Impressive Lingard is a changed man


Jesse Lingard has been impressing everyone in training and is committed to West Ham. That is according to Ex WHU Employee, who has reported on the players desire to sign for the Hammers. In many respect it appears that Lingard is something of a changed man.

He is rumoured to have rejected offers of higher wages from other clubs, and wants a Hammers contract. Lingard has also pledged to reduce his social media activity, in an attempt to impress David Moyes.

I for one, have long suspected that Lingard’s social media presence had become bigger that his footballing exploits. Jesse had certainly reached a point where he had become better known for his Tik Toks than his football.

However, he is now making all the right noises and perhaps is turning over a new leaf? Lingard has barely played any football during the past two years, and should be operating at his peak.

Still only 30 years of age, and with very few miles on the clock. Lingard would be a good addition to any club, should he remain focused and committed.

Unfortunately talk is cheap. The propaganda does sound mightily impressive, but the real progress will have to be made on the the pitch. Lingard’s success will be measured in goals and assists rather than anecdotal evidence.

At his best, the former Manchester United star is a formidable footballer. If David Moyes can get him anywhere near his previous levels, West Ham will have a decent player on their hands.

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  • SB57 says:

    He binned us for money after we saved his career. I have no trust ….it’s all about Lingard and money….Nothing really in it for Westham

  • johnham1 says:

    Under no circumstances should we sign Lingard. I see a report this morning that Fornals could leave because of Moyes. Every fan of West Ham love and appreciate how good a player Fornals is and how important he is to the team and club except of course Moyes. Under no circumstances should we sign a player who disrespected the club and limit the playing time of a player like Fornals. Lets hope Moyes realises this and the board stop him.

  • Moondog says:

    100 % nailed on that Lingard is David Moyes love child !!!!!!!!

  • ExPat_Hammer says:

    Might be good for the Europa squad…

  • wozza says:

    We still have too small a squad and need attacking players. No fee to pay and make contact right I’d take him, yes he disrespected the club but struggled with various issues at the time. Plenty I don’t like about the club now but I’ll never waiver from my support whether I agree with their decisions and direction. The players need support and motivation not negativity and moaning from us

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