can change the style of play to suit different opposition you know the managers in trouble.

  7. Should read lukaku revealed recently the players had asked Martinez if they could change the system

  8. Sam just takes the **** out of the media knowing full well that whatever he says will be reported as gospel truth.

  9. So what should we do – wait for the lies and publish those?

  10. Well said Hugh funny how many people are taken in by BFS, Hammers fan are known for watching football first and result second ,more and more are becoming like the Chelsea and Man City fans where only winning counts what ever they play like,would you pay to go to the pictures to watch a crap film? No then why pay to watch second class football just because 1 person cares more about the result and who his friends are than what 30k of fans paying hard earn’t cash want .

  11. Are people are blind to the truth because they dislike the man because he’s big headed but people are just so blinded by anti Sam sentiment for some reason that they can’t accept anything the man has to say. Even when he’s actually right in what he says. Perhaps some people would rather not be having one of our best seasons since 1986 watching some of the most attractive football we’ve seen from a West Ham side since 1986. Perhaps they would rather go back to having a manager like dear old avram grant.

  12. I think Conker – true or not – he shouldn’t be the one saying it. But all points taken

  13. Certain sections of the media Mailonline for example can’t see that the bigger headlines they give him the more outrageous he gets. Take the Allardici comments after we won at Tottenham.

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